The Free Lunch

If you still believe there is no such thing as a free lunch, you haven’t been to school lately.  On any given school day 31.6 million children sit down to a hot meal in the school cafeteria.  Sixty-three percent of those meals are free, or virtually free.

Furthermore, many of those same children show up for a free breakfast.  In addition, many schools have expanded their day to include help with home work and supervised play time and, what do you know?  It’s now time for dinner which calls for another free meal.   And, let us not forget free snacks.   If liberals get their way, there will be no need for children to go home anymore.  All that is left are school sleep-overs and, voila, the door to the “nanny state” slams shut.  Parents will be obsolete, except for the breeding and incubation process.   Continue reading “The Free Lunch”

Obama’s Plan to Stimulate Poverty

For argument’s sake, let’s say that Obama’s plan to save the economy by raising taxes on the most productive segments of our society, creating millions of useless government jobs, and subsidizing windmills and failing companies actually works.   In a year or two, the country is experiencing a period of economic growth.  The stock market is skyrocketing.  Home sales are booming  and jobs are plentiful.  Will we have more or fewer people on welfare?

The answer would appear to be obvious: “Why fewer, of course.”  Most reasonable people would expect that to be the goal, but if that is your final answer, you would be wrong. Continue reading “Obama’s Plan to Stimulate Poverty”