Don’t Be Fooled by Border Hysterics

A mother, who is a U.S. citizen, decides to break into a bank and is captured.  Do you want her children sent to prison with her?   Of course not.  Prison is no place for a child.

A mother from a central Amercian country decides to break into the United States and is caught.   Do you want her children held in detention along with her?  Of course not.  Detention is no a place for children.   

Now, bear in mind, if these same Central American mothers with legitimate claims for political asylum had shown up at a port of entry, instead of trying to sneak into the country, there would be no separation.  They only claim they are seeking asylum after being caught.  Surprise, surprise!

So Trump bowed to public pressure and signed an executive order that allows children to go with their parents to detention.  What a shame!  This takes the pressure off Democrats to pass a law that will allow the Administration to return Central American families to their country of origin as we do with those entering the country illegally from Mexico and Canada.

Yes, we need to change our immigration laws, but before we do that, we need an honest discussion, not a dishonest one with pictures of children as they and their companions are initially being processed, plastered all over the front pages and leading our newscasts.  This is nothing new.  It has happened this way for years under previous presidents.

And what will happen to these children held in detention after 20 days?  Will Trump simply throw up his hands and say,  Welcome to the United States?”   Will he sign another executive order creating a country club setting for these lawbreakers so their children will be comfortable?

This is not practical or economically feasible.   Due to the policy of “catch and release” for families with children we now have so many of them we have a huge, no HUGE, backlog of the cases that need adjudication.

Meanwhile, what will happen to those children currently in the care of Health and Human Services?

The reality for these children is that they are receiving the kind of care that poor American children can only dream about.  They are being fed nourishing meals and are sleeping in comfortable beds in spaces decorated in bright colors with bulletin boards for their artwork.  Yes, they do arts and crafts, see movies, go to local parks, even skating rinks.

And did I mention they are living in air-conditioned comfort?  Even the tents that are being set up to accommodate the overflow are air conditioned.  This is something no poor central American child has ever experienced.  They even have access to counselors to make sure they are reassured and happy.

Nevertheless, to hear the open borders crowd, this is tantamount to concentration camps.  Really!

So let’s take a look at what our country would be like if we give the open borders crowd on the left and the big business crowd on the right all they really want.

Let’s open the floodgates and let all the poor from central and south America come on in so those on the left will have a steady supply of uneducated voters who will elect their candidates promising the most free stuff.   And, let’s let big business import all the unskilled and skilled labor it wants from all around the world so it will have an endless supply of cheap labor.

(Neither of these groups care about American.  They only care about power or grabbing all they can while they can.)

Then, what will happen to American jobs?  They will primarily be held by foreigners who will do those jobs at half the cost.  Any American lucky enough to hold onto his or her job will will be crushed under the tax burden necessary to supplement the wages of all these foreign workers with food stamps, government housing, Medicaid, etc. so they can buy food, obtain housing and have access to to free medical care.

What about the case of the Guatemalan mother who is asking for asylum because she is fleeing an abusive husband? Yes, and she had to travel all the way through Mexico in order to do it?

What about big business that claims it can’t get workers to pick the crops, pluck chickens or clean hotel rooms?  This is honest work but American workers demand and deserve an honest wage for it.

What about the high tech companies that claim they can’t find any Americans to hire for these jobs, while they demand that their American workers train their replacements?

It’s all hyperbole.  Don’t fall for it.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled by Border Hysterics

  1. Jane,
    Never thought I’d be correcting your spelling but “…what’s at steak here…..” is spelled stake.
    There, I said it.
    Loved your opinion on this subject as I do most.
    Frank Wilson


  2. Yes, It is so insulting to tell us how evil we are when the real images show how well the invaders of Americas borders are being treated. The cost to the hard working American is dishartening.


  3. I’m so sick of this media coverage that is distracting all of us from the criminal activities in the DOJ, FBI, and the whole Hillary cabal. Diverting our attention with an emotional subject is a typical scam of the Dummycrats and their ilk (liberals and media, etc.). The conservatives need to press harder to bring the political Deep State to the fore and proceed with criminal charges.
    As a secondary news subject, illegal immigration needs action to stop the squandering of millions of dollars on them that should more rightfully be redirected to our U S citizens that are homeless, need job training, and a restart in our society – this group has a high percentage of veterans that deserve all the assistance we can give them.
    They have interrupted their social progress in our culture to serve in our military and upon return and discharge, are generally left to shift for themselves, cure any lingering stress that discourages their reentry into our social culture with skills to hold a job and to interact with non-military types and issues, and generally receive caring coverage for the time they were deprived of their earlier conventional lives.


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