Listen to your Gut, not the Talking Heads

It is refreshing to see the rich, powerful and popular people seeking the highest office in our land grovel. We watch in awe, if not amusement, as those familiar faces trudge through ice and snow in Iowa and New Hampshire, eyes red from lack of sleep, hoping to attract one last voter or caucus-goer. As entertaining as this quadrennial occurrence may be, don’t let the results from those two states sway you.

Despite all the close-up media coverage, there is only a relative handful of voters in those states who care enough to brave the harsh winter weather and the crowded conditions to rub elbows and eyebrows with the candidates and, chances are, you know as much or more about these folks as the people in Iowa or New Hampshire who had a “close encounter” with one.

Don’t listen to the pundits! Stop up your ears if necessary. Don’t rely on the polls! When the primary is held in your state, do your civic duty and vote for the candidate whom you believe will be the best leader for our country.

Your candidate should be forthright, honest, reliable and free from scandal. To vote for someone without these qualities is a terrible disservice to your country. Your candidate should not be expected to know everything about every issue – no one does. However, your candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to get good information and make rational decisions.

Unfortunately, most people wake up from their political slumber one or two weeks before the November presidential election, throw up their hands and say,

What kind of choice is this? I don’t feel good about either candidate. It’s Tweedledum and Tweedledee. What happened?

In many ways, your vote in the primary is even more important than your vote in the general election. Don’t sleep through it. Make that vote count!

Your job is not to try to look into a crystal ball and decide who can beat whom in the general election. This is where we get off track. Your job is to select the best man or woman for the job: one who is honest, right on the issues about which you care most deeply and who will not be swayed by the political winds. Bear in mind, if there are two worthy candidates standing at the end, we all win.

There will be some compromises to be made in the general election, but you should not compromise on the candidate who gets your primary vote. If you cast a vote for the very best candidate, it doesn’t matter who is left standing. Your party will be stronger for it.

It is sad but true that less than half those eligible to vote actually show up at the polls in a general election, and the turnout for the primaries is about half of that. Unfortunately, most of the people casting a vote in the primary spend too much time listening to the pundits and not enough time listening to their gut.

With the internet, it is easy to do your own research. There is no excuse for anyone with a computer to be in the dark.

There are so many issues it can seem overwhelming, so pick the three or four most important to you. Mine are abortion, immigration, national defense and taxation.

I find that abortion is a benchmark issue. If a candidate will not compromise when it comes to the protection of the most weak and vulnerable among us, he or she is unlikely to compromise on other moral issues.

The lack of security on the borders and the flaunting of our immigration laws is a travesty. I do not want a president who winks at this issue and will offer amnesty (call it what you will) to those who break in line.

National defense is a priority and one of the legitimate endeavors of the federal government. We must have a military second to none and one that is not hamstrung by political correctness.

Finally, there is the issue of taxation and the role and size of government. Who is likely to increase taxes? Who is likely to cut the government down to size?

It’s easy to find out where your favorite candidates stand. Go to and read their words. Also, there are watchdog organizations for most issues that have voting guides on their web sites. Happy hunting!

Make and keep this New Year’s resolution: I will do my duty in this primary and cast the very best vote I can!

7 thoughts on “Listen to your Gut, not the Talking Heads

  1. Jane,

    Good article on how important these primaries are! They are actually more important than the general election as this point. I am an Iowa Caucus goer and I would like to see this system scrapped because an absentee ballot is not allowed and it is outright discriminatory to those who can’t make the caucus. It is after all…a joke! I have been fighting with bias and discrimination against my candidate out here because of his strong stance on the Constitution. Take Care!


    Guttenberg, IA


  2. Dear Jane,

    Very wise head’s-up to the populace!

    What I am so concerned about is that the candidate I would vote for in a heartbeat
    isn’t a front-runner and probably due to lack of funds; Duncan Hunter!

    Incorporating what you see as your most important considerations, I see
    Duncan Hunter as the ONLY candidate –failing that, Ron Paul — and yet not only some Conservatives, but also the Liberals who are subliminally pushing duplicitous candidates like Huckabee so that they can milk the “separation of Church and State” LIE that they have disseminated, in convincing people that Christian tenets will be forced on them.

    Happily as I write, Rush just replied positively to a caller who asked, “Rush, do you think there will be a movement to draft Duncan Hunter?” I surely hope and pray so!

    In the end people will vote for a Liberal rather than a loser cause they don’t really know what devious losers Liberals really are.

    I was pleased that I had long ago chosen Duncan Hunter and learned that he was also Ann Coulter’s choice, after the fact. She chastised Hannity for rarely giving Duncan more than a token mention.

    All the best,


  3. Hi, Jane! Was just thinking about you today! Wow–haven’t read anthing by you in a coon’s age! Good to see you’re still going strong. Am living in San Diego now–a sanctuary city…so Illgl. Immigration is on the top of my list. Ron Paul doesn’t quite cut it; so Duncan Hunter is my pick–he “built the fence” so does not just “stand on” the fence! God bless, and happy New Year!–Love in Him, Eli Rector Rom.8:28-37*


  4. To Eli (good to hear from a loyal radio listener) and Terry,

    By all means vote for Hunter in the primary. He would make a wonderful nominee for the Republican Party. Remember, you are not voting for president, you are voting for the nominee. Once the nominees are chosen, there will be plenty of money — and time for those chosen to make their case to the American people. The cream will rise to the top and the blemishes will be exposed. Hunter would not beat Hillary or Obama in a direct match up today because most people do not know who he is — they should but they don’t. Therefore, match ups this early are meaningless.

    More importantly, vote with your dollars — even if you have only a few dollars. Ron Paul supporters understood that — early on — dollars are the only real votes that count in the early going.

    Good job in Iowa Joe!

    Go to the category of “Presidential Race” and read “How You can Pick the Next President and look at the math.

    Bear in mind, even if Hunter isn’t the nominee, if he gets a lot of votes it will send a strong message. It will empower other good candidates and the party will be stronger for it.

    Don’t listen to the pundits or the pollsters early on. That is why the Republican Party is leaning so far left.


  5. Anyone who listens to the pundits has to be brain dead. Even on Fox the Brit Hume panel is so out of step with the ordinary American. I know what’s going to come out of their mouths before they do.

    Catherine Spencer
    Cortez, CO


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