Why’d Hillary Lose? Blame Joseph Farah

Hillary Clinton made a lot of mistakes in her quest to become the first woman president of the United States, but her biggest mistake occurred well before she ever ran for public office.  It was back in 1995, when, as the chief strategist during her husband’s tenure in the White House, she grew frustrated that their many scandals where making their way into the press.

As first lady of Arkansas she managed to keep a lid on their misdeeds.  She was well versed in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and successfully demonized and silenced anyone who dared question their actions.

However, in 1995, things were getting out of hand.  Those of you old enough to have lived through the Clinton years may remember an unguarded moment when she lashed out at the “vast right-wing conspiracy” in a TV interview.   But she was far from done.  I can only imagine the hours she must have put into a 331-page report in which she vented her frustrations in a publication called the “Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce.”   It was released during the 1996 presidential campaign by the White House council’s office and the Democratic National Committee.  

It went something like this:  All of the Clintons’ troubles were a result of investigative reports encouraged and financed in part by the Western Journalism Center, which was run by WND’s founder Joseph Farah.  They were published in the American Spectator and Richard Scaife’s newspaper, the Pittsburg Tribune-Review.  Then they made their way to this new fangled thing called the Internet.  They were read by very few.  Nevertheless, they would be discovered by the British tabloids and eventually find their way into the Wall Street Journal.  Then Congress would call for investigations, and the rest of the poor pitiful media were forced to cover them.

This White House report would have been laughable except for the fact that it was illegally published at taxpayer expense.  The Western Journalism Center operated on a shoe-string budget, never more that $500,000 per year.  Yes there were a few sizable donations.  However, most were in the $25 range from concerned citizens like you.  Farah was singled out for special consternation with five-page rap sheet (bio) which included his stellar journalism credentials.  The idea was to make him radioactive, even though it couldn’t point to a single thing these investigative reports got wrong.   Nevertheless, it worked.  The donations to the Western Journalism Center began to dry up.

Picture this:  Joseph Farah, our David, going up against the Clinton Goliath, but he’s fresh out of  ammunition (money).  Nevertheless, he and his wife Elizabeth had a powerful ally.  They prayed to the Creator of the Universe and God gave them the vision for what was known as WorldNetDaily.com, now WND.

Twenty years ago today, on May 4, 1997, WND went live.  With Joseph handling all the editing chores and Elizabeth working tirelessly to master the difficult, tedious technical end, they worked side-by-side many sleepless nights, often in their PJs from a computer in their bedroom.  Together they launched the first alternative, independent online news service that became a model for the industry with these goals in mind:  to restore honest government, to search for the truth wherever that may lead and to glorify the Creator.

It wasn’t long before the Farahs assembled a dedicated staff of professionals from all across the United States who gave up a lot to be a part of this great experiment.  With editors working eight-hour shifts to pull down all the stories that are important to Christian conservatives from around the globe, it was no longer necessary to spend hours surfing the Net or to go out for the morning paper in order to read “yesterday’s news.”

It wasn’t long before WND had its own reporters, columnists and Washington bureau chief.  In fact, WND was the first online publication to be granted credentials by the Senate Press Gallery to cover the Congress of the United States.

I wrote my first column for WND on August 24, 1998.  Shortly thereafter, I spoke at WorldNetDaily.com’s very first conference.   Armed with hula hoops and a wad a paper money, I went into the audience to give our readers in attendance a hands-on lesson on the creation of tax loopholes.  I am proud to say, I have been a part of WND ever since.

So Hillary awakened this sleeping giant.  Therefore, her misdeeds are forever exposed for all to see.

Back in 1997, what we now call the “mainstream media” began following WND and other pioneers like Matt Drudge.    Now it is just trying to keep up.


2 thoughts on “Why’d Hillary Lose? Blame Joseph Farah

  1. Some years ago, for six or seven years, I hosted a cable access TV show here in Sacramento. One of the people I interviewed several times was the late Jim Smith, former publisher of the “Sacramento Union” and Joseph Farah’s partner at Western Journalism. Once I interviewed him in the old house in Fair Oaks Village (a Sacramento suburb) that serves as headquarters for Western Journalism. There I saw with my own eyes the very computer terminal where WND was born.
    Some years earlier I had called Western Journalism and spoke to Joseph Farah, hoping to get a job as a researcher and writer, but there were no openings. Some years after I interviewed Jim Smith I went on one of WND’s cruises, meeting Farah, his wife and daughters, Jerome Corsi, and others.
    On a personal level, Mr. Farah is not a very likeable person, but my respect for him is undiminished, and his contributions to the patriot cause are priceless.


  2. Wow, I’m coming in late to the party. Very interesting. I had no idea that Jane was with WND for 19 or its 20 year history. Mr. Stoecker’s comments added to my interest. The Sacramento Union and Fair Oaks triggered old memories having lived in the Sacramento area from Sept 1967 till May, 1984, and owning a home in Fair Oaks for a short time (5224 ?Rimwood Drive). Jane’s comments on the early internet and the development of WND and the growth of the internet with the diminishing importance of newspapers and the Clinton years reminds me of how much life I’ve lived. I still vividly remember the funk I experienced for a full week in 1992 when Clinton won the Presidential election. How could people be so stupid??!! Great article with historical references that hopefully will find a place in both Jane’s and Mr. Stoecker’s memoirs so they won’t be lost. And for a few future generations reference when their curiosity begs truth of yesteryear.


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