Flash! Hillary’s a Girl

For 15 years, I have stood up against the right-wing machine and I’ve come out stronger. So if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I’m your girl.

She didn’t say that,

was my first reaction to the shocking line delivered by Hillary Rodham Clinton at the AFL-CIO Democratic Presidential Forum earlier this month. It was a poke in the eye to her Wellesley classmates and an insult to the feminist sisterhood with whom she has stood toe-to-toe since she shed her Goldwater Girl ideology back in the ’60s.

Initially, the NOW crowd had their bras in knots over the line that stole the show at Soldier Field. (Didn’t they burn those years ago?) Their ever-present frowns were a little deeper than the usual scowl when she first dropped that bombshell.

Hillary was their WOMAN. (They never, ever used the word girl!) Now, feminists everywhere are making excuses for her.

Can they really eat all the words they dished out in their PC lectures over the last three or four decades?

Democrat consultant Marjorie Fields Harris gave Hillary this pass on MSNBC’s “Hardball”:

How many times do guys say, ‘I’m the guy? I’m your guy for this job?’ And I think that Hillary was just being a little familiar.


Hillary says she stood up to the right-wing machine for the last 15 years, but I’ve been taking on the radical feminists for at least twice that long. As this nation’s first female sportscaster, their antics made my job a lot harder than it should have been.

Feminists demanded “equality” in every field, and they wanted it handed to them on a silver platter. They weren’t interested in the opportunity to earn it. They wanted the right to step over (or on) every man in line, regardless of how qualified he was or how many years he had spent working his way up the ladder.

Suddenly, the credentials of every woman working in a male-dominated field were suspect! Almost overnight, I went from being a “hardworking trailblazer” to a “token woman.” Frankly, I resented it!

I remember my first encounter with a radical feminist. I was on a promotional tour for a new television show and was speaking to an enthusiastic luncheon crowd of several hundred people in the nation’s capital when an angry female with scary hair and “sensible” shoes approached my podium to inform me that my words were demeaning to women. What had I said that she found so offensive? I had used the terms “gals” and “guys.” (Marjorie, those are equal terms, not girls and guys.)

Yes, I was in casual dress and using casual terms, but my familiarity did not go over well with the feminists.

Later, they burned me in effigy and put together a telephone campaign to get stations to take my show off the air. Why? I was explaining the finer points of various sports to people in humorous ways and they accused me of “talking down to women.” Never, in any of my 240 taped programs did I specifically refer to women or gals or girls.

In fact, it was my husband, Roger, who first gave me the idea for the show. His hobby was racing sports cars, but he knew very little about the other sports I covered and often asked me questions.

The thing that really got their goat was the humor. Feminists don’t smile. Have you noticed that?

I confess that I have always found their fuss over language a little silly. Why discard perfectly good words like “mankind” and “chairman” for the feminist alternatives “humankind” and “chairperson.” Hello! Human has the dreaded word “man” in it and “person” contains the word “son.”

If feminists really cared about helping women succeed in the business world (they have no use for homemakers) they would be telling us not to major on the minors. Stop whining! Work longer and harder than the guy in the next office and create an unbroken employment record. If you want to become a CEO, prepare for a line job, not a support job.

I always have supported women’s rights but I refuse to support women’s wrongs. In the truest sense of the word I am a feminist but would never refer to myself as one because the word “feminist” has been compromised.

Truth is most real women feel the same way. The hard-core feminists are loud but few in number. That is why Hillary can afford to poke a finger in their eye.

Now, they are having to eat their words because – like it or not – Hillary is their girl!

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