Have Voters Lost their Minds?

John McCain has come back from the dead and, despite a second place finished in Michigan, now leads all other GOP candidates in the national polls.

Have voters lost their minds? Do they suffer from collective amnesia? Have their brains been taken over by space aliens?

After McCain combined forces with Ted Kennedy to try to ram an amnesty bill down our throats, he was Public Enemy Number One!

McCain hasn’t changed his position nor have we. Illegal immigration is at or near the top of almost every national or state list of GOP voter concerns.

What are voters thinking? Obviously, they are not thinking at all.

McCain is a war hero. He is strong on national defense issues. We all admire him for that. He has railed against runaway spending and those earmarks that legislators slip into bills in the dead of night. That, too, is commendable. However, his dogged determination to reward people who have broken into this country and make a mockery of the rule of law should cause any thoughtful voter to eliminate him as a candidate for the job as the nation’s chief executive.

After McCain tumbled in the polls in the early going, he did softened his stance. He now claims that he’s heard us and that he will secure the border first (before giving all those illegals amnesty). If you fall for that one, I’ve got a bridge in Rudy Giuliani’s state I’d like to sell you!

There is no “perfect” candidate for president. Compromises have to be made. However, the one quality we should require of any candidate who gets our vote is honesty. McCain built his campaign around that. However, his rhetoric on amnesty has shot the wheels right out from under his “Straight Talk Express.”

If you allow those who break into this country to stay, that is amnesty! A few years ago, that’s what McCain called it. Now he is trying to finesse this issue by calling it a path to “earned citizenship.” Straight talk? That’s enough to make a Clinton blush!

The idea that you will allow someone who breaks into this country to simply pay a fine of $5,000 in order to become legal is an affront to law-abiding immigrants who have patiently stood in line. It is also an affront to hard-working taxpayers who have to pick up the tab for a plethora of welfare services the amnesty recipient would eventually be able to tap. Furthermore, if the amnesty recipient gives birth here, the benefits immediately begin to flow through that child.

Would you pay $5000 to receive $30,160 in benefits per year for the rest of your life? That’s a no brainer!

A study by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found that is exactly what the average low-skill immigrant household received in just one year from direct benefits, means-tested benefits, education, and other services from all levels of government in 2004.

Another flat tire on the straight talk express is his straw man defense. The first straw man McCain puts up is that “you can’t round up 12 million illegals and send them home.” The reality is, if you put tough sanctions on employers and landlords and cut off the benefits and services, they will go home on their own.

The second straw man McCain puts up is that these people are doing the work that Americans are “unwilling to do.” In a free economy that depends on supply and demand, there is no job that will go unfilled at the right price.

The flood of unskilled or low skilled immigrants has driven down wages for these jobs. The big losers in this scam are the hardworking Americans on the lower end of the economic ladder whose good-paying jobs have gone away.

On the other end of the spectrum, McCain has voted repeatedly to increase in the number of H1B visas, which allow employers to import highly skilled workers (supposedly when there is a shortage here). This allows firms to lay off American workers, reclassify their jobs and import foreigners who will work for less. McCain also has voted repeatedly against amendments that would require firms to advertise these jobs here or certify that they have tried to find Americans to fill these jobs.

In short, McCain has done everything possible to insure that big corporations and agri-businesses have a steady stream of foreign workers who will take our jobs for less pay. This depresses wages, puts Americans out of work and increases the demand on welfare and other public benefits.

Wake up America. We cannot afford to make this man president of the United States.

13 thoughts on “Have Voters Lost their Minds?

  1. Thank you for your stand on this matter of illegal aliens. I will tell you that there is a group that is very seriously opposed to suddenly making them “legal.” We are the childen of people who came to this country legally and became good, solid citizens. My dad came to this country from Denmark before World War I. He served in the US Army in the Corps of Engineers and while stationed in Hawaii lost an eye while doing of all things, shoeing a mule. Bear in mind this was a lot of years ago. But to Dad, this was the greatest country in the world. Even when he lost his farm during the dust bowl times, he went back to work and made his own way. He taught us all a love of country. When World War II came along my brother was in the Pacific. My sister worked in a defense plant. Many of my nieces and nephews have served in the armed forces. Why? Because this was the best country in the world, and had given Dad a chance, and it was right to do what you could for this country. To see these people ignore the law, depend rights that should belong only to citizens, and get government “gifts” that help them stay here is WRONG! There are a lot of us who feel this way. Our dads earned the right to be citizens–and by doing that, having their children be citizens. McCain is cheapening something that should be harder to get if you aren’t born here.


  2. Thinking?????

    What does thinking have to do with it?

    I believe Ayn Rand pointed this out with her 1958 masterpiece Atlas Shrugged that neither side -the voter or candidates- “think” in the critical sense.

    Thinking requires the “selfish” notion of being able to correctly evaluate actual facts and past performance to indicate potential future behavior- a process no longer taught, or”vogue” (critical thinking started going away before 1958 but has almost been banned entirely from public life since the late 60’s when many of the candidates, voters, and media of today were “schooled”).

    Perhaps it’s just me getting “old” (or perhaps wise enough) to see the sham this whole election ordeal is.

    I heard Brit Hume say something after evaluating NH to the effect of “this whole thing is becoming more of a personality race than a presidential election”….

    Good call Brit-

    Without the ability to think critically this and any other process becomes one of personality alone…

    The potential candidates who offer specific “cures”, and who will state specifically what they see as the problems, and specifically what they would do (and offer proof of past performance of doing just that) have all been relegated to almost absolute silence, and obscurity…..

    Your arcticle could have easily ended when you asked “what are voters thinking?”, then answered yourself “apparently they aren’t” (paraphrased)….

    Armed with that knowledge- and the pain associated with it (as any “thinker” knows the most painful thing in the world is to watch the facts played out in living color in front of you to a seemingly incorruptable conclusion- yet the “world” draws conclusions and makes decisions without those “facts” or deductive ability) the game is over.

    I know the frustration of trying to make others think Jane- keep up the great work to inspire those of us who do…

    As to the “sheeples”- well we have centuries of history to prove where they will lead us.


  3. Let’s not forget about McCain-Feingold either. If he actually believes that by not “waterboarding” terrorists that this will prevent them from chopping Americans heads off, he does not have a firm grip on reality or has not studied the lessons of history very carefully.

    If “waterboarding” a terrorist saves even one American life, how could he not be for it.

    Our own servicemen are “waterboarded” in survival school. Are they not somewhat better than Al Qaida’s thugs?


  4. You called McCain a war hero.. i did’nt know that, I thought he was a POW. we have thousands of POWs here.
    any way, I do not want him for Pres.


  5. Dear Ms. Chastain: I enjoyed and agree with your article. Perhaps you can answer my question?

    In previous elections wherein McCain was again running, I remember seeing a picture in several publications, etc., showing McCain laying on a stretcher and/or table in the hanoi hilton ‘medical room’ dressed in what appeared to be spotless whites of a naval officer. At the time, I wondered how in the world was he able to wear the whites (uniform) in such a filthy, foul place? And how could he keep them so spotless? I noticed that this picture has not surfaced in this campaign and wonder about that also… Thank you – suzanne


  6. While I am completely in favor of stopping illegal immigration, I have three issues with your position.
    [1] You say that a key to success in seeing the illegals go home is placing tough sanctions on employers and landlords. Been there, done that. The results of the previous amnesty bill involved strict requirements to verify citizenship of new employees. Two reasons that failed [a] the forging skills of people supporting the illegal immigrant traffic exceeded employers’ ability to affordably discern between legitimate documents and forged ones and [b] while most employers have used and continue to follow legal procedures defined in those years the federal bureaucracy took all the teeth out of enforcement. When an employer is notified by the Social Security Admin that an employee has an invalid SSN, used in the process of verifying citizenship, the employer is warned that he can take no action against the employee (like firing) because the employer might violate the employee’s civil rights. So, bottom line, when employers discover that they have hired illegal aliens by mistake they are bound to keep them employed on immigration grounds. So how are you going to be able to really send these people home? Sounds like a plan that the American Bar Assn would support as good for their members.
    [2] Many illegals have been in the country for many years. They have jobs and have been contributing to the businesses that they work for and their communities in many cases. They pay taxes like everyone else. If they are forced to leave, their employers will be hurt by losing good productive employees and by having to bear the expense of retraining somone else for the job. Assuming that employers were dishonest in hiring these people in the first place is a bunch of baloney. Sure, some employers have exploited the situation and should be punished. Crack down on them and not honest employers.
    [3] The projection for the growth in housing demand over the next 10 years is quite positive in spite of current problems. One large reason that the projection is positive is based on demand created by immigrants entering the marketplace. Immigrants are a positive influence in our marketplace. Illegal immigrants are a problem for our entire society.

    Let’s figure out a way to allow legal immigration while closing the doors on illegals. Let’s eliminate the artificial (ie. government benefits) incentives for illegal imigrants and provide for legal immigrants to come and work and be productive members of our society. Let’s re-institute requirements and incentives for immigrants to learn and operate in the english language. Let’s eliminate the policy that children born herefrom illegal immigrant parents are automatically citizens. And,of course, this all has to start with enforcement of our borders.


  7. While John McCain has courage, I don’t think he has ever been the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact, he finished near the bottom of his graduating class in the Naval Academy. Of course, similar things have happened to intelligent people, but it is clear that McCain’s strong suit is not his intelligence. McCain and George W. Bush are a lot alike actually, except that McCain had to endure years of torture of being a POW. Bush probably has done a better job with Supreme Court appointments than McCain would have done, and Bush also cut taxes. On the other hand, McCain would not have been nearly as big a spender as Bush. On the Iraq War and illegal immigration Bush and McCain are basically identical.

    Clay Byrom


  8. A guy went into a bar and sat down by a pretty young thing and engaged in a conversation with her. After a few moments he asked her if she would come home and sleep with him if he paid her $5000. She said sure she would. He then asked if she would sleep with him for ten dollars and she responded, “What do you think I am?” He told her that they had already established that, now they were just negotiation the price.

    Amnesty is amnesty regaqrdless of the price paid!


  9. Absolutely excellent article about McCain. I am likewise dumbfounded that some Republicans, who rejected John McCain earlier in this campaign for very good reasons, apparently feel so desperate now that they are willing to support him.

    As far as I’m concerned, our nation would be better off with Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the White House, than John McCain.

    1). Democrats are unlikely to put forward an amnesty bill if there’s not a Republican in the White House willing to sign off on it. They need a Republican to pin the blame on when it blows up in our faces.

    2). Far fewer Republicans would go along with an amnesty bill sponsored by a Democratic President than a Republican President.


  10. Dear Ms. Chastain,
    I was raised, along with my older and my younger sister, by two “dyed in the wool” liberals, in the sense of 1960s liberal, meaning a “liberal education” and acknowledging the “born equality” of all people.
    We boycotted lettuce and then vegetables, and finally fruit, as Caesar Chavez worked to get the American farm workers together that they could have a union to represent their interests as Americans, first, last and always. I understood exactly why we supported the boycott as did my little sister who was only about five at the time.
    Later on, when I was in high school, and had risen beyond the paper route and the grocery stock boy, I was working in several different factory jobs over the four years, and at every one of them, most of the workers were legal Americans, with some illegal aliens, that everyone knew were illegal because they never showed up for work on the day the INS person came around.
    When I and my fellow American citizens looked to the foremen and owners for merit raises, we always had to contend with the fact that there was an illegal ready to take the lesser technical job, so we had little bargaining power and generally had to accept such raises as were put forth by the foreman or the boss.
    I, and most of my peers, started working around eleven, because we lived in the lower middle class and that was our sole source of income, and we invariably had to contribute to the family income as part of our responsibility. From my earliest days, I understood that this was the normal road for boys in America to travel, with all my fiction and historical fiction telling the same story of everyone in families contributing to the welfare of the family.
    Those who would give the illegal aliens a free pass, are stealing the only entry level jobs that are available to any American. I don’t know about the job market today, because I am a disabled vet, and I have my own machine shop business, but the only way I could have reached the point I am at, was by taking an unskilled labor job and working hard, showing my ability to handle greater responsibility and having attained greater skills, making me the logical and economical candidate for the more complex job.
    Both of my children, now over thirty, had a very hard time finding part time jobs while in school because such jobs as I worked as a kid, are all being done by illegal aliens. In addition to the direct costs that are now, commonly laid out, the fact that they take the least skilled jobs has shut out those jobs for any entry level person to establish themselves in the working world. From where I stand, unable to get someone to “apprentice” in my machine shop because it’s hard work and dirty work, the cost of illegal immigration is far higher than even the highest numbers show, and that is just the physical effect, not even accounting for the moral effect of our children seeing criminals working at jobs with impunity, while they have no job opening that they can take to enter the working world.
    I would not have been so successful in the Marines without my working experience, and I would not own my own shop had I not had the opportunity to learn a skill without having the tools necessary for it, but being able to earn enough to buy those tools along the way to being a qualified “journeyman”. This is just another aspect of our Nation that we have “outsourced” and have prepared us to lose the ability to keep our own Nation’s infrastructure working.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC


  11. “When principle is involved, be deaf to expediency.” This means that it is better to take the hard path now so that tomorrow’s paths won’t be so hard as a result of cutting corners today. All Naval Academy midshipmen learn this, even the ones on the lower end of the academic scale. It is something that “regular” college students miss and never hear or learn.

    You say: “The reality is, if you put tough sanctions on employers and landlords and cut off the benefits and services, they will go home on their own.” Why would they do that? They could make more money begging on the streets in America or committing crimes, which is what they would have to do for less in their home country. Why do you think they left those countries in the first place? They would sleep on the floor of the local laundromat before they would “go home.”

    The US failed to enforce immigration laws for many years, giving up on the principle of law enforcement in this area. The result is a mess that, indeed, will not be resolved by now “getting tough” on those who have been here so long under our failed enforcement of the basic principles that apply. The president and John McCain, and even the real dull knife in the drawer Ed Kennedy tried to come up with a “solution” to a problem that cannot be solved. It can only be patched at this point, assuming anything positive can be done at all. It was proposed as part of one way to get a handle on the symptoms so that the real problem of closing the borders might actually happen.

    Forcing people to “do something” by taking away their employment, even if it is as outrageously successful as 90 percent in getting the illegals to go home to their country of origin will still leave at least 10 percent here in poverty rather than in productive jobs. The net result would be no better and could easily be worse in terms of increased criminal activity. Again, once we abandon our principles, we can not just impose them suddenly and get good results. Perfection and idealism are nice goals, but they are seldom realistic. Just ask all the communists in the world.

    There are many jobs that Americans will not step up and do but jobs that many people from Latin America would be glad to do. One example I am aware of is cleaning and painting the bilges of US Navy ships in San Diego. That is about the hardest and dirtiest job around, and the Navy was glad to be able to find anyone who would do it. If you doubt it, go on down to the ships and offer to clean and paint their bilges for them, and don’t forget to just charge a modest fee as you go from ship to ship to ship. This would help preserve the watertight integrity of our ships and help them make it to their 50 year desigh life.

    Most Americans would quit the first day if not the first hour. Same goes for stoop labor in the agricultural area. You could find some Americans to do it for a day or two, but not enough to make it happen across the entire country month after month and year after year. And even if they accepted the challenge, the quality of the effort would be less than acceptable and the ships would spring leaks and have to be decommissioned early. That is why the communists had to order students into the fields, and they could only manage it for a bit, until they could sneak back into town.

    Unrealistic people tend to be idealistic instead, which compounds the problem as well. So, while on the one hand we “must” decrease (eliminate?) illegal immigration to help us protect against terrorism, there are few realistic options here. I suppose we could fine the current flock of illegals a million dollars each to compensate us for their taking advantage of us when we failed to enforce our basic principle of law enforcement when they streamed across our borders for the past 3 or 4 decades. Would that be realistic? Would only $50,000 a head? How about $10,000?

    Name your price and give us a realistic approach if you are so smart. So far you have not and can not, mostly because you are too wrapped around journalistic idealism, I suspect. Taking cheap shots at John McCain from the sidelines and offering stupid solutions to things that can not be solved will get us nowhere. All we can hope for is the least troublesome solution, and we can also hope to finally get the borders closed, which is the real problem with the terrorist threat.

    If you think John McCain was not a war hero, I suppose you would like to get to fly mission after mission over Vietnam with surface to air missiles coming after you, again and again until you are finally shot down and have to go into survival mode with many fellow prisoners, all of whom depending on each other’s daily acts of courage to survive and have hope.

    I suppose you would have the courage to take off and land on an aircraft carrier (assuming you could find it) in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Perhaps you would like to be sitting in your aircraft on the flight deck when a fire broke out all around you, and then after barely escaping with your fanny intact, get back in another aircraft and go fight the SAM’s again, no questions asked. I suppose that you, like John McCain would refuse to get special treatment from your captors and refuse to get to be released early, while at the same time John Kerry was searching his body for splinters so that he could claim to be wounded enough times and come hom ASAP from Vietnam.

    Also, when you disparage the low enders at the service academies, keep in mind that these academies only accept about 10 percent of interested students in the first place. Then, about 1/3 drop out the first year. Even the least of their 4 year academic successes is far better than the average college student, especially those who are in “communication.” They work harder, learn more, and get a broader education in many areas, including leadership, couage, patriotism, resilience, and survival. Also, they get to go directly to war upon graduation and completion of flight training or whatever gets them ready to fight and die for their country, putting their ass on the line in very nasty places around the world, all for such as you and me who can not even get the borders closed here in the US or live up to the basic principles of law and order. Then people like John McCain come back from war are have to struggle to help us out of our sorry messes.

    So, young lady, give me a McCain over a Romney, Obama, or Clinton any day. At least I can see that John McCain is the real deal, warts and all!


  12. Dear Jane:
    There are many things I could write about, but since it took me about 1 hour to cross San Marcos CA, due to all the traffic and the < 5mph traffic speeds, I will comment about illegal immigration. It is obvious that this has all been deliberately planned. I just want to know who exactly decided that this would happen? Since my father was the chief city engineer of Carlsbad, Oceanside and San Marcos, in that order, I know a little bit about planning for population and demographics. What is happening to CA now is NOT common sense, but definitely planned to push or mold CA people (and Americans) into a mold of acceptance. How many advertisements do we hear on radio, such as “flex your power” that indicate that things are scarce and everyone must conserve, we have limited resources, etc. etc? As an engineer, I know full well that the information is a lie. For example, put in a 14 square mile solar power complex at St. Marys in CA (midpoint between Southern CA and Northern CA) with 10% efficient solar cells, and presto, enough energy to supply all of CA needs and most of the western states besides (enough to make a hefty profit) No one has placed a desalinization plant on the west coast, although my father was an advocate of this. In other words the true problems are not natural, they are artificial, planted in peoples’ minds for an agenda. So it is with illegal immigration. If someone called Western Union, and said stop all payments, we’d find out very quickly who is in the country illegally or not. The real problem is that we’re encouraging law breaking by this, and since I’ve been run down at the Los Vallecitos Boulevard and Knoll Road intersection 5 times, by people who don’t care about our traffic laws, and 80% were Hispanic, why should anyone in the world care? Our system is being worked, the Windsor Manor complex where I live has Hispanics with 3,4, 5 kids and they’re knowingly working the system, so why would they care about American law? Seriously, why does anyone care? The system is being exploited and I think most everyone knows this. The fact that there is almost no opposition to this points out the moral weakness or absence of any character at all, and points to the oncoming death of Western Civilization. If we don’t care about laws, why should anyone else care? In our zeal to appear compassionate, we’ve actually signed our death warrants. Sorry to be so blunt about this, but with the sighting of tuberculosis, and polio and Mongellon’s disease and other pestilences, we really seem bent on a course of self destruction. There is really no excuse for the trashing of America, but right now, it seems that most people are rationalizing away the obvious. I did ask about the stopped traffic in San Marcos this afternoon, and yes, I got the rationalization “it’s the Martin Luther King holiday weekend” I suppose we all have to end up like the Star Trek movie where everyone is smashed together and we’re moving 0.01 mph pressed up against each other, until we admit that we’re in deep trouble. Until this rationalization stops, I don’t really see too much hope for any change.
    The problem is not the illegal immigrants, so much as it is our very own government fulfilling an agenda. But why? That’s what I’d like to know?


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