What Makes Fred Run?

Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign has progressed at a glacier-like pace.As the other candidates are hitting their stride, Fred is just climbing into the starting blocks. So, is he indecisive, lazy (as some have claimed) or smart like a fox?

Must he now run at breakneck speed to catch the front-runners at the finish line?

The answer should be obvious by now: Why run when you can cover more ground with a walk.

The real question in my mind is not whether the 65-year-old Thompson is capable of running, but why someone in his position would want to run.

What does Thompson have to gain from being president of the United States?

Success? Fred Thompson succeeded in law, one of the most difficult professions on earth. Only a small percentage of the people who earn law degrees actually make a living as attorneys.

Power? He’s been a United States senator – one of the 100 most important offices in the most powerful country on earth. A president can’t legislate, but a single senator can stop legislation in its tracks. A senator has a comfortable salary, an office and staff paid for by the taxpayers – and more perks than you can possibly imagine.

Due to the power of the incumbency (or voter lethargy), a senator can waltz (or sleep) through each session and keep his or her job for life. Yet, Fred Thompson willingly turned his back on Washington and left all that power behind.

A senator is treated like a king! In fact, he or she has more power than most of the world’s kings and more money (the United States treasury) at his disposal with which to dispense favors and wield influence. A senator is a political rock star, but rarely recognized outside his or her home state. It is little wonder that most senators, who spend their entire lives in politics, long for the kind of fame that only comes with the office of president of the United States.

Yet, Fred Thompson, as a star of the hit television series “Law and Order,” is as famous as the president – and better liked.

At 65 years of age, most Americans of means are slowing down and looking forward to enjoying the good life. By any standard, Fred Thompson has the good life: money, a cushy TV job that isn’t too demanding, a beautiful and talented wife and two young children.

Why does Fred Thompson need to run for president of the United States?

The simple answer is he doesn’t.

He has absolutely nothing to prove and everything to lose: his health, his privacy, his reputation (his opponents already have the long knives poised and waiting for him) and precious time with his family.

Then, why, oh why, would Thompson do such a thing?

The only possible answer is to make this country – and indeed the world – a better place. He took a look at the GOP front-runners and, most likely, said this to himself: “Surely we can do better than a serial philanderer who turns his back on important Republican issues; a Stepford pretty-boy, who has reinvented himself to get the nomination; or a senator who led the fight to reward millions of people who have broken into this country illegally.”

Thompson’s detractors say that he needs a message and BIG ideas. What’s wrong with the issues in his theme: Security, Unity and Prosperity”? How much bigger can you get?

What about holding fast to the principles that have been in the Republican platform for decades, the ones most GOP officeholders have ignored?

Unfortunately, when most politicians talk about BIG ideas they mean BIG government programs. Thompson is a true federalist: Like former actor/president Ronald Reagan, Thompson sees government as the problem, not the solution to most of our problems.

Those who criticize Thompson for not accomplishing anything BIG while a senator need a reality check: Most Republicans were sent to Washington because they embraced shrinking our behemoth government. Unfortunately, once in office, most were caught up in the power that comes by expanding it!

Now, more than ever, we need a no-nonsense candidate who will stand by his principles, one who will put the security of this country – our security – first. Also, we need a president whose “yes” means yes and whose “no” means no – one who will not waffle on the issues when addressing us or other heads-of-state.

Fred Dalton Thompson is the only “consistent” conservative GOP candidate in the top tier! That is why, in most polls, Thompson already is at or near the head of the pack.

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