Congress Playing Dead on Haiti

Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution gives Congress the responsibility of raising, maintaining, and regulating our armed forces; but, with few exceptions, the members of both houses our legislative body have completely abdicated that responsibility.    Haiti is only the most recent and dramatic example.

It is understandable the liberal leaders don’t wish to call attention to the fact that the man in the White House, who is a member of their party, is out of control.  But, what has happened to the Republicans?  For the most part they are simply rolling over and playing dead; or going along to get along, waiting for the midterm election.  Continue reading “Congress Playing Dead on Haiti”

Haiti: the Morning After — Winners and Losers

The Haitian poker game broke up at the eleventh hour last night.  The game was called with the U.S. holding a full house.  The spoils weren’t distributed.  At this point no one really knows how much was at stake, only one thing is sure. We’re responsible for whatever was on that table; and we will be for months, or even years to come. Continue reading “Haiti: the Morning After — Winners and Losers”

The Presidential Address on Haiti

Mr. Clinton laid out four reasons for his invasion of Haiti:  to restore human rights; to stop the flood of refugees; to restore democracy; and to save our own credibility with other nations in the world.  His speech was passionate, but unconvincing to anyone who has studied this issue.  The way he rewrote history left me wondering if he will have any credibility left with knowledgeable people here or  abroad. Continue reading “The Presidential Address on Haiti”

Haiti — the Invasion of the Mind

Now that Mr. Clinton has failed to convince the Haitians leaders to leave, he is faced with trying to convince “we the people” that an invasion is worth our money and our blood.  No one has any doubt about the initial outcome on the island of Hispaniola.  The most powerful force in the world can overcome Haiti’s rag-tag army.  That is a given.   What is seriously in doubt is the invasion of the minds of U.S. citizens.   Will Mr. Clinton be able to convince us that we have a national interest in Haiti that is serious enough to justify this action other than  allowing him to escape from the corner he backed into?

Getting into Haiti is simple: getting out anytime soon with dignity is next to impossible.  We dropped leaflets all over that tiny country telling its citizens that Aristide will treat them fairly.  We cannot guarantee them that Aristide will not return to using the mob violence that marked the brief seven months of his presidency, unless we are willing to stay there and protect them from him if necessary. Continue reading “Haiti — the Invasion of the Mind”

Haiti’s Human Rights’ Violations

Why are we about to invade the tiny country of Haiti?  The simple answer is because  Haitians are fleeing to the United States to escape the terrible conditions in which they live, made more intolerable by our blockade.  Why not just send them back and lift the blockade?

We are told that these people cannot return, that they will be  tortured or killed.  While there has been some retribution on Aristide’s bloody henchmen, there is no evidence of any wide-spread effort to retaliate against the Haitian people who simply desire to leave for a better life.  Where did the figure of 500,000 people in hiding and 100,000 dead come from?  It came from Aristide’s own broadcasts on Creole radio.  Continue reading “Haiti’s Human Rights’ Violations”

Who is Jean Betrand Aristide?

Mr. Clinton has backed himself into a corner over Haiti’s deposed president from which there appears to be no escape.  So, who is this man we are being asked to support?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ordained as a priest, but was expelled from the Salesian order by Rome in 1988 for preaching the righteousness of class violence.  It is interesting that Mr. Clinton portrays this man as the key to Haiti’s democracy for Aristide believes in it only when it serves his purposes.  Continue reading “Who is Jean Betrand Aristide?”

Clinton in the Haitian Corner

President Clinton has finally painted himself in a corner over Haiti, and has no more maneuvering room. He tried asking the United Nation’s to do his dirty work, but  Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who loves power, wants no part in this show.  The UN secretary-general has promised to look the other way.  Now, Mr. Clinton has no choice, but to clean up his own mess.  If Clinton intends to restore Jean Bertrand Aristide to power,  he’ll have to invade Haiti on his own. Continue reading “Clinton in the Haitian Corner”

Clinton’s Haiti Policy

I’ve got a big surprise for you, but I can’t tell you what it is. Don’t you just hate it when somebody does that? Someone builds up your hopes only to leave you hanging in mid-air.

I felt just that way after Bill Clinton’s first news conference as President-elect when he announced that he will change U.S. policy toward Haiti, but he didn’t tell how.  His words brought hope to hundreds of thousands of desperate people living within earshot of our shore.  However, the premature announcement could result in more loss of life for as many as 500,000 people are looking to the President-elect for a green light to seek refuge here in the United States. Continue reading “Clinton’s Haiti Policy”