The New GOP Budget Plan

All the polls show that Americans consider balancing the budget more important than cutting taxes, and that is why the Republicans think they can get away with giving us a puny $245 billion tax cut over the next seven years. That’s only $35 billion a year in tax relief, pocket change to the federal government. Why it doesn’t get us back to where we were before the adoption of Clinton’s tax and spend plan, not to mention the tax hikes that occurred under Mr. Bush.

Both of those tax increases were sold to the American people under false pretenses — as $500 billion dollar deficit reduction plans. Most people thought all that money was coming right off the bottom line. If people had been asked, “Are you in favor of having your taxes raised just so your representatives can go right on overspending?” The answer would have been “Are you crazy!” The good citizens of this country were flimflammed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Clinton is miffed that Republicans have ignored his plan that is supposed to get us to a balanced budget in ten years with less pain. The Congressional Budget Office says that it’s short some $200 billion. Even so, Mr. Clinton is going around with a long face telling us how the Republican plan hurts children. That’s the oldest trick in the book.

Republicans have zeroed out a few wasteful programs that were created for young people and returned others to the states which cut out a few middlemen. But, what about all that deficit spending? Every penny is stolen from our children and grandchildren who will be stuck with the tab for all this government excess. Most of us won’t even be around when they are trying to figure out ways to pay all these bills we’ve been piling up.

And, what about all those taxes parents are now saddled with? That hurts children. It not only reduces their standard of living, but it is forcing both parents into the work place full-time. That puts added stress on the family, and a government-run day care center can never take the place of having a parent at home. A free lunch at school can never make up for the fact that moms and dads are so beat at the end of the day there is no time left for family activities.

Mr. Clinton is not required to sign this budget plan. It is merely a guide for Congress to use when it fashions the various tax and appropriations bills to follow. Let me caution you not to go out and spend any of the money we’ve been promised just yet; because the spending cuts necessary to reach a balanced budget by the year 2002 and pay for all those tax cuts must first be signed, sealed and delivered.

It’s going to be a long hot summer!

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