Arizona Voters Blinded by Might

Next week, Arizona voters have a chance to do something really important for the Republican Party.  Eliminate a key RINO (Republican in Name Only) and clean out some deadwood in the United States Senate.   John McCain has been a major stumbling block for conservatives for decades.

In an interview with Glenn Beck, Rick Santorum said this about his former colleague.  “ On almost every major domestic policy issue that I dealt with over the last six years anyway when I was in leadership of the Senate, John McCain was not just on the other side . . .  (he was) condemning people who hold the position opposite to you and sort of buying into these fallacious arguments that the left would argue on and everything from . . . importation of drugs to global warming to immigration.”

Unfortunately, Arizona voters have short memories.  Maybe it’s the summer desert heat.  Maybe it’s their age.  (Arizona has a larger than average retirement community).    Maybe they are blinded by the beauty of Sarah Palin who had no choice but to endorse her former running mate.  More likely, it’s his $20 million media blitz against a worthy primary opponent, J.D. Hayworth.

There is no limit to the amount of money a powerful and rich incumbent like McCain can raise.  McCain has outspent Hayworth 10 to 1.  No surprise there.  What is surprising is that the majority of Arizona voters appear to be fooled again.

I was in Arizona a couple of weeks ago and traveling was extremely dangerous.  No matter which way I turned, there was Senator John McCain speeding backwards.

He was traveling backwards on immigration reform.

He was traveling backwards on amnesty for illegal aliens.

He was traveling backwards on the border fence.

He was traveling backwards on “enforcement first.”

When McCain wasn’t traveling backwards, he was going around in circles on issues like cap and tax and offshore oil drilling.   And, when he wasn’t traveling backwards or running around in circles, he was running away from issues like global warming, windfall profits, and his campaign finance (incumbent protection) reform bill.    It was enough to make your head spin.  That must be the problem.  Voters are so dizzy they simply can’t think straight anymore!

If you go to his web site and look under “issues,” you won’t see any mention of the major ones he’s championed.  Frankly, I’m not sure where he stands on most of them anymore.  It’s no wonder voters are confused.  And when voters are confused or uninformed then tend to vote for the “incumbent.”

The polls show that only 20 percent of the people approve of the job that Congress is doing.  Hello!  Unfortunately, when they go to into the voting booth, they have collective amnesia.

There was a time, when McCain could impress me railing about earmarks and government waste.  Not anymore.  I’ve seen him turn around and vote for so many bills that contained the very earmarks he railed against.

During the spring, the more conservative Hayworth was overtaking McCain in the polls.  Twenty million dollars later, McCain has a lead that has made him comfortable enough to start tacking back to the left on illegal immigration.

Anybody in Arizona paying attention?

One of the biggest problems we have is the practice of granting citizenship to children born to those who break into the country.   The 14th Amendment has been twisted by liberal judges to make that the current law of the land.  One in every 12 children now born in this country have a parent who is an illegal alien.  These children are called “anchor babies.”  Billions of dollars of welfare flow through these babies to their illegal parents.    Only a handful of countries are foolish enough to allow this.  The U.S. is one of them.

Last week, the Republican leadership raised the issue of holding hearings on the original intent of the 14th Amendment.  McCain appeared to support them.    Now that he feels he has the election sewed up, he wants to keep this practice in place.

Arizona are you listening?

Still McCain is not home free and he knows it.  That is why he launched a last minute ad trying to smear Hayworth for taking campaign money from lobbyist Jack Abramoff  (Abramoff gave money to many office holders. The honest ones like Hayworth gave it back).

Does anyone remember the Keating Five?

McCain should be ashamed of himself for using this underhanded tactic.  Unfortunately, many brain-dead Arizona voters will be fooled by it.

McCain is a legitimate war hero but he has failed us a United States senator.  Let’s hope Arizona voters regain their senses and send man into retirement.

12 thoughts on “Arizona Voters Blinded by Might

  1. Thanks, Jane, for another insightful WND column. I have long been “on to” McCain for all the disparate remarks he has made over the years, and the kooky legislation he has put forth with mad dogs like the late Teddy. Arizonans should send McCain packing. He really betrayed his constitutents and we the people on election night 2008 when he caved early on, throwing in the towel with only 2% of the precincts reporting West of the Mississippi. That single act told me that he was “the designated loser,” and probably just wanted to go home for a sound night’s sleep. Being a war hero, which he is, does NOT give him a free pass when it comes to upholding the Constitution. I am totally soured on Republicans and would not vote for a Democrat unless I saw Him descend from heaven with angels proclaiming him to be sent from God.
    Always enjoy your columns, so keep ’em coming, please. God bless you – and yours.
    Rick Usher (stuck in crazy VT)


  2. Thanks for exposing John McCain. It is sad to think he may retain his seat in the Senate. However, if America can put someone like Obama in the White House, then it is no surprise to see McCain return to the Senate.


  3. Excellent analysis Jane – could not agree with you more!
    McCain is indeed a RINO who needs to be retired. Unfortunately, as you suggest, AZ voters are not paying attention.


  4. Well written. John McCain has whip lash, his neck has jerked so hard to the right. I wish that Arizona would get rid of him for us. He was a terrible candidate for President and at that only lost by 6 points because of Palin. The Republicans must nominate a conservative not another big government Republican. The Republicans must rid themselves of the Democrat lites. Hopefully Arizona will wake up. Thank you for your well written article.


  5. McCain is definately not what we need more of in the Senate, but that is not what concerns me most.
    My concern is; what is making a genuine war hero turn against the interests of his country? What are his supporters buying with the $20 million of campaign money they are giving him? He is not unique in congress in his support of issues that the majority of Americans do not want.
    Cap and Tax, banning oil drilling, amnesty for illegals, are all issues that some interests are paying mightily to promote. These bribes are my concern and must be uncovered and stopped.


  6. The Republican party could not have possibly found a more lack-luster candidate in 2008 to represent the Republican party. He had been adamantly campaigning with Ted Kennedy and Lindsay Graham for amnesty. He would never disclose his position on amnesty in any of the debates. He had a memorized noncommittal statement as his reply on every instance he was asked about amnesty. He said it so many time I memorized it myself and said it with him. HE HAS CHANGED HIS TUNE FOR THIS ELECTION. Had Palin not come on board, his campaign would have died. To me, McCain is not a hero.
    He is an opportunist. Sold out to one world government. He needs to be retired. Elsie


  7. Hello Ms. Chastain,

    Not all of us Arizonans are fooled by McCain, most of the Republican party people in the outskirts (Cochise County, for example – even at the RNC HQ where my wife was volunteering) hate the guy. You’re correct about the money as well. Every radio commercial that isn’t for GEICO is a McCain attack ad on Hayworth.

    Unfortunately, Hayworth ran a really awful radio ad campaign. We’ve heard two good ones and the rest over the last few months were so sickly sweet (and empty of any real substance), that I felt nauseas.

    Kindest regards,



  8. The flag waver is the worst type of freedom candidate for he hides behind the flag all the time! It was China that beat us in Korea and Nam and now its China that is swamping our clothing and food shelves with their slave labor products.That my children is the reason for our depression. Their goods made by slaves.low ball our made in America products since there is no tariff and American workers cant compete against such forced labor.John never mentions this obvious nail in freedoms coffin and thus keeps his on the payroll job year after year…sad


  9. Ms. Chastain,

    Thank you for your McCain expose.
    Why more Arizonans don’t see him for what he has been and still is never ceases to amazing to me.
    Palin should have just stayed out of it as best she could and not publicly endorsed anyone in Arizona, or done so as quietly as possible. Though I understand she may still feel obligated to support McCain, why is she opposing the real conservative Hayworth so forcefully? We must rid this nation of all but proven constitutionalists. McCain has proven himself a phoney in every way.
    For Palin to continue the abuse indicates she must enjoys being used, or worse is a RINO herself.

    Chattanooga, TN


  10. Jane,

    Arizona voters blinded,__ probably so.
    They have repeatedly voted for him even though his immigration record should dictate otherwise.
    I wrote to you several months back commenting on Sarah Palin going down to Arizona for McCain. I couldn’t figure out why. I really like her and thought she had the sense of doing it right. Not so. The red flag is up because of that visit..
    Most of those voters don’t even know that he’s a member of the CFR. I wonder if those voters even know what that is?

    Does anyone remember the Keating Five? I do!

    Paul Adams
    Liberty Lake, WA


  11. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    I got out of the Viet Kong Camp

    I got out of the Keating Five Scandal

    Somehow, I got the nomination for President

    Now I’m going back to Washington, yipee!!!

    Viva Diebold voting machines! W00T!!!

    Think I’ll just enjoy a nice cup of tea.


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