Mitt and Huck: Time to Team UP!

The conservative credentials of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have been called into question. The way to get beyond this and excite the base is for these two men to team up.

It is no secret that there is no love loss between them. However, both are men of faith. Therefore, each should be able to forgive the others transgressions, put their differences behind them and join forces to fight for the principles in which they claim to believe.

Can you imagine what a candidate with Romney’s money and business experience, coupled with Huck’s charm and commitment to social issues could do? There isn’t one so what about two?

The McCain-Giuliani express wouldn’t stand a chance. With the compressed primary season and Romney and Huckabee splitting the conservative vote, the liberal wing of the party will win the nomination.

A Republican has to be right on national defense issues in order to get the GOP nod. That is why Ron Paul, despite his principled stand on constitutional issues, will not be able to break out of single digits. He simply does not understand the nature of the radical Islamic threat and most Americans aren’t willing to accept his hold-your-fire-until-we-see-the-whites-of-their-eyes strategy.

The defense of this country is one of the most important functions of the federal government. McCain has benefitted from his military background and his persistent call for a troop surge. However, Romney and Huckabee get high marks on this issue. Both men believe in a strong military and that surrender to the terrorists in Iraq is not an option.

McCain also has benefitted from polls showing that he is the only Republican who has a chance against the eventual Democrat nominee. These match ups in the early going are meaningless. It’s about name recognition. Should Romney or Huckabee get the nomination, he would have plenty of time and money to make his case to the American people.

Had Giuliani stayed in the race, Romney and Huckabee could have let the voters decide between them. However, with February 5 on the horizon, and Giuliani out of the race and campaigning with McCain, they no longer have that luxury. Did Giuliani cut a deal with McCain? There is no way to know but I’d be willing to bet that conservatives would not be pleased with his choice for a veep.

Giuliani’s decision to bow out and support McCain was a no brainer but getting a Mitt/Huck alliance is fraught with problems. Who should be number one? Mitt has the money to go the distance. He came close in Florida and is on McCain’s heels in some northern and Midwestern states, while Huck leads the entire pack in some southeastern states. Both men are extremely articulate. Mitt is handsome and presidential. Huck is winsome and glib.

Separately, they are flawed, but what one lacks, the other has in spades. Mitt’s recent epiphany on social issues is suspect, while Huck’s moral compass is incontrovertible.

Huck’s has spent most of his life in ministry and public service and puts too much faith in government programs, while Mitt is an accomplished free-market businessman. This country desperately needs downsizing and someone committed to solving the nation’s looming financial crisis in a fair and humane way. We need a meeting of the minds here!

Both still need work on the immigration issue. Both believe in the right of big business to import cheap foreign workers at all skill levels at the expense of our citizens. However, both have rejected amnesty. If they can get together and make their position clear, they can easily defeat John McCain.

McCain has given lip service to securing the border and building a fence, while privately telling like-minded supporters it will not be effective. But, bear in mind, then he will shove amnesty down our throats! He has never backed away from that position and, if he gets the nomination, he will take it as a mandate.

The real test is whether Mitt or Huck is selfless enough to allow the other to take the lead in order to accomplish their stated goals for the country.

Is there a fair way to decide this debacle? Flip a coin. Play scissors, rock and paper. Draw straws. Who cares?

The important thing is to unite and run as a president and vice-president team. They are both young enough for the number two guy to have a turn in the Oval Office. All they have to do is make good on their campaign promises and the voters will happily reward their efforts. No, it’s never been done, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Time’s a wasting!

29 thoughts on “Mitt and Huck: Time to Team UP!

  1. I am responding to your article on Mitt and Huck joining forces. You obviously do not know much about either of their religions to make such a statement.

    Mormonism is a cult. It is anti God. Baptists believe in the true God of the Bible — the Creator of heaven and earth. The true God does not give His glory to another.

    Isaiah 42:8 “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.”

    I am not an American but I do care about what is happening in the U.S. It is a shame that so few professing Christians know the Word of God. There is no reason for this ignorance. It is time for people to wake up and realize that while pragmatixm and compromise may sound good, it is not the way of blessing.

    I wish there would be a leader who would take a clear stand for God’s truth and not try to apologize for the truth. We, in Canada do not have such a leader. Of course, I realize that our hope is not in man. Our hope is in God. The Bible does tell us that there will be a leader coming who will deceive the masses of people with his spiritual deceptions. It would appear that we are almost ready for such a man to come.

    In the meantime, I will continue to preach and teach God’s Word in the hope that some might believe the truth and be saved.


    Pastor Walt Bartel


  2. You are absolutely wrong, there is no way that Mr. Huckabee can team up with Mr. Romney. Point blank the Bible states that we as believers are not to be unequally yoked with a non-believer. Mormonism is not the same as Christianity.


  3. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is strong on OUR national security. And that is because he is the only candidate who truly DOES understand the Islamic threat. Why? Because he has listened to the reasons why terrorists threaten America. He has studied both the statements of the terrorists themselves and the conclusions our very own CIA came to in the 9/11 Reports. The best way to protect our nation isn’t to stretch out our military all over the world. We can’t defend our country if we don’t have troops here. And we certainly aren’t defending our national security by doing the very thing that causes terrorists to target American: That is, invading their countries and trying to impose our values and our beliefs on them. If you don’t understand this, it’s either because you’re blind or ignorant. So which is it?


  4. I agree with your article. Yesterday, I tried to get a message on Huckabee’s blog but they rejected it. Here is what I sent to them today and sent for email distribution to the whole world:


    I was fooled but now I understand. I have supported Huckabee since Chuck Norris recommended him. Yesterday, I changed my support to Romney.

    Just before the Florida primary, I could see the handwriting on the wall. Huckabee could not win in Florida and it is a winner-take-all state. It seemed logical that Huckabee supporters would vote for Romney, who is the only other candidate who had a chance of beating McCain.

    Had Huckabee supporters voted for Romney, Romney would have beaten McCain. Huckabee supporters who voted for Huckabee really voted for McCain.

    On January 30, Huckabee intercepted the letters I sent to his blog suggesting he should exit the race and support Romney. He does not want such views displayed on his website. If we believe Huckabee’s statements then Romney is the natural alternative for Huckabee supporters. However, Huckabee’s actions belie his statements.

    If Huckabee really supported conservative causes, he would have (a) asked his supporters to vote for Romney in Florida, (b) retired from the race after Florida (like Giuliani did) and announced his support for Romney, and (c) supported Romney in the debate. Such actions would have shown his support for the conservative cause in the Republican race.

    Huckabee said in the debate last night that we should judge people by their actions. I agree. Then why has Huckabee not removed himself from the race like Giuliani and Edwards?

    But Huckabee has chosen to remain in the race. There can be only one reason: to split the conservative votes to allow McCain to win the nomination. Huckabee is no dummy. He knows he is doing this. However, most Huckabee supporters do not see through this deception.

    I thought Huckabee was at least an honest man. Today, I changed my mind. As Huckabee said, by their acts you shall know them. Huckabee’s actions speak louder than his words. I hope present Huckabee supporters see the light before they vote for him on February 5.

    Where is Chuck Norris on this? I don’t expect him to be as smart as Huckabee politically. But surely he should be seeing through this deception by now. Where is Ed Rollins? Why is he continuing to participate in this deception?

    After watching the debate last night, I believe Romney is the only candidate in either party who will properly lead the USA. Romney is presidential caliber. McCain is a lying wimp and a puppet of the Washington establishment and Huckabee is trying to get McCain nominated.

    Edwin X Berry, Ph.D.
    Atmospheric Physicist


  5. Responding to the comments above on religion.

    Personal religion should not play a part in elections, unless it is a religion that advocates overthrowing the USA. The media, especially MSNBC, has kept the religion of both Huckabee and Romney in the public attention. This is exceedingly unfair and is intended to promote McCain as the big media favorite by exciting anti-religious bias among the voters. It is the same game the Clinton’s are playing by exciting anti-black bias among the voters to help them beat Obama.

    The “Religion” I am worried about, however, is McCain’s global warming religion. It is the most “stick it in your face” religion in the USA. It is becoming a government supported religion in violation of our Constitution. Voters should see the global warming agenda for what it really is. It is an emotional belief system with no valid scientific support. It is not science. It is the religion the UN is using to dominate the world. Virtually all the so-called “scientific” support for the global warming agenda comes from those who get their pay checks from the government. That is how they keep their jobs.

    Like Al Gore, McCain is a global warming nutcase. He wants to spend our tax money trying to restrict CO2 emissions. He associates reducing CO2 emissions with cleaning up the air. Nothing could be further from the truth. CO2 is not an air pollutant.

    McCain shows what I have found to regularly be true. Those who harbor the most fanatical belief in global warming are those who know nothing about atmospheric science. McCain knows less about atmospheric science than he does about the economy, and he has admitted he knows nothing about the economy. I don’t want a lunatic for president.

    Unfortunately, Huckabee is almost as insane on global warming as is McCain. It is no wonder that Governor Jerkinator supports McCain. They are both global warming religion lunatics. Romney is the only viable candidate who is addressing this issue properly.

    If you want to understand how stupid CO2 emission restriction is try out the idea on yourself. You are a thermodynamic engine just like the internal combustion engine in your car. You depend upon both intake and exhaust. Imagine having a rule allowing you to have all the O2 you want but restricting the amount of CO2 you can emit.

    Folks, let me tell you, you will not be able to do much work because getting rid of the CO2 generated in your lungs is just as important as sucking in the O2. If you don’t want to try this on yourself, try putting a restrictive plug in your car or truck’s exhaust pipe. The engine won’t work very well and your gas mileage will go down. McCain and the Democrats want to do this to our economy.

    Edwin X Berry, Ph.D.
    Atmospheric Physicist


  6. To Walter and Gary,

    I am not suggesting that they marry each other or form a lasting partnership in which they have to agree on the most basic principles of life and death.

    Paul’s letter in 2 Corinthians was addressing the problem of false teachers seeking to divide them and lead them away from the truths he taught.

    If you would like to know what I believe, please go to the topic of “Faith” on my home page. I made no pronouncement on Mormonism. I consider the late Dr. Walter Martin to be the authority on the subject and would urge any thoughtful Mormon to examine his research.

    To quote Mr. Huckabee, I am running for commander-in-chief, not pastor-in-chief.

    Also, if Mr. Huckabee, a Baptist minister, thought he could have nothing to do with unbelievers in politics, he would not be able to participate at all. And why, if he is as pure as you would suggest, did he, in 1999, hold a $500 a plate fundraiser for Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for US Senate in Little Rock? Personally, as a Christian, I could not support or vote for anyone who believes that it is all right to take the life of an innocent human being as Giuliani does.


    I stand by my statements which are based on years of research. However, I would not insult Dr. Paul as you have me. If you want to know more on Iraq go to the link on my homepage.

    Dr. Berry,

    Thank you for sharing your views with us. Neither candidate is perfect but if they get together I believe they can learn from each other. I would not go as far as to say that Mr. Huckabee is trying to get Mr. McCain elected, although that would be the end result. From where I sit, both Romney and Huckabee need to deal with their pride.

    It is a shame that Huckabee would not allow you to post your comments to his blog. Personally, I am disappointed with some of my friends who have tried to cover for Mr. Huckabee, while distorting Mr. Romney’s current stand on the issues. Both have flip flopped on important issues and I am glad they have come around. However, McCain has not changed any of his views on troubling issues like amnesty and experimenting on human embryos.

    Jane Chastain, D.Litt


  7. Ms. Chastain,

    I’ve voting FOR someone this time, instead of against the lesser of two or three or four evils. Political philosophy has been redefined so much so by the propaganda arm of the NWO that most people who think they are on the ‘right’ side of government (conservatives) are actually about where the ‘left’ side (liberals) was 40-50 years ago.

    It’s sad that I have many friends who are unable to see through GW Bush’s ‘compassionate conservativism’ which is just so much Socialism with a Cross attached.

    I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils!


  8. Jane,

    I’ve been trying to resolve the mess that we voters face in this coming election, and your idea of a Huck, Romney team is refreshing. What sells the idea, is your last point about the young age of both men, and the future opportunity either would have to run for the top job. One of the mistakes of the Bush presidency has been the failure to groom a successor. Thanks for this breath of fresh air.



  9. Mitt and Huck are just as bad as McCain in their own way–they’re all big government, big spend, war-mongers who don’t have a clue about the economy. You might as well elect a Democrat as to elect them. The only person who can make a difference is Ron Paul.


  10. Jane,
    After reading your article and giving it careful thought I agree that Mitt/Mike would be a winning ticket. I also tried to post my thoughts on Mikes blog but it was omitted. One of them has to be big enough to make the first move and it may force John McCain to pick an acceptable conservative for his V.P. slot. I do think Mitt would be the better of the two to lead the ticket based on his personal history and experience. I have been supporting Mike all along and think he won the last debate handsdown. Mike can not win this race with all the endorcements McCain has gotten and Mitt can not win with his bank account. Together they are much stronger than either of them are apart. Thank-You


  11. Not a bad idea about Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee teaming up for the general election. This would help ease the concerns of Christian evangelicals about Romney and his Mormonism and flip-flopping.

    McCain would be better than Hillary or Obama, and a poll from the last couple of days does show that he is ahead of both of them. One key problem with McCain, however, as I wrote to you recently is that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Bill Clinton in fact said that an election matchup between Hillary and McCain would be the most peaceful ever in American history. This could well be true because McCain apparently cannot discern how evil Hillary really is, and perhaps the only area he would be critical of Hillary would be her many stances on the Iraq War. Unless Christian evangelicals could somehow be energized to support McCain he might well choke in the general election against Hillary or Obama. Romney and Huckabee would probably stand the best chance against Hillary or Obama.

    Clay Byrom


  12. Romney/ Huckabee is not going to happen. Huck is running now for VP. McCain has the nomination but he will probably die or be incapacitated in office. You can see McCain’s fatigue when he’s on TV. He looks so tired, so old; he’s just pathetic.
    Best scenario is for all conservatives to say to McCain. Ok, you’ve won this nomination. If you don’t put Romney on the ticket we won’t turn out for you in November. Also he must say that he was wrong about immigration. But McCain isn’t going to do it because he is absolutely determined to pass that amnesty bill. So, it’s all over but the cryin’. Watch the disaster of this old man’s presidency unfold. A DISASTER FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    DVS in Florida


  13. DVS in Florida,

    Winston Churchill said, “Never give up. Never, ever, ever give up.” I’m just not ready to concede. Send copies of this column to the Romney and Huckabee campaigns. Keep the pressure on. McCain loves to stick it to conservatives. I don’t think for one moment that he will pick a conservative as a running mate. If Mitt and Huck can’t get together it is pride before country, pure and simple.


  14. Jane,
    Your idea about Mitt & Huck is an interesting one. While some would find reasons for not going along with with this solution, your idea of working together makes sense
    for winning the election, isn’t that what’s it’s all about? —Nottrib Yar


  15. Hi Jane:

    Thanks for the nice reply to my earlier email.

    From a pure strategy perspective, like to deny McCain (who is the worse choice the GOP think of) the nomination, your idea has merit.

    However, have a hard time amening your suggestion here, because I can’t share your premise that either Huck or Mitt are genuinely able to address the problems America faces.

    While both men are attractive candidates, they offer only more of the same: Unconsitutional govenment growth, unchecked illegal immigration, capitulation to social radicals – in short, most everything that we rejected Democrats for 20 years ago.

    Boy, how our standards have slipped.

    Our Constitution was written to put shackles on government power, to limit it’s permissible functions.

    It was also written to define & secure our God given rights. No group rights, just inalienable, God given rights.

    I’ve looked extensively into the background of both Mitt and Huck, and find little evidence that either man has much grasp of these basic concepts.

    (granted Romney’s speech in TX last month SOUNDED great; he quoted the founding fathers & the Bible….but that was an election year speech, remember….)

    Their records as Governors of their respective states are miserable.

    Huckabee, especially, ran as a ‘conservative Chistian’, then ruled as more as a Socialist big government statist. He make homeschooling laws more onerous on Arkansas Citizens. He raised taxes. He turned Arkansas into a Sanctuary state for illegals. He even invited Mexico City to build a consulate in Little Rock.

    My conservative, Christian lifelong friends campaigned for him in his first run, then were dismayed as he pulled a “GWB” !

    They said he so turned on his campaign promises that they thought a ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ incident had occured and his Conservative soul was replaced by a Socialist soul.

    I know Huck is slick – plus he can speak our evangelical lingo, very fluently. No wonder – he was a highly successful seeker sensitive Baptist Pastor. Yet, his record in Arkansas is damning. His record must be the only way to judge his possible presidency. And on that wise, he’s a non-starter.

    As my friend warned: He fooled Arkansas, don’t let him fool the Nation.

    And as I add: Anybody remember the last time we got fooled by a guy from Hope, AR ?

    Message received, loud & clear !

    See Arkansas State Senator Jim Holt’s revealing article, ‘From Hope to Betrayal”, gives a personal account of the anguish Huck brought on their state:

    It starts out:

    If I told you that Mike Huckabee has raised more taxes, grown more government, supported more bureaucratic control of our schools, pardoned more criminals, helped bring in more illegal immigrants, and been more duplicitous in 10 years than Bill Clinton was in 12, would you feel betrayed ? …… (link above for whole article)

    Romney, I think, has similar troubles. He speaks a good game, sounds great, super competent CEO. But he seems to have two sides, the super liberal side that made peace witht the homosexual activists in Massachussets, who signed off on civil unions in that state. I understand he also signed off on the bill that allowed the Sodomy lobby to troll for recruits in their public schools. Huh ? Conservative ?

    Didn’t do a few stories from a family that had their children in the MA public schools, battling for the right to protect their child from agressive Sodomy advocates ?


    If the Mitt Romney we elect didn’t have this record, and believed & practiced what the Founding Fathers did (that he quoted in his recent speech), he just might get my vote.

    But he does have that record, and I think his ‘conversion’ to real conservativsm is suspect. It has been timed curiously well for the election season.

    So, who to vote for ? : there is a candidate who has none of these negatives, in fact he isnt’ afraid to quote or follow the Constitution, he’s never voted to raise taxes, and is even honest about our funny money system – where our Gov’t issues unbacked money & inflates at will

    You know his name. He’s been married for 50 years to the same woman – he’s totally straight, has 5 great children & 18 grandchldren. He’s a rarity – a man who actually practices the same Truth he preaches.

    Oh, but we’re told incessantly by the media ‘he can’t win’….they keep saying this as his popularity, funding & reputation keeps rising, and as his fake conservative opponents keep cannibalizing each other & dropping out.

    6 months ago, Guilliani was the media darling. Now he’s gone….there were 11 now down to 5 or is it 4 ?

    What they miss is that this Ron, Paul, that is, has endurance. He’s been preaching this message for 30 years – as a voice in the wilderness. Always, prophets are lonely folks, early on, but when disaster is looming, the repentant masses thrust them forward as a trustworthy voice.

    Gee, this isn’t the first Ron they said couldn’t win. You see, this might apper to be a replay of what transpired about 28 years ago. Ronald Reagan was roundly rejected by the popular press & media pundits, too. The more they hated him, the more we loved him. (SHHH don’t let this secret cycle out….)

    Reagan collected a wide ranging coalition of Truth lovers that transcended party barriers, and won, despite massive & relentless opposition from the media & power brokers.

    If it happended then, it can very well happen again.

    I’m a 43 year old father of 5, Christian Homeschooling family & small business owner.

    I had just about given up on the possibility of a man of BOTH Christian & Constututional conviction would rise up. God be praised !

    Now, Ron Paul is right on more issues than we could list here.

    There is one thing I think he’s slightly mistaken on, but that can be corrected over time. Jane you said it was [partly] your hesitation to support him:

    What is that ?

    I think he underestimates the threat radical Islam presents to the USA.

    But I do think, after studying the issues he’s raised, that our massive presence overseas & on their land exacerbates the problem.

    I simply asked: what would we likely feel if China had established say, a 10 or 15 military bases in Mexico, just a bit south, or Canada, or heaven forbid, on our own soil ? Would we have a few ‘freedom fighters’ who’d rise up to object ? If so, we sure wouldn’t call them terrorists; we’d call them Patriots.

    Therfore, I think that we must extricate ourselves, not totally, but in good measure from the middle east. Only then can we know how much terrorism is caused by blow-back, as even our own CIA admits is a source of recruitment & radicalizing amongst Islamic forces.

    Many blindly think this would mean Israels demise; I think not. They are the most powerful nation there. Their military is second to none: 300 nukes and the grit to use them if forced. I think we ruin their attempts to keep their land and secure the peace, by constantly meddling in their affairs. Ron Paul says: Stop giving aid to BOTH Israel & the Arabs – we give 3 times the $$ to the Arabs than Israel – and stop tying Israel’s hands in their relations with neigboring Arab nations.

    This makes so much sense; but why haven’t we heard this suggestion from the Neo-Conservative crowd ? Maybe they make hay or $$$ out of keeping the hornet’s nest of the ME stirred up. Once again, Ron Paul’s views shed light to see by.

    As Christians, I think we’ve departed from the philosphy that used to guide American entry or consideration of war: the principles of Biblical Just War Theory. Basically: War is only defensive, never, ever, Pre-emptive or for profit or to secure market goods – like oil, etc.

    Our prayer is that more Americans & Christians will wake up to the real issues, reject phony solutions & fake ‘conservatives’, and seek only righteous proven men to lead us.

    Many more issues are covered here:

    Jane thanks for giving us a forum here to discuss this with you. I know you’ve been a lifelong conservative and I hope that you will reflect on these issues.

    Like WND editor Joseph Farah, I can’t drink Ronmey’s Kool-Aid, even if it’s Huckleberry flavor.

    God bless,

    David B.
    Nacogdoches, TX

    PS: forgive the length, you got me thinking !!


  16. Right on Jane!

    We need Romney supporters across the South and Mizzou, to swing to Huckabee and beat McCain in areas where Huckabee is leading or tied. Huckabees in the Mtn West and Northeast could help Romney stymie McCain in those areas.

    This way we can live to fight another day! Texas, Ohio, NC, etc. will be big in March and give time to figure this out.

    With only 4 days left, it will take conservatives at the grassroots to do this. The grassroots can lead Huckabee and Romney in this direction if we vote accordingly on Tuesday!


  17. Thank you Jane for your refreshing view for a Rommney/Huckabee team. It’s a “thinking” person’s solution for the Republican parties fast-train-to-no-where in the current election.

    McCain has been cloned, not unlike our very own Californian governor – who was closet Democrat [prior to his election!] The Democrats have found a sneaky, but effective tool to create a one-party system in America. . . that is to introduce one of their ideological clones into the Republican party – have him/her tone down their true values and politics – lie, until after the elections whereby he/she shows their true colors.

    If California doesn’t believe this – take a hard look at the immoral, political and financial damage our cloned Governor has foisted upon this state since he has been in office. Do you witness or experience a republican philosopher driving the train in California, or a democrat? McCain is another clone, in sheeps clothing! How can the Democrats possibly lose this election, when they have men and women running on both tickets for president!

    I agree with Jane…..wake-up America and smell the the political ordors of deceit and “good ole’ boy politics” before it’s too late. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of paying for a free ride [whether it’s an Amnesty issue, or the immorality of welfare] to big government and all those who use it for their own, freeloading benefits ! LK


  18. This year’s political race has a number of political candidates who are convinced they have the answer to our nation’s problems. As I read Mitt and Huck: “Time to Team UP!” by Jane Chastain and some of the comments of the bloggers, I was convinced of one thing, everyone thinks that they have the right answer on how to solving America’s problems.

    I was especially interested in what Pastor Walter Bartel had to say. He starts out assuming that he knows how much the writer knows. Having had some discussions with her concerning many subjects, I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about many subjects.

    I think that most people agree, including the Mormon candidate, that Mormonism is a cult. It is anti God as presented by the Bible. God is the Creator of heaven, earth, universe, and all there is, through His Word Jesus Christ. Certainly all of the glory belongs to God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. It is the responsibility of all Christians to give God the glory and be obedient to His Word.

    What many Americans, including Jane Chastain, are trying to do is to find the best way to accomplish this goal. Most people think that they have “the true view” and all the world need to do is to listen to them. The big problem is that everyone has to answer but they all have different ways of approaching the solution to the problem.

    There is growing belief that the time of the rule of the anti Christ is near. Many discerning Christians believe the anti Christ is a living person living in the European Union who will mobilize the Arab and European countries in a united attack on Israel this will necessitate the return of Christ to save the Jews.

    Glenn C. Patterson, D Phil
    Retired United Methodist Minister


  19. Jane wrote:

    “A Republican has to be right on national defense issues to get the GOP nod. That is why Ron Paul, despite his principled stand on constitutional issues, will not be able to break out of single digits. He simply does not understand the nature of the radical Islamic threat, and most Americans aren’t willing to accept his hold-your-fire-until-we-see-the-whites-of-their-eyes strategy.”

    Jane, please consider reading Congressman Paul’s writings and viewing his discussions and speeches.

    Thank you!


  20. I completely agree that a Mitt/Huck ticket would be dynamite. However, as an Iowa voter who chose Huckabee over Romney, Mitt needs to take the first step to mend fences. He savaged Huck in Iowa and turned me and others against him.

    I still prefer Mitt over McCain. The ball is in Mitt’s court. Mend fences with Huck!



  21. Jane, a man who turns his state into a haven for illegal aliens at the behest of big business and a so called Christian Compassion that uses the power of government office to betray his own county then lies about it and still lies about to this day has already displayed the lack of judgment and moral turpitude to be the President of this country. You talk about helping the poor ? Mike Huckabee’s idea of helping the poor is Socialism and taxes which he is also lying about. He may be a Christian but he’s not getting my vote. Someone with the necessary authority needs to call him aside and rebuke him.

    And Mitt, he’s as phony as a three dollar bill. None of the so called conservative powerhouse radio personalities and web masters (except for Joe) are willing to bring up how Mitt single handedly opened Massachusetts to gay unions and even worse than that his amoral pandering to the gay lobby has opened Massachusetts elementary schools to the perverting of the innocent children of decent people through gay propaganda. Yeah he’s such a great family man … maybe to his own family but you can forget the rest of us.

    I could write alot more about these two but it’s late and I’ve got to get bed. Hopefully I’ll sleep well because I won’t be thinking of the disaster awaiting our nation and it’s people at the next national election.

    These guys are a disaster and McStain is even worse. There isn’t anyone left to vote for. I’ll probably write in “none of the above”.


  22. I understand your frustration. You are correct, Joseph Farah did an excellent column on both Mitt and Huck. Check out my columns under “Presidential Race” and you will see that I dubbed Mitt, the “Stepford candidate,” early on for his willingness to suddenly morph into the kind of conservative, most GOP voters said they wanted. I don’t cover for anyone! Mitt’s record on social issues is terrible, as is Huck’s record on economic issues.

    Mitt has painted himself into a corner on social issues and, whether his recent conversion is real or simply for convenience, I believe, if elected, he will have to govern that way. If he flipped flopped again, he would be a joke. However, Mitt’s record on economic issues is excellent. As for Huck, his record on social issues is perfect but he is either confused about whether big government programs can take the place of Christian charity, or he ran as a progressive, (kinder word for hard-core liberal) purely for political expediency.

    Smart people can and do change when presented with facts. Don’t miss the point. If these men could get together, learn from each other and come to an agreement on these issues, it could be a dream team.

    Have you ever made an big mistakes? I certainly have. However, I would feel a lot better about both of these men if they would stop trying to cover up their mistakes and just be straight with us.


  23. Jane,

    Great article! Since the conservative vote is split between Huckabee and Romney, McCain has an unrepresentative advantage. To offset this, would you please come out quickly with a recommendation in WND and elsewhere that conservatives vote for whichever conservative is polling better in their particular state. DW foreshadowed this in his comment above (11:40 on Jan 31). The path to the White House for Huckabee or Romney is not necessarily to get a majority of delegates, but together to keep McCain from getting a majority and then for Romney and Huckabee, along with key Republican leaders, to work out a deal to give them both prominent positions in a conservative-led Republican ticket. This may be the most important recommendation you ever make. Please act quickly.


  24. Conservatives need to do everthing possible to get Romney and Huckabee on the ticket. You should question why the liberal media is so pro McCain. He’s not electable and they are quite aware of it. If he is nominated it will be Bob Dole all over again…with the exception that this time it will place in the Presidency one of two leftists that will lead the United States quickly into socialism.

    Love Jane’s commentaries. She has a very good understanding of the issues and where this is all heading.


  25. Larry,

    I will do it right here. With the compact schedule, it is our best hope — but a slim one — to keep McCain off the ticket. I am deeply disappointed, however, that the candidates didn’t take my suggestion. Perhaps, if McCain does not have it wrapped up after Super Tuesday, they will do as I have suggested and run the table. I would not put my trust in party leaders.


  26. Hi Jane,

    I think Doug Phillips really gives us something to think about here – see if you (and others here) don’t agree. By what Principle do we cast our vote ?

    Who Should Be Lord of Super Tuesday ?

    More important than who wins or looses the 2008 election is this: Will Christians look to the Bible as their absolute standard for determining what principles must guide their voting practices? Will the Scriptures govern our thinking and consequently our actions. At stake is far more than the presidency. The question concerns the conscience of the Church. We can “win” an election, and yet sell our spiritual birthright. Conversely, we can “lose” an election, yet remain faithful to the Word of God, thus preserving the conscience of the body of Christ, and enjoying the favor of the Lord.

    Elections matter. They matter a great deal. But what matters the most is that the Church remains faithful to her bridegroom by following the only infallible standard ever written for the selection of civil magistrates. That standard is the Bible, and there is none other that perfectly reflects the mind of God. It is our source book for determining what guidelines must govern the selection of our leaders.

    Some believe that the Bible is silent on the question of what standards should govern the selection of a civil magistrate. But to reach this conclusion is to deny the sufficiency of Scripture and to substitute autonomous human reason for biblical revelation. Others are so fearful of certain outcomes that there is little reasoning with them. These individuals are (no doubt, unwittingly) fixed on specific outcomes, not commitment to biblical guidelines. They want to condemn their brethren by saying that a vote for X is really a vote for Y. Their election fears seem sometimes to rise to a self-righteous hysteria, governed more by emotions than objective standards. None of these approaches are helpful.

    The Bible is the only answer for fearful Christians in an age of politics. The Bible has the answer to the ethical chaos of fear-driven voting, pragmatic voting, “ends-justifies-the-means” voting, and “lesser-of-two-evils” voting. The Bible does not require Christians to vote for perfect candidates, but it does require that Christians support biblically qualified candidates. Biblical Principles of the Ballot Box explores the scriptural standards for selecting civil magistrates and offers great hope for Christians living in an age in which our leaders have broken covenant with the God of their fathers. It explores the blessing presented in Scripture to all who will enter the ballot box with supreme confidence that the Lord sovereignty reigns, that He is more pleased with our obedience than with our rationalistic, extra-biblical voting strategies, and that the greatest hope for America is not found in the outcome of any one election, but in the persevering witness of the Church as God’s representative in America to uphold his non-negotiable standards and righteousness

    Best Regards,

    David B


  27. Jane, haven’t written in a while. Wanted to run this past you for your thoughts.

    Here’s a question for you that has been on my mind as of late. Does it seem at all to you that we are now (United States) looking over a cliff into the abyss? The things that have me feeling this way are:
    · The entire middle-east looks as if it could easily fall into the hands of Islamic radicals who would then control a significant amount of the world’s oil supply. This could result in total anarchy for the Western world or perhaps even the start of WWIII as we would have no choice but to go after the oil or die as a nation.
    · It seems we are at a pivot point domestically where those who have been living off the government tit are being told “it can’t continue”. The Republicans, reinstated to power in many states after citizens got a refresher course in socialism are trying to do what they were mandated to do and the Democrats are so ruthless that they are refusing to even go into the legislature buildings. If the Republicans stay strong, they will break the socialist unions and force a lot of deadbeats to get real jobs in the private sector if they have any marketable skills. The overall financial condition of the country dictates this must happen or we will just go completely bankrupt in short order. The Dems and Libs and largesse recipients will riot in the streets when they realize the free ride is over. Just as it’s happening all over Europe right now.
    · There is a chance that China or the oil nations will no longer take dollars for their products. If that occurs, it’s also the end of life as we know it in the US.
    · The redistribution of wealth is already well under way. It was quite insidious how they accomplished this. Governments at every level have been compelled to hire the “less than qualified” from an ability standpoint and have filled their ranks with those the government has sought to “elevate” with the use of tax dollars. The ranks of bureaucrats is now so full of them that they are in the decision making positions. Their salaries have risen to the point they now, on average make double what tax payers make and then they are the “only” section of the population with a retirement income that will actually allow them to retire.
    · Social security has been bankrupted by our government. Social Security is “NOT” bankrupting the government as they allege. They took the money out of the trust fund, used it like their personal piggy bank and left IOUs in the place of money. Now that it’s time to pay up, they are having to borrow the money from our enemies to get the money. Of course, they now say Social Security must go away as much as possible. Our leaders should go to prison for theft and fraud to my mind.
    · Finally, real estate. Most of the baby boomers had their wealth tied up in their homes and property. Our “leaders” once again in an attempt to buy votes from the “underprivileged” coerced banks into lending money to those who could not possibly pay it back. They left us holding the bag and now we are seeing our security and life’s work go down the toilet. There will be no retirement now for many of us who acted responsible, worked, paid taxes and saved our money all our lives.
    · How can the government be trusted with anything when they take an oath to uphold the laws and the constitution and then refuse to even deal with illegal immigration? We have community colleges wanting to give illegals “in state” tuition rates which is a better deal than they give many US citizens. If they know these people are “illegal” why are’nt they immediately reported, picked up and deported? Isn’t that the law? How can thousands of employers hire them without requiring verification of their citizenship?
    · How can our government not “vet” the qualifications of the President? Isn’t it required by law?
    The entire GM/Chrysler deal still astounds me. Certainly poorly run, management made deals with the unions they knew would ultimately destroy the company once their tenure at CEO was over and they had already taken their “golden parachute” and retired. How could the government possibly condone telling all the creditors to “pound sand” and give fifty two percent of the company to the unions that bankrupted it? I understand Obama was just paying off his constiuency but how could the Supreme Court and the Republicans just go along with this?
    Just before this past election, at a fund raiser, our Republican Senator, Richard Burr was asked why the Republicans didn’t demand Obama’s birth certificate and he said…”we’re not concerned about that.” I found that almost unbelievable if I hadn’t heard it.
    I’m sure you are very aware of all of these issues. You have to admire the way the libs have taken over our colleges and media to the extent that young people are totally brainwashed by the time they’re old enough to vote. They are so naive that they don’t realize the lives they are ruing are mostly their own. I guess the only thing I truly don’t understand is why do such a large group of people and the media want to destroy the US. What do they intend to replace it with? Don’t they understand that the type of world they want has failed countless numbers of times already? I just don’t get it.
    As Jerimiah Wright said, “the chickens are coming home to roost.”


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