Bill or Hill? Who really ran the Clinton Administration?

In the Democrat primary, the question of experience keeps coming up. Should Hillary’s White House experience count when it comes to the presidency?

Yes, absolutely!

That’s because Hillary was first lady in name only. Evidence suggests it was Hillary, not Bill, who ran the administration. She was the woMAN behind the curtain in the Clinton White House.

We all know their marriage was not a love match. He went elsewhere for companionship and, according to some sources, in their early years, she – though more discreet – did the same.

Bill pursued women with reckless abandon. She tolerated his affairs and managed the “bimbo eruptions” to minimize the political damage and her own personal embarrassment in order to achieve their mutual goals.

Their marriage was one of political expediency. What one lacked, the other provided. He was charming, exuded confidence, had the ability to win over people and audiences but was completely undisciplined. She was the policy wonk — the cold, calculating political strategist and disciplinarian.

On March 3, 1992, when Bill Clinton claimed his first primary victory, with Hillary by his side, he proudly proclaimed,

We have this saying, ‘Buy one. Get one free.’

It was all very sweet, the dutiful husband bending over backward to make amends for past sins. No one will ever forget that fateful night on Sixty Minutes when Hillary announced that she wasn’t just “standing by her man.” What was she doing? She was plotting her political future.

In the early days of the campaign, many claimed the wrong Clinton was on the ticket so they began campaigning to become the nation’s first, “first couple.” Hillary said,

My husband and I are very lucky to have each other, and the country is lucky to have both of us.

When the country reacted negatively, Hillary retreated to the more traditional role but, make no mistake, Hillary was the dominate member of that duo.

Joyce Milton, wrote in The First Partner,

One of the key reasons the Clintons remained in Little Rock after Bill’s 1992 victory was so Hillary could play an instrumental role in selection of a new administration.

After Bill’s inauguration, Hillary completely broke with tradition and moved into the West Wing of the White House. It wasn’t just to keep an eye on Bill.

To support her claim that her White House experience left her best prepared to be the next president, the Clintons allowed federal archivists to release papers relating to her schedule as first lady. However, the exact nature of the role she played remains unclear because of omissions and redactions that obscure many of her activities and the identities of those she saw. Surprise, surprise!

Gary Aldrich, one of only two FBI agents posted inside the White House, reported in Unlimited Access that Mrs. Clinton functioned as de facto chief of staff and White House counsel. She not only ran the domestic side of the White House but domestic policy as well.

Aldrich, wrote,

Some of this was done by high-level staff appointments, such as putting her law firm partners Vice Foster and Bill Kennedy in the Counsel’s Office and making her good friend Carol Rasco director of the Office of Domestic policy.

The early embarrassing disclosures about Clinton’s personal life, along with his tendency to lie and appear indecisive, caught the attention of psychologist Paul Fick. In his 1995 book, The Dysfunctional President, Fick diagnosed Clinton’s problem as the Adult Child of an Alcoholic Syndrome with the associated obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. One of the characteristics is an inability for cognitive thinking. Though Bill Clinton has an amazing capacity to memorize, he lacks the ability to analysis, evaluate and reach conclusions.

In a November 1994 Reason magazine article, “Can the President Think,” Carol Efron made the case that Hillary Clinton was indispensable to the president for the reasons mentioned above.

She (Hillary) is known to be a prop to her husband’s mind… To an inordinate degree Hillary Clinton thinks for Bill Clinton…Hillary’s role with the president exceeds that of an assistant.

Eleanor Cliff wrote in June 1993, that Clinton staffers believed that Bill’s failure to be decisive on significant issues like Bosnia was that Hillary was occupied with health care and not as available to him.

Certainly, there were many other political advisers around Bill Clinton. No, Hillary didn’t get her way with every issue but, when Hillary Clinton wasn’t happy, she made sure that no one else was happy.

In 1992 and 1996 the nation didn’t vote for co-presidents, but, in effect, that is what it got. Yes, that experience should count. Therefore, Hillary Clinton simply should not be eligible for a third term.

6 thoughts on “Bill or Hill? Who really ran the Clinton Administration?

  1. I think this is the most cogent, unique argument regarding her role as has been put forth up to now. I doubt the principle will fly, but I have no doubt that the writer’s assertions are right on the money. Unfortunately, this “two for one sale” was managed by the same kind of mind that manages those sorts of things in sales: “if it’s not good enough to command the price you want, you put it ‘on sale’ as a two for one, and just jack up the price a bit. We are now paying the jacked up price.


  2. Jane,

    Good column about the Clintons. I didn’t know that Rhodes Scholar Bill couldn’t analyze and had trouble reaching conclusions. Bill has always been more of a mystery to me than Hillary because I’ve long known that Hillary is a cold, calculating leftist and socialist. What much of the public doesn’t know about Hillary, however, is that she is also bisexual.

    Meanwhile, it is obvious that appointments such as Janet Reno, Donna Shalala, and Madeleine Albright were Hillary’s choices, and of course they weren’t very good in their roles in the administration with Reno being possibly the worst attorney general ever.

    I don’t think we have to be concerned about this now, but who would have been Hillary’s secretary of defense had Hillary been elected president ? I think that it may very well have been Patricia Schroeder. Hillary probably would have found a role for Billie Jean King as well in her administration.
    White men virtually need not have applied to have been in Hillary’s administration.


  3. Hi Jane,

    I thought I’d just drop by and see what you’ve written lately…just like the good ol’ days at KBRT! I wish Hillary would go away, but we all know what kind of liar she really is! Let’s say no to her in November if she becomes the nominee. And if she doesn’t and McCain gets into office, she’ll be back in 2012, reminding us that she would have withdrawn the troops in 60 days (not to mention what disasters would really have happened had she gotten into office). On the other hand, if she gets into office, it’s look out America…right after San Francisco gets a 9/11 type of attack on 2 of its landmarks. Now if Borat Insane Osama gets into office, she’ll also be on the attack in 2012, and just as ruthless as ever!

    Stay spiritually healthy!

    E. E.


  4. The main factor that I think is being totally missed in all the articles I have read about this campaign, is how totally mesmerized the followers, both msm and individuals, are to obama. Bill O refers to it as drinking koolaid.

    This total dedication was hammered home when I saw a clip on the news of obama giving a speech on april 18, I believe in NC, and in that speech gave hillary the finger using the seinfeld technique so he could have plausible deniability. Here you have a cadidate running for the highest office in the land and he so despises his opponent and has so little respect or regard for her that he flips her off. And why does he do it? Because he knows he can do anything, including giving his opponent the finger, and there is no one anywhere in the media or elsewhere with the cahones to call him on it.

    Because of this, he is an incredibly dangerous candidate and would be even more dangerous if he ever got elected to the presidency. Say what you will about Hillary, she has never, ever, flipped off an opponent during a major speech. And the undeniable truth is in the last 20 years the best years we had were the 8 years her husband was president. The dollar was strong and he left office with the budget well into surplus.

    It is time to support the two lessers of three evils.


  5. I knew back in 1992 that America had elected Lord and Lady MacBeth to the White House. They came complete with their private cemetery for those who got in their way. I feel sorry for Obama. The closer he gets to the nomination, the more in danger his life is. Hillary will not accept defeat or even a buyout like becoming Senate Majority Leader. For her it is all or nothing and for such people, a Gotterdammerung for the country will be predictable if she does not get her way. She is the consummate boomer, entitled to everything she wants to satisfy professed old emotional wounds from her family of origin. She has to prove that there was at least one alpha male in her generation in her family of origin or die trying. She surrounds herself with beta males at best. She has all the grace of a Patton tank, all the kindness of a punch in the stomach and all the tenderness of a blizzard. With Hillary as Bill’s nurse maid, he was much a victim as a beneficiary. If and when she becomes President she needs him like a black widow spider needs its mate after mating. I know she is a sociopath. I wonder how much more will be provable and when.


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