The “Perfect” Christmas Gift

Are you caught between the shipping deadline for online sales and the mad dash at your local department store on the busiest shopping weekend of the year to complete your Christmas list?Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one “perfect” gift for everyone? That certainly would simplify matters. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you the perfect Christmas gift? Continue reading “The “Perfect” Christmas Gift”

Exchanging Gifts with Jesus

No one is quite sure how the custom of giving and receiving gifts on the anniversary of Christ’s birth actually began. Some say it was a holdover from a celebration the Romans held at the end of the year to honor Saturn, their harvest god.Some say it came from Saint Nicholas, a kind-hearted Christian bishop who lived around 300 A.D., who is said to have given gold to each of three girls who did not have dowries, so they could get married. Continue reading “Exchanging Gifts with Jesus”