Murphy Brown in Combat Boots

Twenty years ago, Vice President Dan Quayle stepped on a liberal landmine by stating the obvious: The (then) extremely popular television show “Murphy Brown” was sending the wrong message to teenage girls about single motherhood.

Murphy Brown was doing quite well.  She made single motherhood look glamours and easy but most single mothers and their children are likely to live in poverty and die in poverty.

Last week,  presidential candidate Rick Santorum confronted another dangerous liberal myth, G.I. Jane. There is a reason this Demi Moore flick bombed at the box office and nearly ended her career. Even Hollywood fantasies must have a hint of truth. Continue reading “Murphy Brown in Combat Boots”

Throw Mama under the Tank

Let’s be clear about one thing:  Radical feminists’ groups on the left hate the military. They would like to eliminate it, but since they can’t, they are hellbent on controlling it.  A major milestone toward that end was reached on Monday when a military advisory commission recommended our military end the policy that prevents women from serving in ground combat units.

Placing women in combat makes about as much sense as putting them in a shark feeding tank but radical feminists have been browbeating Congress and the Pentagon for the last several decades to make this a reality. Continue reading “Throw Mama under the Tank”

I am Woman hear me Whine!

Thanks to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Helen Reddy will have to go back and rewrite the feminist’s theme song she penned in the early 70s. “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” obviously doesn’t cut it anymore.

With her back against the wall before the Democrat presidential primary in New Hampshire, Hillary cried. With her back against the wall in Texas, she whined. Continue reading “I am Woman hear me Whine!”

Why the Media Shunned Jessica Lynch

Last week, Jessica Lynch, America’s media sweetheart in 2003, testified before Henry Waxman’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform beside Kevin Tillman, whose brother, Pat, was killed in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan. This is the first time the former POW has made a major public appearance in three and a half years, and the media yawned.Why did the press give the West Virginia beauty the cold shoulder this time around? Continue reading “Why the Media Shunned Jessica Lynch”

Real Men Don’t Use Women for Cannon Fodder

The long awaited hour-long debate between Sen. George Allen, R-Va., and his Democrat challenger, Jim Webb, on “Meet the Press” was down right embarrassing. Both men want to be known as strong military eaders. However, when host Tim Russert pressed them on the issue of women in combat, both men were swept overboard in a sea of political correctness and grabbed for a lifeboat of feminist ideology.For the uninitiated, feminists don’t see a need for the military, but, if we must have one, they want to run it. It is difficult to climb up the chain of command without combat experience. That’s why it is necessary to perpetuate the myth that men and women are interchangeable fungibles. Continue reading “Real Men Don’t Use Women for Cannon Fodder”