Vote for Barack Obama

Vote for Barack Obama if . . . you want to pay higher taxes.

Obama is claiming that he will not raise taxes on individuals making less than $200,000 per year. However, his plan will punish several hundred thousand small business and family farms that are not incorporated but pay the individual rate. Small business is an important engine that drives our economy and creates jobs.

While other industrialized nations have been cutting their corporate tax rate, ours has remained high. In fact, Obama favors a special tax on top of the corporate tax for oil companies “windfall profits.” Corporations don’t really pay these taxes. They are passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Vote for Barack Obama if . . . you want to pay more for everything.

We will pay more for gasoline and other forms of energy. Therefore, we will pay more for anything that is manufactured or transported and we will pay more for anything bought and sold by corporate America.

Vote for Barack Obama if . . . you would rather have a tax rebate than a job.

Barack Obama’s tax plan would boost the top marginal individual tax rate to well more than 55 percent. With the inclusion of state and local taxes, our top rate would be higher than any other industrialized nation, with the exception of Hungary. This is a job killer.

Furthermore, by keeping our highest corporate rate at 35 percent, effectively higher than all member nations of the European Union, this will continue to drive more jobs offshore.

Vote for Barack Obama if . . . you want socialized medicine.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Obama has promised that we can keep the health plan we have now if we like it, or switch to a government-run plan patterned after Medicare. He has promised to save us $2500 per year in the process. This appeals to corporations that have signed employee contracts that include expensive health plans and almost anyone who wants to save money.

What’s the catch? Under the Obama plan the government would pick up the cost of “catastrophic” care. Therefore, businesses and private health plans would be able immediately to unload the individuals who are running up the big bills. These costs would be “shifted” from individuals to the taxpayers (who are individuals).

If you like the plan you have now, it is because it allows you unlimited access to the best health care in the world. The implication is that these things will remain the same. Initially they will. However, the government, which doesn’t have to worry about the bottom line, will begin offering consumers more for less. This eventually will drive everyone into the government-run plan.

Click to access wm_2024.pdf

Once that happens, we will have what amounts to socialized medicine (call it universal health care or whatever you like). Government then will begin to rein in costs by reducing services and rationing health care. At any one time, there are about a million people waiting to get into a hospital in Great Britain and about 900,000 in Canada. This is no picnic for medical personnel either. Studies show doctors in these countries are forced to see 50 percent more patients. Also, there is no mechanism to get care first to the people who need it most. Many of those who are waiting in line are in agonizing pain. Many die while waiting for life saving surgeries. So much for the “right” to health care!

Click to access catosletterv3n1.pdf

These are changes you can believe in! But there is one important issue where there will be no change at all.

Vote for Barack Obama if . . . you want to keep the status quo in education.

Obama is defending the National Education Association’s control of the public school monopoly. His plan is throws more money into public education. If money were the problem, our education system would be second to none instead of a national embarrassment. Currently, we spend more that $10,000 annually for every child enrolled in public school. Federal spending on elementary and secondary education has increased by 138 percent since 1985 (a whopping 92 percent in the last seven years under Bush).

Obama is against vouchers, which allow parents to send their children to the best school available. Obama wants to keep your kids in a government school while sending his girls to private school as Joe Biden did. Obama says he supports charter schools and merit pay for teachers, but when you read between the lines, he wants to leave the teachers union in control.

If you want all these things, then cast your vote for Barack Obama, but do it with your eyes wide open.

3 thoughts on “Vote for Barack Obama

  1. Vote for Barack Obama if you want to pay higher taxes?

    John McCain will be required to raise taxes as well, thanks in no small part to the bailout of financial markets plus the windfall of business tax breaks which both men supported. Is a stimulus package, as proposed by Speaker Pelosi, on President McCain’s agenda? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

    Not a single reason to vote against Barack Obama amounts to a reason to vote for John McCain. You act like McCain is a conservative. He is a big business Republican who thinks it’s just fine for people to illegally cross our borders or overstay their visas, so long as a business in the US will hire them. He and Obama are opposite ends of the same coin.

    Neither man will get my vote.


  2. Very interesting analysis, Jane. Too bad the media aren’t taking a closer look as well. They truly are Obama’s paparazzi.

    On the other hand, so far, McCain has made it easy for them to ignore many, many issues.


  3. Barack Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope,” contains a appealing title. It has a taste of bravery mixed with confidence. You’ll find nothing Pollyanna about it. I will possibly not support almost everything he tells, but he’s our president, and then for me, he inspires trust. That will do more for just a country than any amount of backroom deals. Hope gives us energy, and energy sustains us through trying times. Boy, we’ve had them. I’m from West Texas, and I did not vote for Bush. When McCain ran against Obama, I was a citizen of Arizona, but I gave audacious hope a chance. The fight for progress and laying the foundations of prosperity isn’t over. I’ve come across the quips of those who don’t think Obama is capable of it. But step back a second. Would anyone have most of us fail only to tarnish the star of an incumbent for whom they didn’t vote? Attempting to keep our priorities straight, let’s work together with this president and build our future.


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