What Obama Should Say (But He Won’t)

There so much hope that we would finally heal what was left of the racial divide that exists in this country when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States.  That’s why many threw caution to the wind and voted for a poorly qualified man with Marxist tendencies to lead us.  That’s why so many were willing to stick with him for another four years.  Surely, he would finally come through . . . but he hasn’t.

His speech yesterday in Dallas was, without a doubt, one of his best.  However, after extolling the virtues of  the Dallas police and the fallen, he simply couldn’t resist the temptation to legitimize those who feel the police are out to get them as he has done many times before. 

Over the last year, we watched as Obama gave Black Lives Matter, the group that is largely responsible for stirring the racial caldron and ginning up hatred against police, credibility.  He even invited one of its leaders to the White House.

What Obama should have said early on in the case of these highly-publicized deaths of black men at the hands of police is, “Let’s wait until all the facts are in before we pronounce judgement on these police officers.  If we are willing to pronounce guilt prematurely, simply because these officers are white, that is racism of the worst sort.  All decent individuals should reject such a thing.”   Taking a verse from the Bible, as the president is prone to do when he is between a rock and a hard place, “Do not judge, lest you be judged.”

When it came to light in Ferguson, Missouri, that the would-be cop killer Michael Brown, did not raise his hands in an attempt to surrender, Obama himself should have denounced the phrase which has motivated so much hate against the police.  “Hands up.  Don’t shoot,” was and is a lie!

Obama should have been the first one to stand up for police officer Darren Wilson, who was simply doing his job, but he didn’t.  Wilson’s life was upended when he shot Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store, in self defense; a fact that Obama conveniently overlooked.

Obama should acknowledge that police, quite naturally, are more afraid in an encounter with a black male than a white male — even black police officers — because black men disproportionally commit more crimes.  In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non-black to commit murder.  Blacks account for 42 percent of cop killers where the race is known, even though they make up only 13 percent of the population.

Why is that?  Obama, as the first black president has the moral authority to talk about it, but he hasn’t and he won’t.

Blacks are much more likely than whites to have children out of wedlock and black males are much more likely to skip out on the mother of their children than males of other races.  Over 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock, which is an express ticket to a life of poverty and a fast track to crime and incarceration.

Obama should say, “It is time for the black community to take charge and declare a war on illegitimacy.  It’s also time for the black community to declare war on those individuals, organization and movements that want to capitalize on this violence and blame others for our problems that we create for ourselves.

While Obama has experienced some of the negative aspects of the “black experience” he never shares the benefits of being black.

He should say, “If you are black and do well in school, you are much more likely to get a college scholarship than someone who is white.  You are much more likely to get admitted to a college than a white guy with the same grades.  You are much more likely to get a government grant to do a study or a loan to start a business than a white guy, and if you start a business, you are much more likely to get a government contract.   All things being equal, as a racial minority, you are much more likely to be hired by a business over the guy who is lily white.  Companies get credit for hiring a minority, any minority.  They get no credit for hiring a white guy.  So go out there and work hard in school. Achieve.  Stop whining.   The sky is the limit!  You can even be president of the United States.”

Now that would be leadership, but a leader, sadly, Obama is not.

11 thoughts on “What Obama Should Say (But He Won’t)

  1. obama is a mentally disturbed person. obama is also a purely calculating person and pure evil in his calculating….

    All that is going on around the country now has nothing to do with race relations.

    It has to do with obama purposely creating a crisis in order to foster his agenda of power over the people by instituting a Federal police agency.

    If it takes many deaths of all races to get the people mentally distraught enough to accept this Federal police agency……so be it. The end justifys the means.

    Do not ever think that obama’s mind and thoughts are anywhere near that of a ordinary citizen or sane person.


    1. Franklin, I respectfully disagree. Obama is sane but a socialist/Marxist at heart. You know that from is writing and his speeches and his mentors, like the Rev. Jerimiah Wright.


  2. I am a news hound, so I have followed and watched video of unnecessary killing of not just black but white
    criminals by police. Many have heard and seen the video of a homeless man being shot and killed by New Mexico police which was unjustified and there were no charges made against the police. I believe these cases are tragic and the guilty officers not being charged was unmistakably WRONG. I have talked with officers and many are frustrated that the justice system and our culture foster criminals getting away with their crimes and they go unpunished for their crimes, so in rare cases the police become judge, jury and executioner.

    The larger issue though I believe is that the “bad guys” who think they run our nation are trying to divide us along police vs every day person and along racial lines.
    The main point is: THE ENEMY WANTS US DIVIDED AND HATING EACH OTHER! So at every point now we see the George Soros funded groups stirring up hatred as happened at Furgeson.
    Violent race baiters were shipped into to foment riots on the streets.

    Another one of the bad guys stated goals is to create chaos, blame it on the guns and come for the guns. What has been the main point after all the phony tears from many politicians after the mass killings:
    “It’s finally time to get rid of the guns.” All tyrannies must get rid of the guns before they take control. So they have been harping on this for decades and actually, to quote Eric Holder (from many years back), “brain wash” the public about guns. And it’s working. A gun is a tool and just like a knife, it is a valuable tool for good most of the time but if a person who is dark and possessed by hate uses knife to murder, is the knife evil?

    Another huge point missing of” Black Lives Matter” rubbish rhetoric is the reality that over 90% of blacks killed by guns is black men killing each other. You can watch a Youtube video of the famous black football star Ray Lewis proclaiming this truth like a preacher. So why is that the
    only black murders that are talked about is when it is done by a white man or a police officer when the elephant in the room is the fact that by far the most murders are
    African Americans killing each other? Oh, that has to be “hush hush”. I just thought of this also: how does white man George Soros get away with calling his group “Black Lives Matter”? Shouldn’t he be in trouble for not calling his group “African American Lives Matter”? How dare him!


  3. I agree with Franklin. King Hussein (Queen Hillary, and all our ruling elites) is criminally insane. It is a communist (fascist), a Muslim, and a Black racist. Its mission is to divide the races and incite hatred and violence, and to enslave and finally destroy America.
    If Queen Hillary is elected (probably via vote fraud) she will continue Hussein’s agenda, assuming that we even have the election, assuming that we still have a country by November.


  4. Congratulations to Obama you have achieved your promise to “Fundementaly change America” Hey stop! I am an American and I swore to uphold the constitution.
    Now those who would try and make me turn against my fellow patriots with their evil lies and distortion of truth have not fooled me, never did. I knew Obama’s background and that he is a puppet of Soros and pupil of the PROGRESSIVE agenda. Obama knows exactly what he is doing , attempting to destroy America and this great Republic. I say stand strong Americans, pray fervently to our Almighty God who can all turn the tide, if we will seek Him first with suplication to save our land.


  5. When our “leaders” throw the rule book (the Bible) in the trash can, the foundation of personal behavior and the value of each individual, we have lost all basis of ethics and right vs wrong. Our country was built on that foundation and grew to heights unparalleled in human history. But evil is always on the sidelines, the perimeter of our core, and too many people are now taking for granted that growth and all that was in place for it to occur. The presumption that the foundation of our country is independent of the Bible and its teaching is not just a casual erroneous perception, it is a slow but continuous suicidal path. Returning to the teachings of the Bible and all that is good is required for a turn around. Stupid is as stupid does and we can assess, by our “leaders” actions, their level of common sense and all that is good. I agree with Jane on what Obama should be saying and with Monica and a national need for Christian values to guide our people, the nation, and be considered in all dealings by our leaders. Let’s pray, and in whatever manner possible, attempt to get more people knowledgeable about a national revival.


  6. First of all Jane, you need Jesus really bad before you die and go to hell. I happened to read some of your garbage and I am surprised that you have such antiquated ideas about Black People. I think you need to study your history (the true history), of African Americans before you sprew these hateful untruths regarding this group of people. You have ALL your facts wrong when it comes to African Americans. Why don’t you make it a point to get to know a Black person, I think this would benefit you greatly. by the way, you might also read up on White Privilege this could also be helpful to you. May God help you.


    1. Sorry to be so long answering you. I was our of the country and Internet was limited. You should be able to highlight the link in your web browser but I will look into it. The simple thing to do is bring up the column through wnd.com and use their Facebook link.


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