Drip, Drip, Drip: Conservatives slowing losing Marriage Debate

Conservatives are confident that Barack Obama’s support of gay marriage will cost him the election.  This may or may not be the case.  Polls show Americans to be evenly divided on this issue.  However, one thing is clear: While older voters are strongly opposed to these unions, younger voters strongly support them and the gap on this issue continues to close each and every year.

Conservatives are slowly losing the battle to protect marriage.  If we don’t change our tactics we will lose, not today or even tomorrow, but we will lose! Continue reading “Drip, Drip, Drip: Conservatives slowing losing Marriage Debate”

Lessons from California’s Battle to Protect Marriage

The battle to protect traditional marriage in California was the most expensive ballot measure in the nation decided in Tuesday’s election. “So goes California, goes the nation,” was the battle cry of activists on both sides as money poured into California from all 50 states to fight for and against the initiative that amends the state’s constitution and puts the definition of marriage out of reach of judicial activists. Continue reading “Lessons from California’s Battle to Protect Marriage”

Why should the state protect marriage?

It was one of the most embarrassing moments on a cable news show. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, invited family law attorney Ron Schweitzer on his program to talk about why a recent decision by the California Supreme Court, striking down a state law prohibiting same-sex marriage, should be overturned by a ballot initiative amending the state’s constitution.

During the course of the segment, O’Reilly pressed Schweitzer numerous times to give him one good reason, outside of religion, for opposing gay marriage. Schweitzer couldn’t come up with one. Continue reading “Why should the state protect marriage?”