What’s Wrong with the Two-Party System?

In this election, were you faced with a choice between a bad and a terrible candidate?This year, I did something I rarely do: I threw away two votes. In my state there are no conservative candidates in the Democrats Party, and I simply could not bring myself to vote for two godless Republican state candidates who have failed us. Therefore, I cast two votes for American Independent (Constitution Party in California) candidates, in protest.

When it came time to vote for Congress, the situation was not a lot better. I voted for the Republican candidate, who didn’t deserve it, to keep control of the House of Representatives in the hands of Republicans and give the party a chance to redeem itself.

So, what is wrong with the two party system? Nothing, that a little time and effort from average Americans can’t cure!

There was a time when there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties. They disagreed on the best ways to solve our social problems but adhered to our founding principles.

Today, the platforms of Democrat and Republican parties stand in stark contrast to each other: When you eliminate all the rhetoric, the platform of the Republican Party enumerates many of the principles in the Constitution, while the Democrat platform leads us toward socialized medicine, guaranteed jobs and wages, enshrines abortion on demand and fetal experimentation, and elevates homosexuality to the level of race and ethnicity. That is why conservatives and people of faith have been leaving the Democrat Party.

The majority of Americans, however, have never read either platform. They are, in effect, “drive-by” voters, who get their information from the latest 30-second TV ad.

Unfortunately, voters who have read the platforms and have been blindly voting for Republican candidates they think are committed to the party platform are just as bad.

We live in an information age. It is easy to check the records of your elected representatives. Just go to a search engine and type in an issue and the words “voting record.”

We can no longer afford to vote in the general election and then hit the snooze button for two years. We must hold our representatives accountable. When they fail to live up to the principles they are pledged to support, dump them in the next primary election. That is how you get good candidates.

This election may be over, but it is not to late to see how your own elected representatives stack up. If you have a representative who needs to be dumped, look around you. Help recruit a suitable candidate to replace that representative from your civic group, church, or local or state government.

Bad candidates need to be challenged in the next party primary, which is about 18 months away. The time to start planning and working toward that challenge is now!

I don’t want any lectures on why we should support the Constitution Party. It makes a living for its leadership, which is anemic, but little else. In 14 years, this party has not done the due diligence to be a viable political force.

The two-party system is a good system. The more political parties, the more compromises that have to be made in order to govern. If the Constitution Party were to become a viable political party and we failed to hold it accountable, it, too, would run amuck!

We don’t need more political parties; we need more good people willing to work in those parties at the local level, and we need more voters committed to holding their representatives accountable.

Do you know of anyone in your circle of friends or your church who is active in a political party? Chances are you do not! I am not talking about feel-good satellite organizations that meet once a month for lunch and invite a speaker. I am talking about someone who attends local party meetings. These are the folks who ultimately become delegates to national party meetings and vote on those platforms.

You don’t need to be invited to attend a party meeting. All you have to do is show up and offer to help. If you are a Democrat, work to turn your party around. If you are a Republican, work to hold the party accountable.

Remember, when we have two political parties that have platforms based on our founding principles, and you have two good candidates pledged to support those principles facing off against each other, we all win.

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