All is NOT Lost!

So much for the kind of government promised by Barack Obama where citizens have a full five days to review and comment on all non emergency bills on the White House website before they are signed into law! Not only did “we the people” not have an adequate means or opportunity to review the so-call economic stimulus bill, our representatives in Congress did not have that opportunity.

This 1434-page bill – the size of the New York, LA and Chicago telephone books combined — was simply printed out and distributed. There was no computer disk with a searchable database to make the process easy.

Of course, that process was never meant to be easy. That bill, which contained everything on the liberals’ wish list for the last 50 years, was rammed down our throats!

But what about this president? He was supposed to be above all that. It took less than three weeks for him to break faith with the American people. Why did he travel all the way to Denver to sign the bill? To get away from the stench of all that pork frying!

We now know that the one thing that gets stimulated by the bill is the government – the country’s number one growth industry. To add insult to injury, most of the spending will not occur this year or next. The economy will have to heal itself.  Then, the hardworking citizens in the private sector will be picking up the tab for generations.

However, the fact that this money will not be spent in a timely and temporary fashion really is good news. We have an opportunity to keep much of this money from going out the door. All we have to do is put the congressmen and senators who voted for this thing on the unemployment line.

The 2010 elections are just around the corner and every member of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate has to stand for reelection. That means the money that has not been spent can be reclaimed!

There needs to be a sea change in Congress, the kind that occurred in 1994 that put Republicans in Control of Congress after 40 years in the congressional wilderness and the kind that occurred in 2006 after Republicans lost their way.

This is not about parties, this is about good government and the only way to get good government is by being willing to fire any representative who is unwilling to balance the nation’s books, in other words, any representative or senator who spends more than we take in.

When it comes time for reelection, they all talk like fiscal conservatives but keeping tabs on them is not as hard as one would imagine. Every year the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union Foundation delivers a report card on Congress and, if you can read down and across, you will know instantly if your congressman and senators are keepers. If you can read your child’s report card you can read this one.

I want to take you back to 1995. One of the first things the new leaders of Congress did was pass rescissions. They simply refused to spend money on wasteful projects or programs that had been appropriated the year before. That was one of the finest hours in Congress!

A year later, President Clinton shut down the government twice. Spending was out-of-control and the new Republican Congress was doing the right thing by fighting for a budget that would reach balance. Unfortunately, “we the people” were not paying attention. The Washington Post did a poll that showed that the public was unaware of the stakes. The Republicans took the blame for those shutdowns. After that, they lost their nerve and began spending like, well, congressmen.

This is wrong! Unfortunately, it took most of us 10 years to realize the Republicans had gotten off track and do something about it. When the Democrats took over, they promised to get spending under control but it has only gotten worse. The only way it will stop is if we are willing to fire our representatives every two years if necessary.

If you had an employee who was stealing from you, you would fire that employee. Why would you do otherwise with your employees in Washington? Plug into the National Taxpayer’s Union and start receiving those report cards on Congress. Then, be prepared to do the right thing in 2010.

The money that hasn’t been spent can be reclaimed!

10 thoughts on “All is NOT Lost!

  1. “If you had an employee who was stealing from you, you would fire that employee.” — that is a good line, and is useful to illustrate the principal. People whose only source of information is the MSM would benefit from this analogy, which is readily understandable by all.


  2. The truth of the matter is that we are directly at fault ourselves for this. We are supposed to be “sovereign citizens”, meaning self-responsible, self-educated, self-motivated citizens who are aware of the issues, have a solid grasp of history so we can put such things in context, and we are supposed to make decisions, and tell our elected representatives to carry such decisions out.
    Instead, we have allowed a “professional political class” to rise up, and to assume the authority that is ours, and only ours, and we have allowed them to wield it even though we are responsible for the consequences. One can delegate authority, however one has no authority to delegate responsibility, so when the politicians abuse and mis-use the mis-appropriated authority, it is their fault, however it is our, we, the citizens, responsibility, and our own responsibility to fix what has been broken.
    The founders expected their posterity to follow their example, sending members of their own communities to the State and federal capitals with the exact representation they expected to be put forth, and when their term was up, they were expected to come home and return to their actual job or vocation.
    The founders very specifically warned us against allowing the rise of a professional class of politicians, as that is the source of “aristocracy”, and the end to representative government.
    If we wish to be a free and sovereign people, we must represent ourselves, meaning we must follow the paradigm set by the founders, to the letter, and we must never allow incumbency. That is the source of professional politicians, and is the beginning of the notion that staying in office is of greater value than doing the bidding of one’s constituency. The very best representative should not be held in office twice, much less the average. This was the infallible means of maintaining control of a Nation by its sovereign citizens, and the only way it has ever been successfully accomplished.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC


  3. We need to light a fire under the grass roots battle. In Nevada we are in the process of finding the candidate who can defeat Reid. Every state needs to take on this challenge to remove the liberal incumbent who seems not to care about this country but only his/her own pockets. Michael Steele (Republican National Committee Chair) needs to help lead this fight. It’s time to speak out. It’s time to take back our country and provide safety for our citizens and financial security for our children and grandchildren. Maybe “Recission” needs to be our battle cry!Stop complaining about what “is” and start working to change it at the level we reach best – the grass roots!


  4. Jane, if we take the passive approach, all is lost. Look at this from the Chicago stock exchange floor:
    This guy is right.

    You opened your column: “So much for the kind of government promised by Barack Obama where citizens have a full five days to review and comment on all non emergency bills on the White House website before they are signed into law! Not only did “we the people” not have an adequate means or opportunity to review the so-call economic stimulus bill, our representatives in Congress did not have that opportunity.”

    Given that the Constitution has been around and available for reading for over two hundred years and they haven’t even read that document, how can we expect that they would read a nearly 1100 page piece of legislation in one day?

    I’ve said it before and I say it again, the only hope for some of us in this country is secession either by one state at a time or as a group of states refusing to be held to the standards that this administration wants.

    As far as the 1994 congress that you site, they didn’t follow through on the promises they made to
    America. Republicans had both houses of congress and the presidency after 2000, but failed to do what the contract with America promised.


  5. I found this weeks article VERY informitave. Also John McClains’ reply to your article. I printed it out for later review. Thank you Jane.


  6. I like the idea of changing Representatives every 2 years, regardless of party. If we took away their Golden Fleece, made them pay SS and then live on it, lower their salaries to maybe $60,000 a year and ONLY for the 2 years they are in office, not life, then maybe the people who will want the job will be the ones who care about this country.
    They forget they work FOR US!!! They think they work for themselves and they are doing nothing more than lining their own pockets with our money. I say enough already. We put them in office, we can take them out, but they need to leave with nothing more than a letter of reference to get another job!!!!


  7. Jane,
    In all too many cases Americans don’t do anything until backed into a corner. I do believe that corner is rapidly approaching.


  8. I agree with Barb. We vote them all out, have to pay the new representatives plus their salaries for the rest of their (and our)lives. I wanted to make a comment about Obama, Nancy and Harry. He is on the television at least twice a day since they presented this stimulus package, she flies to Italy to meet with the Pope, and Harry is on the tv also. I believe Barack is using the same technique he used to win his presidency: He speaks constantly to his supporters, as well as the rest of us, hoping to use his speaking eloquence to keep us “under the ether”. I feel like I am in Venezuela watching Chavez who has control over the media bullying me into buying his proposals. Just a thought.


  9. Jane,
    Some good news. My liberal Democrat Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is conducting a poll of her District on the Stimulus Package. Understand this is a heavy Democrat district. So far 42% against, 35% for.

    I beleive the backlash is forming.


  10. On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 7:44 PM, MOE KOVACH wrote:

    Your commentary on marriage is very right on you should also add that marriage is one of the most regulated of Human social institutions as it is a pillar and cornerstone for stability in society. When you move the boundaries or markers and let every one or thing it it erodes a nation from within and that civilization eventually collapses. Social liberal agenda destroyed the Black American family by removing the Male father figure and now we have lost more then a generation of the Black family. Instead of a unique and cherished institution we have made it a commodity to bought and sold. I hold that marriage is an bringing together of a man and a woman being into a new living being. Thank You for your commentary. I have one question of you were You the lady who did those sports vignettes on tv long ago?


    Moses F Kovach


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