Obama’s Plan to Stimulate Poverty

For argument’s sake, let’s say that Obama’s plan to save the economy by raising taxes on the most productive segments of our society, creating millions of useless government jobs, and subsidizing windmills and failing companies actually works.   In a year or two, the country is experiencing a period of economic growth.  The stock market is skyrocketing.  Home sales are booming  and jobs are plentiful.  Will we have more or fewer people on welfare?

The answer would appear to be obvious: “Why fewer, of course.”  Most reasonable people would expect that to be the goal, but if that is your final answer, you would be wrong.

With the Great Society programs initiated by Lyndon Johnson in 1965, welfare became a way of life for many people.   For the first time in our nation’s history people who were not elderly or disabled, who simply did nothing, began receiving a living courtesy of the American taxpayer.

These programs were supposed to be a temporary helping hand, but with no work requirements and a seemingly endless supply of federal money provided to the states for this purpose, it was not at all surprising that people began taking  advantage of the system.

Much of this money went to able-bodied single mothers under the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program.  Not happy at home?  All you have to do is get pregnant out of wedlock and you can get free housing, free food, free health care and free money.  What a deal!

Many teenagers were sucked into this system, but it wasn’t long before older women began following suit.  Why not?  If you marry, in most cases you have to work to provide for your family.  If you shack up, you can live off the state.

In 1996 that began to change after welfare reforms were forced on President Clinton by the Republican Congress and AFDC was replaced by Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).    As a result, there has been a 60 percent drop in welfare caseloads and 1.6 million fewer children living in poverty — a success that President Clinton was happy to claim as his very own!

With the passage of the so-called economic stimulus bill designed by the Democrat-run Congress and promoted by President Barack Obama,  the perverse incentives that actually reward states for enrolling and keeping people on the public dole are baaack!

The biggest change that occurred in 1996 was the way in which federal money was distributed to the states.  Instead of rewarding states by giving them more money for every welfare recipient they sign up, the states were given block grants based on overall population with incentives to move people from welfare to work.

Some people are under the misguided impression that when the number of caseloads went down the country saved money.  It should have, but it didn’t.  Tucked into the 1996 reforms was a liberal boondoggle called “maintenance of effort.”  That means, that as long as there is anyone left on welfare, states received the same amount of money as they did before, with additional money added each and every year.  They just had to find more creative ways to spend it.   Make sense?  Of course not but that is the way the liberal mind works.

With the economic stimulus package, we will go back to rewarding states for increasing their caseloads.  Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, one of this country’s leading experts on poverty, says this is actually worse than the old AFDC programs because, under the new system, the payoff to the states is greater.   Unfortunately, the education and work requirements, which always had big loopholes, will go by the boards because the incentives for states to move people from welfare to work are gone.

This is not simply wrong.  It is cruel!  When the education and work requirements are not enforced, when every need is provided by the state, the individual loses his or her incentive to find work.  The longer the individual remains unemployed, the more doubts that individual has about his or her ability to succeed.  After a while, these doubts are replaced by fear and, in an effort to cope, fear is replaced by an attitude of acceptance or even entitlement.

The negative effects on children raised by a welfare recipient are legion.  Furthermore, these children are more  likely to be dependent on the state when they reach adulthood.   They become trapped in the system and taxpayers are trapped into supporting them.

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama praised those 1996 reforms.  Now we know that this was just another cheap political stunt.

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Plan to Stimulate Poverty

  1. I won’t pontificate long, since most who read this are already well aware of the illegal alien sitting in the oval office, and his penchant for saying what his intended audience wants to hear, and doing what he proclaimed was his goal, when all is said and done. This issue with the reversion to a welfare proud state should have been expected, and most of us did so. That he slightly altered it to make it more egregious is the natural evolution of government, the only shock reasonable, is the fact that he has violated his word as many times as he has, in the shortest time in any president or presidential pretender history.
    There will be a few “blue dog democrats” who will be surprised, but everyone else, his left base, and his right antithesis, knew he was going to revert this Nation as quickly as possible, to its worst time as a nation dependent on its government, because only from there can one expect to successfully “grow the government” without being bogged down.
    The only question I have left is whether he will be exposed as the illegal alien he is before an international issue is addressed by him, bringing on a much greater Constitutional issue, or if he will be exposed in the next few days or weeks.
    It would appear that he is quite aware of his vulnerability right now, and is working his heart out to keep minds busy on parsing his words and intents, rather than pursuing that which we already know is wrong and fabricated, and therefore useful right now.
    If he is exposed after he has committed the Nation to any external treaty or agreement has been made in under his authority, there is a real need to evacuate the Congress of all its members, and call for immediate emergency appointments, because the fact is, Congress did not check his qualifications when it was their job, they did not do so when demanded by a small minority of sovereign United States Citizens, who obviously have a vested interest and the right to know, and they have allowed the issue to simply be ignored when they are, ulitimately, our elected representatives, and as such, are subject to our legal and rightful demands. A rational look at this shows that the demand for accountability is by all means “both legal and rightful”, as it is Our Country, and not Congress’.
    In the absence of a correct response by the Congress, and all the rest of the federal government, it will be necessary to remove a usurper by force, if such he turns out to be. If that is necessary, we cannot simply follow the Constitution, because the people under its authority will have already failed to act, so the entire election must be nullified, and a special election held, with those who participated in the deliberate obfuscation of the facts of Obama being forced by court order to abstain from any efforts relative to the election.
    I believe all these things must be done, but will not be done without the force of the actual rising of “The People” making it come to fruition through force or threat of force that is seen as realistic and reasonably to be expected to come about.
    Those who have been complicit with the campaign of Obama should be investigated, and any crimes committed, which are numerous, indicted for and pursued.
    What will happen instead will be an uprising and a war of Independence, because far too much of Washington is occupied by professionals in politics, who stand too much to lose, if the current paradigm isn’t maintained. Perhaps less than ten percent of Washington is elected, yet all of its professional residents are paid out of tax receipts, whether by contract or other means of quid pro quo.
    john mcclain


  2. Jane,

    As someone wrote, Obama’s stimulus package is like going to one end of a swimming pool and filling a bucket with water from it and then going to the other end of the swimming pool and emptying the water from the bucket.

    We can thank George W. Bush for a lot of this, however, as Bush squandered everything that Ronald Reagan accomplished in his presidency, and the Republican Congress accomplished as well in their early years. The U.S. House and Senate are about at their same Democratically controlled numbers as they were in the late 1970s before Ronald Reagan won the presidency in 1980, and the welfare bill that Bill Clinton signed in 1996 because of a Republican Congress will become obsolete and worthless now. I maintain that George W. Bush is the worst president, bar none, in U.S. history. The one lasting good thing about the Bush presidency is that he has gotten the world much closer to Armageddon concerning endtime Biblical events. Even the good that Bush did with the Supreme Court won’t matter if the Democrats were to go on and dominate with one-party political dominance for many years, and at this point, they seem well on their way to doing.



  3. Socialism here we come. A long time ago the pilgrims learned that socialism does not work. In my schooling I was taught that it was wise to look to the past to learn how to proceed in the future. Apparently that has changed. We now have a leader who knows more than all previous mankind combined. At least he thinks that he does.


  4. Right on Jane.
    And here we are as parents banging our heads against the wall tying to instill a work ethic into our children.
    What a great solution to offer kids. Don’t work just go on welfare. You will be a slave but you won’t have to work.


  5. Keep up the good work Jane.
    I feel we must unite. The “Good in this country” have mostly been killed off in wars.
    Much of the trash left are 1st or seccond generation from countrys they wouldn’t fight for. They are mostly blood suckers who are the benighted leading the benighted.
    Where are the strong?
    Where are the simi smart people?
    God Help some of us as most are lost already.


  6. Well, what do you expect of governments that are lead by demons. As Clay mentioned Armageddon, I figured I would share the verse. Revelations chapter 16 starting at verse 13 And I saw three unclean inspired expressions [that looked] like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.

    15 “Look! I am coming as a thief. Happy is the one that stays awake and keeps his outer garments, that he may not walk naked and people look upon his shamefulness.”

    16 And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Ma‧ged′on

    At least we are forewarned of whats going to happen to them. When it comes to man vs. The True God, I reckon we all know how thats going to turn out.


  7. If you think Obama’s economic policies are terrible, just look at what would happen if conservatives got their way. They would reduce or eliminate all help to the poor or those out of work. They would still give all the tax breaks to the wealthy,and deregulate business to the point where it would be free to harm and exploit the public to its heart’s content as despoil the environment.
    The rich would get richer,the poor poorer, and much of the middle class would sink into poverty.
    Abortion would be illegal, but poor women would get little or no help to provide their poor,unwanted children with decent food,shelter,clothing,education and medical care. The unborn have rights alright-until they’re born!
    Many deserving young people who wanted to get a college,graduate,medical or Law degree would never get the opportunity,because there would be no government aid to them.
    Homosexuals would have their rights taken away and possibly be persecuted. The government would be free to pry into our bedrooms, and to arbitrarily censor and ban any book,magazine,newspaper, film,television program or whatever which those in charge considered
    “obscene,immoral,andindecent”, even though not every one agrees on what is offensive.
    Religion would get much too much power.
    This nation would be the very thang that so many have come here to escape.And you think Obama is a threat to America? By the way,heis not an “illegal alien”. This is a ludicrous description of him.
    He’s a legitimately and fairly elected US citizen.
    Enough lies about him.


  8. Very insightful – continue to spread the word. Looking forward to an update. For too long now have I had the need to begin with my own blog. Suppose if I put it off any more I will never take action. I’ll make sure to include you in my Blogroll. Cheers!!


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