Beyond the Weiner Scandal

You can’t make this stuff up.  An arrogant, 46-year-old New York Congressman, who imagines himself to be above reproach, accidently broadcasts a picture, intended for a college coed, of his erect private part to his Twitter following and spends a week lying about it. The demanding egomaniac, who has never had a real job in his life, actually thought he could get away with it.

Now, it’s human nature to try to wiggle out of one’s wrongdoing when boxed into a corner, but this guy didn’t stay in the corner.  He was out holding press conferences and sending out news releases claiming his account was “hacked.”   Even that wasn’t  enough for this twerp.  He had his staff call all the major television networks to arrange one-on-one interviews where he lied and lied and lied some more.

How can you tell if a congressman is lying?  When his lips are moving.  Okay, this is an old one but Anthony Wiener is now the poster boy for this bad joke.

We now know that Wiener was sending similar photos and carrying on lewd conversations via the internet and telephone with at least a half dozen women and probably dozens more.  One of the women, a porn star, Ginger Lee, has given us some insight into his brazen behavior.  According to e-mails released by TMZ, Weiner allegedly coached Lee on how to deny their tawdry relationship and gave her his patented blue print for lying:

In an e-mail to Lee from Weiner, dated June 1, that was released by the celebrity news site:

“The key is to have a short, thought out statement that tackles the top line questions and then refer people back to it.  Have a couple of iterations of: ‘This is silly.  Like so many others, I follow Rep. Weiner on twitter.  I don’t know him and have never met him.  He briefly followed me and sent me a dm(direct message) saying thank you for the follow.  That’s it.’”

Weiner expected to follow this script when he sat down with the networks’ finest.  He was “the victim of a prank” and this is “not a national security matter. We are not making a federal case out of this and I don’t think anyone else should.”

However, when it came to the big question, none of the usual liberal apologists were willing to let him off the hook: Was the crotch in the photo, his?

Bottom line on his bottom: He could not “say with certitude it’s me or it’s not.”  

With more women coming forward with explicit pictures, e-mails, and accounts of phone sex with the congressman, Weiner was, indeed, caught with his pants down.  When there was no more wiggle room, he held yet another press conference to tearfully “take responsibility” for his actions but “will not resign.”

Weiner’s crowning achievement in Congress, other than his vitriolic attacks on opponents, is the KIDS (Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators) Act.   However, at his Monday press conference he couldn’t say for sure if some of the women with whom he had been exchanging lewd messages were, in fact, kids.

Despite his weasel-like appearance, Weiner has a playboy past (women are suckers for guys with power).

In 2008, he invited ridicule when he introduced what was dubbed the “hot super model bill,” legislation that would change the Immigration and Nationality Act to establish a separate category for fashion models and make it easier for them to immigrate to and work in — where else — Weiner’s district in New York.   Was he running out of women to prey on?

Like so many philanderers, Weiner poses as a great defender of women by fighting for their “right to abortion.”   Helps cover up his misbehaving.

It gets worse.  The little weasel is a newlywed.  His unfortunate wife is an exotic Iranian-Pakistani beauty, Huma Abedin, the deputy chief-of-staff to Hillary Rodham Clinton.   Weiner and Abedin were married last year by none other than the philanderer-in-chief, Bill Clinton.  No wonder Weiner thinks he thinks he can keep his day job.

Abedin has been by Clinton’s side for 15 years and was there through the Lewinsky scandal.

(Unofficial) advise from First Lady to Abedin: “Any publicity is good publicity.  Hold you head up high.  Let your lip quiver occasionally when it suits your purpose but don’t divorce him.  That’s too good for the ——-.  See if he survives.  Then, have him carry your purse and stand behind you as you run for mayor of New York City (the job Weiner covets).”

Buck up Anthony.  You picked the wrong mate to cheat on.  You are not dealing with amateurs here.

7 thoughts on “Beyond the Weiner Scandal

  1. Is Weiner worth all this distraction, while America burns under poor leadership. Of course I doubt if our leaders could play a fiddle? Maybe work a fiddle on the blind.


  2. Enough of this diversion from the real issue of an out of control spending congress.
    Our national sickness of buying votes through handouts to special interests, like public unions, has got to be cured. Talking about one arrogant congressman from New York is not going to solve our problems.


  3. Weiner is a Brooklyn Jew. His wife is a Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia. What kind of a marriage does this make?


  4. In total arrogance, Weiner wants us to move on. Forget his”inappropriate behavior”.I want to move on. I want him to resign and get off the TV. He’s not worth the time or print. If the House keeps this creep, they are more depraved than he. Such a deviant should not be making decisions that affect people’s lives. Enough on a shameless egotist.
    Let Congress get busy holding a line on the debt ceiling and cutting spending- both- not one or the other. Get our borders under control,address illegal immigration, pass E-Verify, audit the Federal Reserve,create jobs,abolish worthless government departments. Let’s move on to something worthwhile


  5. Andrew, you’re probably right that the differences in Weiner’s and his wife’s backgrounds will bring challenges, but who are you to question it and draw a line? It’s odd a little creepy that THAT’S what you focus on in this mess.


  6. Jane, this brings back memories when we pre-taped some interviews for your show, when Bill Clinton messed around with Monica Lewinsky, adamantly lied about the affairs, then got forced into admitting it publicly. Weiner must have been pulled aside by “Bubba” and told to fess up or become an even bigger political lib-clown. Even the worst lib hacks like Schultz and Tingle-legs Matthews are squealing for that Weenie to resign. Only that power drunk Pelosi is letting him off the hook! But as Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is that stupid does.”


  7. Jane, I just heard the update that Nancy Pelosi has finally demanded that he resign from Congress. I wonder if Tim Kaine’s demand for Weiner to resign sent a humiliating shockwave to her so called brain, and made her lucid for a fraction of a second?


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