Cain is Toast!

As a presidential candidate, Herman Cain is done. He is toast!

In the past, I and many others gave him the benefit of doubt. The sexual harassment claims against him that were settled by the National Restaurant Association appeared frivolous at best. Sharon Bialek’s assertion was a “he said, she said” and appeared to be financially and politically motivated. However, Ginger White’s allegation that she carried on a13-year affair with Cain, backed up with records of telephone and text messages, is troubling. At best, it is a case of poor judgment on his part and there is no wiggle room in that.

Mr. Cain, in addition to his many business accomplishments, is an associate minister. I have been present when he delivered the devotion. This man knows the Word of God and the Word says that you are to avoid even the appearance of evil. Also, you are to flee situations that might lead you into temptation. Continue reading “Cain is Toast!”

Why should the state protect marriage?

It was one of the most embarrassing moments on a cable news show. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, invited family law attorney Ron Schweitzer on his program to talk about why a recent decision by the California Supreme Court, striking down a state law prohibiting same-sex marriage, should be overturned by a ballot initiative amending the state’s constitution.

During the course of the segment, O’Reilly pressed Schweitzer numerous times to give him one good reason, outside of religion, for opposing gay marriage. Schweitzer couldn’t come up with one. Continue reading “Why should the state protect marriage?”