Women: Vote with Your Brains not Your Gentials

The cast of Orange is the New Black reached a new low (even for this disgusting sitcom) this week when it posed wearing “Vaginas Against Trump” T-shirts.  These shirts have been available on-line for $16.99 for over a year now.  Just an example of the class displayed by some Hillary supporters.   And she has the nerve to call Trump supporters “deplorable.”

For the record, I am sick about the choice we face in this election and I stand by all the previous columns I have written criticizing the now Republican nominee.  Nevertheless, it is the choice we face and voters are asked to choose between bad and worse.  We must choose between someone who has been a womanizer and someone who has enabled a womanizer who actually abused women while holding public office.  This is a far more serious offense, not only against these women, but against the offices he held and the public trust.

There is evidence that the worse — Hillary —  used the power of his offices to silence and intimidate these women.  Former staffers and hired hands have stated that it was Hillary Clinton who took charge of harassing the targets of what was termed Bill’s “bimbo eruptions” in order to keep them quiet.

On top of that, the worse — Hillary — used his offices and hers to enrich herself to a point that would make Imelda Marcos blush, beginning with her job as rainmaker of the Rose Law Firm and her $100,000 gain in cattle futures to the Ponzi scheme at the Clinton Foundation.  Hillary and her husband, who was disbarred for obstructing justice, should not be allowed anywhere near the White House or any other government building for that matter.

The angst displayed by the worse — Hillary— and Michelle Obama over Trump’s disgusting remarks bragging about his ability to seduce women, caught on tape 11 years ago, was truly over the top in light of more recent events.   Didn’t Michelle and her husband gratefully accept help from the man who had sex with an intern in the Oval Office?  Can you imagine what would happen to a Republican president who did such a thing?  Can you imagine what would happen to a college president or the CEO of a corporation who did such a thing?  It’s disgusting!

Furthermore, didn’t Obama accept the endorsement of another serial womanizer, Ted Kennedy, who left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in his submerged car and didn’t call for help until the next day because he was more worried about his reputation than her life?

And now we are to believe that Michelle Obama finally felt “revulsion” and was “shaken to my core” by an old tape that was sitting on the shelf at NBC all those years  — the same network that was making money on his television show for how long?

All those women now voting for Clinton because of some old Trump remarks and possible advances need to get a grip and take a good hard look at the issues at stake in this race.  Democrats want us to believe that women are such delicate flowers they can’t tell a man in a three-piece suit with a briefcase to “stuff it,” but we can duke it out with an enemy soldier in the muck and mire.  Yes, this is the same party that put women in combat where, if there is another war, they will have an unequal opportunity to survive.

This is the same party that insists on allowing men and boys in the restrooms with your daughters.

This is the same party that wants open borders and hundreds of thousands more unvetted refugees.

This is the same party that is against voter identification.

This is the same party that believes that the Constitution can be changed by activist jurists.

This is the same party that has fought to keep the most extreme law on abortion in the world on the books. For that we are supposed to be so grateful that we will accept this woman who is a serial liar and the worst possible presidential nominee.

This is the same party that wants to raise your taxes over a trillion dollars over the next 10 years and wants you to believe that these taxes will only affect those making over $250,000 per year.

The Tax Foundation reports that Hillary’s taxes will reduce the GDP by 2.6 percent, wages by 2.1 percent and lead to 697,000 fewer jobs.

What about all those female college graduates voting for Hillary?

They must have all majored in feminist studies because, clearly, they haven’t weighed these issues or learned to add and subtract.

4 thoughts on “Women: Vote with Your Brains not Your Gentials

  1. The fact that people can have a baby killed in 9th month is absolutely outrageous. Have the baby and then give for adoption to save its life. Every life has a purpose. Compared to Hilary and her failed track record for several decades, Trump is a saint and an A student at the age of 5 in a college level calculus class! The fact that he’s gone this far in govt and politics and knows what he’s talking about now, has great points and already made headway with the Mexican President speaks volumes about what he will do over the next 4 years! Come on America, Trump is working for you NOT some other country donating to his foundation to so called help women around the world! It’s for political favors later that the Americans will never know about. Hilary should be in jail and I’m disguised that people are in jail with ruined lives for crimes less than what she’s committed and she’s running for President. America please arise and wake up to see her for who she really is and who’s she’s really working for…it’s not you America!


  2. I agree with you Sarah, much as I don’t like foul language it is redeemable but being a traitor is not. I do not understand how if a woman who is pregnant is murdered and the child dies as well it is treated as a double murder, but killing a baby at birth is not!! Jane I agree it is sad that Trump runs off at the mouth, surprising when you see how well his children conduct themselves, and in that it gives me hope.
    I would rather give control over to a successful business man who will bring prosperity back than a liar and double dealer. I believe Trump with all his shortcomings loves America and wants the best for us. Most important is the Supreme Court and where we go in those choices.


  3. I’ve been a Trump supporter as far back as 2012 when he proposed a run for the Presidency. I wrote a 1,998 word essay about him as our president but when he decided against running I didn’t seek distribution of it. Owning eight books on General George Patton for reference and having studied five of them extensively I see strong parallels between their personalities, leadership abilities, patriotism, sense of duty, adherence to family values/heritage, acceptance of responsibility and ability to deliver. As far as a potty mouth goes, men will be men and the complainers of conversations should grow up. People needn’t endorse such behavior, but they should accept reality and stop pretending otherwise. That form of communication is part of life. Have you heard the “lyrics” to rap music or watched the “Comedy” (read potty-mouth) Channel or attended any movies lately (I avoid that whole mess)? And while cussing is part of vulgar language, General Patton’s communications were pretty salty. He declared that to be s gentleman, a man should be able to cuss for three minutes non-stop and never repeat himself. Let’s skip the low priority stuff and elect a man who sees a better America and can deliver. The only reason the Demoncrats harp on this is because they have nothing they can cite that has improved our nation, its people, or our standing in the world as a leader. Quite the opposite, for sure. Go Trump, a man who delivers, under budget and ahead of schedule.


  4. Huh. I must admit you raise some good points about Mr. Clinton. I may have to rethink that. I guess a person can decide what’s worse – grabbing women, boasting about it to perfect strangers in a manner that suggests he talks like that often … or seducing women and breaking the law, abusing power … though likely with some form of consent along with an experience that someone like, for example, M. Lewinski, found thrilling and erotic. It sounds like both men both serial somethings. Though only one is running for office.

    I still think Trump to be far the worst candidate. I haven’t read transcripts from Bill’s dalliance partners, but the characterization of Hillary as a constantly “enabling,” evil wacko sounds like the tiresome demonization I place little stock in. Meanwhile, Trump says disqualifying statements daily about deporting millions of villainized Mexicans (that makes no sense on so many levels), bad hombres, evil Muslims … pandering to Putin, bashing global trade (so ignorant), bashing Ford (SO ignorant – cripes) … he is a stupid populist who panders to the worst in us, and he’s either crazy or psychotically manipulative and hopefully in a few weeks he’ll be just another freak who isn’t the president.

    Not to mention his running mate’s take on gays. Now I know a lot of people hate gays, but his wacko statement about them not being “fit human beings” or some such pompous ignorance … I can’t quite remember the quote … but it bespoke irrational stupidity and tiresome, familiar obsession on the subject.

    And … yes, trans people exist so let them use their bathroom. Just like they have for half a century until it was politicized and stupid people had unfortunately think about it and get shrill. And no there isn’t a voter fraud crisis so forget the voter ID thing. And no there is not party that wants to “open the border.” And so on.


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