Secret plan to Bankrupt the USA

Osama bin Laden is dumb. There was no need to send a team of radicals to hijack American planes and guide them into th.e World Trade Center in order to destroy the U.S. economy. If he just had a little patience – instead of hiding in a cave – he could have joined some of his Islamic buddies and bought this country at bargain basement prices.

A plan is underway t.o bankrupt the United States, and the terror cell that is implementing it is hiding in plain sight in the nation’s capital. In fact, it is operating within the nation’s capitol building.

A powerful host has taken over the minds and bodies of our helpless elected representatives. Yes, those selfless public servants, who packed up and left their homes and families in order to battle the forces of darkness in Washington, are now controlled by the force itself.

It would be an excellent plot for a grade-B movie. Unfortunately, it is all too real!

Americans are going about their day-to-day activities completely unaware that any of this is happening. It’s as if some powerful nerve agent has been released and the entire country has been caught up in a don’t-worry-be-happy attitude that will lead the nation to its doom.

If only our trusted congressmen and senators were simply being controlled by space aliens! Unfortunately the force that controls their every move is more potent than anything Hollywood’s science fiction writers could dream up. It’s the lust for power.

This week, a Republican-led Senate will follow the Republican-led House and raise the debt ceiling to $9 trillion, which is $3 trillion more than it was when Republican president George W. Bush took office. The Senate will pass a budget blueprint for 2007 with measures that increase – not decrease – spending. And the House will throw in the towel and pass another so-called “emergency” spending bill with few if any offsets.

Yes, there is the War on Terror and Hurricane Katrina, but they can hardly be declared emergencies anymore. Responsible people plan for emergencies. In a family budget, this would be tantamount to having to replace a roof and buy a new refrigerator. Republicans took office by promising to be responsible, so what happened?

They discovered that spending our money gave them power, just as it did the Democrats who preceded them. Republicans now are consumed with the desire to stay in power and so they are throwing our hard-earned tax dollars around like there is no tomorrow. In short, they can’t say “no” to anything and they say “yes” to everything!

They throw money at problems instead of solving them. A case in point: The public is up in arms over port security. Quick action now is expected on th.e bipartisan Security & Accountability for Every Port (SAFE) Act that throws another $835 million at this problem!

As Joseph Farah pointed out in his G2 Bulletin and, an American company presented a plan that would prevent dangerous cargo from ever reaching our ports and it wouldn’t cost U.S. taxpayers a dime!

A small band of conservatives in the House, known as the Republican Study Committee, are proving that there are still a few members of Congress in control of their faculties and haven’t had their brains taken over by the evil forces of darkness. The RSC has come up with a budget that actually would reach balance by 2011. Hardly austere by any means!

Some of the programs the RSC targeted for termination that are my personal favorites for the ax include: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, Title X Family Planning, the African Elephant Conservation Program, Asian Elephant Conservation, the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation program and the Great Ape Conservation Program and the Byrd Honor Scholarships.

I could go on but why bother? The Republican-led Congress will pay no attention to this budget and go right on spending until the nation is bankrupt or taxes are drastically increased. One of these two possibilities is inevitable!

The American public is too busy smelling the roses to get behind this budget. We simply can’t be bothered!

Want to know why foreigners are buying up America’s most valuable assets? It’s because our tax and regulatory burden already is so high we can’t afford to hold on to what we have!

If only some sinister Arab country was behind this evil plot to bankrupt America. Then the media and talk radio would sound the alarm and we would rise to combat it as we did the Dubai ports deal.

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