The “Injustice” Department

There was a time, when the United States of America was respected for its justice system.  No more!   In fact, things have deteriorated so much under the current administration, the Justice Department headed by Attorney General Eric Holder is a national disgrace.  Terrorists and those out to undermine our borders and trample our laws are laughing at us!

Monday’s ruling, blocking a Texas law requiring voters to show a photo ID, should be the last in a very large pile of “last straws.”  A few months ago, the same Holder Injustice Department blocked a similar requirement in the state of South Carolina.

Why?  Injustice says this requirement places an undue burden on minorities.  How so? 

To date, 31 states have enacted voter ID requirements.  Fifteen require a photo ID.  All states should make this a requirement.
At the present time,  you cannot board a plane, open a checking account, buy a gun, use a charge card, get a hotel room, buy certain cold medication, enter a government building and — in most states — apply for government benefits, without a photo ID.

Why would anyone think that one’s right to vote should receive less scrutiny than is required for buying cold medicine?

Why would anyone even question a law that requires a photo ID to vote . . . unless, of course, he had a vested interest in undermining the most scared right of a  citizen?

The Holder Injustice Department is preventing the implementation of these laws in Texas and South Carolina because of an arcane provision in Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  It requires certain states to get “preclearance” of any voting change from the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division at Justice or a federal court in the District of Columbia.   This was originally passed as an emergency five-year provision to remedy voter discrimination in the south.  It has long outlived its usefulness but, since it was never repealed, it has allowed Holder to work his mischief.

These decisions from Injustice violate both its own precedent as well as the findings of federal courts that voter ID requirements are nondiscriminatory and not a burden on voters.

Is the Obama Administration so afraid of losing the 2012 election that it has devised a grand scheme to sway the election in its favor in these two southern states?     It looks bad and smells worse.

Eric Holder is the same attorney general who dropped a clear case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party for its conduct during the 2008 election for “lack of evidence,” even though none of the parties appeared in court to contest the charges.  There was film of two of its members outside one polling place in paramilitary uniforms, one carrying a billy club.

This is the same attorney general who, in the wake of the Operation Fast and Furious  gunwalking scandal, proved his incompetence and/or deliberately lied to Congress.

This is the same attorney general who refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.  Justice demands all laws be defended.

This is the same Eric Holder, who has packed the Civil Rights division at Injustice with hack lawyers from radical organizations like the ACLU and the NAACP.  These organizations consistently lost their voter ID cases in court and now are imposing their will on us.

Thanks to the numerous  FOIA requests from Pajama Media, I am able to offer the two deputy chiefs of the Voting Rights Section at Injustice as Exhibit Number One:   Brian Sells and Meredith Bell-Platts, put in place by Holder, have worked a combined 20 years to undermine voter ID laws.  But there are many, many more Holder hires that are cut from the same ugly cloth.

To be sure, Texas and South Carolina will have their day in court, but it will come after the 2012 election has been put to bed. This is an outrage!

Congress should repeal the arcane provision of our law that requires certain states to go begging at Justice before they can strengthen their voting requirements.

In addition, one of these things must happen immediately:

  1. Eric Holder resigns.
  2. President Obama fires him
  3. Congress begins impeachment proceedings against Holder

Politicians of all political stripes are reluctant to rock the boat.  None of our elected representatives are going to act until we demand it. They will continue to hold hearings and make speeches until we are lulled to sleep from sheer boredom.  These hearings don’t mean a thing unless they are followed to the next step, impeachment.

How long are you willing to sit quietly and allow your vote to be undermined?

3 thoughts on “The “Injustice” Department

  1. Both Holder, with his arrogant smirk permanently affixed to his face, and his Kenyan master Obaminable should be impeached. But the Congress that raised the debt limit and approved detention of Americans at the whim of our Unpresident will never act. Even many Congress critters elected with tea party support have repeatedly betrayed us, and our innumerable e mails and petitions are simply ignored.
    And dead illegal aliens voting ten times each would reelect the Great Pretender even if the Republicans nominated a viable alternative (not Romney).
    Things are about to get very, very ugly, and I fear that drastic measures will be needed.


  2. Things were perfect before the Democrats? I don’t think so. Instead of getting into partisan, political red-versus-blue games and wasting my time making up funny names for politician strangers who are supposedly Democrats, I spend time opposing enthusiastic ageism and censorship such as that found on a silly website called Unexplained Mysteries where Stoecker contributes. It’s all a waste of time, though.

    Have fun, fascists and spambot. I must leave you now.


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