Obama Theme Song: “I could have danced all night!”

The dance he danced at Saturday’s nights Civil Forum at Saddleback Church was meant to dazzle us, as it has dazzled audiences countless times before. It was carefully choreographed and well rehearsed. Barack Obama went through the near flawless routine, but this time, something unexpected happed.

The music stopped!

When John McCain stepped on stage, the senator from Arizona gave Pastor Rick Warren direct answers to his questions. Agree or not, McCain put it all out there. There were no pirouettes or spins, just short simple answers to some of the most important and troubling questions we face as a nation.

When Obama left the stage, we were dizzy from his artistic performance; when McCain left the stage, we were shocked back to reality. He delivered a dose of smelling salts to those who were present and a wake-up call to the millions who had watched the event on television.

Obama makes beautiful speeches. He touches our deepest emotions, but when he’s finished, you have no idea where he stands.

No one expects a president to know everything about every issue, so it is very important to know who his advisors (choreographers) are. Right off top, Warren asked each man to name three. McCain did just that. Obama hedged by naming is wife and grandmother. Then, he began his dance and refused to name anyone else.

Clearly, one of most divisive social issues of our time is abortion, but abortions have occurred up to and during the birth process itself. Abortion has been defined by some to include what others term “infanticide.” As a state legislator, Obama defended the practice and voted against the “Born Alive Infants Protection Act.”

Obama refers to himself as “pro-choice,” which is the code word for “abortion.” Is he still as radical as he once was? How far is he willing to go now?

Many who considered themselves to be pro-choice think that choice should be made in the early weeks of pregnancy. Others would allow abortions up to the age of viability – the point at which a baby can survive outside the mother’s womb. After all, if the baby is viable and the mother does not want her child, why not deliver a premie and allow the child to be adopted? It’s a lot safer for the mother and we know what an abortion does to her child.

Rick Warren asked an important question:

At what point does a baby get human rights in your view?

Obama’s dance reached a crescendo when he refused to answer that question saying, “Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective” it was above his “pay grade.”

Should Obama achieve the office he is seeking, there will be no one above his pay grade.

This is a question that deserves an answer. It is rarely asked and almost never pursued. It is instructive to examine an answer given to this question by one of Obama’s colleagues, with whom he walks in lockstep.

The most revealing exchange on the subject occurred in the Senate on October 20, 1999, (pages S12878-80 of the Congressional Record) during debate on the “Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.” When Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was pressed by Sen. Rick Santorum on that exact question, Boxer finally agreed that once the baby is “in the mother’s arms, that baby is a human being.”

Santorum then asked her if the child should be protected if it were in the doctor’s arms? Boxer would not answer that question. It was chilling!

As U.S. senators, both Boxer and Obama should know that there is no longer a scientific debate on the humanity of the unborn. Instead, they hide behind Roe V. Wade, a 1973 “world is flat” Supreme Court decision made before realtime ultrasound imaging or fiber optics gave us a window to the womb.

As a Christian, Obama also should know that there is a prohibition in the Bible against the murder of a human being.

If science and religion are not dictating his stance on this issue, who is? One of his most definitive statements to Rick Warren was this:

I believe in Roe v. Wade!

What Obama was really saying is this:

I’ve pledged my allegiance to abortion rights groups.

These groups are his real choreographers!

At that point in the program, the tempo changed and Obama waltzed through questions on gay marriage, offshore drilling, merit pay for teachers and a host of other issues, with a little dip here and a little turn there.

The question is this: Will the American people allow him to continue this dance and waltz right into the White House?

9 thoughts on “Obama Theme Song: “I could have danced all night!”

  1. “Obama refers to himself as “pro-choice,” which is the code word for “abortion.””

    Wearing bias on your sleeve, I see. Choice is choice. It’s like saying “biracial” is the code word for black. Surely you follow this “logic” — because it’s yours.


  2. Yes, “choice” is choice. However, “pro-choice” is code for abortion, just as “pro-life” is code for anti-abortion.

    It is interesting that most pro-choice abortion supporters are anti-choice when it comes to education.

    Although, Obama has danced around the issue of educational vouchers, which would allow parents to send their child to the best school they can find for their child, Obama wants to give them only one choice, public education, even though in many areas private schools are better and more cost-effective for taxpayers.


  3. Excellent article written on Obama. You really nailed it. I watched the TV program on Saturday evening and I agree with everything you wrote. Good work.
    Maxine Barkley


  4. “However, “pro-choice” is code for abortion..”

    No, you continue to strain the logic to suit your bias. Pro-choice is inclusive of both abortion and the right to life. Why do you focus upon one half of the wholistic viewpoint that is the pro-choice position?

    This is the same sort of simplistic, digital thinking that put George Bush into the white house years ago and it’s the same thinking that McCain demonstrated for us at Saddleback. For all McCain’s “decisiveness” the press is touting as a positive trait of his, all I see is a self-assured hardliner who won’t be convinced that his belief might not be the correct one, and that to me is the mark of a dangerous man.

    “..just as “pro-life” is code for anti-abortion. ” ”

    Yes. The logic squares here because pro-life, unlike pro-choice takes an absolute stance on the issue.


  5. Jane,

    In your column you called Barry Obama a Christian. I realize that you have to be cautious in your columns about certain matters such as a person’s salvation, but Obama has stated that there are paths to salvation other than just Christ. He is obviously ignorant of or doesn’t believe the Biblical verse where Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” In addition, Obama’s former Marxist pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is full of hate and venom toward the United States and couldn’t lead anyone to Christ. Obama has claimed that Wright led him to becoming a Christian. It is clear that Obama being a radical on abortion and actually supporting infanticide, cannot know Christ. Obama may have mentally accepted some things about Christianity while not closing the door on the religion he was raised upon which is Islam.

    Meanwhile, every time I read or hear something new about Barbara Boxer such as was in your column today, I can only marvel at her because she is a true piece of work. Bob Dole worked with many people during his many years in Washington D.C., and he said that Boxer was the most partisan lawmaker he ever dealt with.



  6. Clay,

    I think you know that I am using Obama’s words. It was clear — just from the statements that he made at Saddleback — that he doesn’t understand the basic tenets of Christianity.

    Obama said that being a Christian means “hopefully” that his “sins” will be “washed away.”

    He went on to articulate a faith that is based on “works righteousness” not grace. He also doesn’t seem to understand that, even though God uses us to accomplish His purpose, He is responsible for the results — not us.

    Clearly, this man needs our prayers.


  7. Jane,

    It looks like Barry Obama has shown his true colors, doing that typical liberal political voodoo dance, hoping to hypnotize everyone into voting for his snake oil stances, and of course him! This guy does not have all his marbles in the right places, and it shows.I just wonder what his next political voodoo ploy is going to be. I’m ready to see “Johnny Mac” give Obama a political “Caining” by breaking Obama’s political voodoo spells when he “cains” and cracks Obama’s political snake oil jar.


  8. When asked, “At what point does a baby get human rights in your view?”, I am pleased to remind all that John McCain said, “at conception”. I do however believe separate from his personal views, as President he would support the law of the land. That doesn’t mean he has to like it.


  9. Sadly, I missed the program. Consequently, I don’t know the breadth of the discussion. However, from the comments above, I wonder if we as Christians don’t fall into a trap.

    I find that we tend to get side tracted by focusing on one item, abortion. Most certainly, when this issue is the focus, the opposition takes the winning seat – Unfortunately, America has embraced Abortion – thus the opposition wins. Sure it’s wrong. God said murder is wrong – God said it, it’s truth. There’s no debate here.

    Why not focus on practical issues that our country is facing right now. How about focusing on the fact that Democrats exhibit socialistic thinking and policies [take from the rich and give to the poor!] How about illegals/immigration, the war in Iraq, taxation [taking from those who work to give to those who do NOT?] These questions/issues need to be answered and answered directly to us the people! Are the politicians working towards a greater America, for the people – or working towards bringing this country to hit’s knees?

    It’s time that Americans, not politicians take America back to our founding father’s concepts – “…For the People!” Our fat, indulgent, immoral government that exists today isn’t going anywhere and is taking the country down with it. This country is broke financially, morally, and it’s a mirror of many if not most of the politicians that lead it! Our country is disrespected and you and I, it’s people are burdened with taxes greater than WWII, and in greater debt – so much so that if the debts were called, we might be speaking another language tomorrow! Yet the spending continues, and promises of universal health care – who is going to pay? You got it, you and me, not the politicians or their lying promises.

    Abortion is wrong. But abortion is only a symptom of a greater ill: America, it’s people and a corrupt government has lost it’s first love – a foundational commitment to God and Godly precepts in all areas of life. Wrong has become right, and the voices of the time issue mediocrity and “gray” areas in debates, silencing morality and the potential good for the people and for this country.

    It’s time to take America back people – do the right thing, don’t “dance” to the speeches that tell you things are free [healthcare, room for illegals, etc.] if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t truth! Somebody’s got to pay – aren’t you tired of paying?? I am.


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