Just say “No!” to bad immigrations bills

A bad immigration bill is worse than no bill at all! A large number of phone calls to members of the U.S. Senate are urgently needed to prevent the upper chamber of Congress from passing an outrageous immigration bill that includes a guest-worker plan favored by the president and an amnesty provision. This would weaken the tough enforcement bill passed by the House of Representatives when the two are merged.

We have all the immigration laws we need on the books. The problem is they aren’t being enforced. The House bill would help remedy this problem by making entering this country illegally a felony, not a simple civil violation.

Presently, if you are caught breaking and entering our country, the worst thing that can happen is that you get free transportation back home. It’s little more than a taxpayer-funded vacation. There is no harm, no foul!

However, if you commit a “felony,” there would be a real price to pay for not standing in line and waiting your turn.

Forget all the rhetoric: America is a welcoming country. We legally admit over a million immigrants a year. Those people who stand in line and play by the rules deserve their shot at the American dream, but that dream is becoming a nightmare for taxpayers who are forced to pick up the tab for all these illegal aliens who are working for peanuts and living off the welfare we dole out to their children.

Sneak across the border, drop a baby or two – at taxpayer expense – and we unwisely make these kids citizens. Then, we give them free housing, free food and free money. Illegal aliens aren’t dumb. The more kids they produce here, the more free stuff!

The United States is one of only a handful of countries to offer citizenship to anyone born to an illegal alien on its soil. Only a handful of countries are crazy enough to do that. Our liberal neighbor to the north, Canada, never would consider such a thing.

More rhetoric: “The House bill would punish those who counsel a woman here illegally not to leave her children and return home.” The whole premise is false. If you are here illegally, why would you leave your children to return home when you can take them with you?

Americans want their borders defended and their laws enforced. They are in no mood to further open the floodgates to millions more unskilled workers who force down wages, burden our welfare system and overcrowd our schools and emergency rooms.

As for a guest-worker program, we already have one. It’s called an H-1B visa. Currently, we allow 65,000 of these visas a year. This has been a disaster for Americans employed in the computer industry because many of their jobs have been eliminated and reclassified. These jobs now are filled by foreign workers at lower wages. Nevertheless, the McCain-Kennedy bill in the Senate would expand the number of those visas to 115,000 per year.

If the Senate creates a new program to include 400,000 new unskilled “guest workers” a year, Americans working in the labor force soon will find their jobs completely dominated by foreign workers as well. This is crazy!

Much of the debate on the Senate floor has been on what constitutes amnesty. Very simply, amnesty means forgiveness or pardon. McCain-Kennedy would offer millions of pardons for sale at bargain basement price of $2,000. That is less than the going rate for a coyote to smuggle you into the country illegally. What a deal!

Anyone remember Pardon-gate? Republicans expressed outrage when President offered wholesale pardons to friends of his biggest campaign contributors as he was walking out the door of the White House. It now appears that some of these same Republicans are willing to sell pardons to illegal aliens as a payoff to some of their biggest campaign contributors – agri-barons and manufacturers who profit from cheap labor. Where is the outrage now? Where is the shame?

Rep. Steve King of Iowa put it best:

The elite class in America is becoming a ruling class and they’ve made enough money by hiring cheap illegal labor. They think they have some kind of right to cheap servants … This new ruling class of America is expanding a servant class at the expense of the middle class, the blue-collar Americans who used to be able to punch a time clock, buy a modest house and raise their families.

The message to your senators should be: Don’t give us immigration expansion and call it immigration reform! A bad bill is worse than no bill at all. Vote “No!”

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