The return of the “Male Chauvinist Pig”

There are times when the best man for the job is a woman, but simply being a woman is not enough.

In the 70s, when radical feminists began burning their bras and demanding the right to break in line, they branded any man who stood up to them as a “male chauvinist pig” – MCP for short.

No one likes to be called names, especially one as unflattering as a mud-laden porker. It wasn’t long before most men simply swallowed their objections to being trampled and stepped aside. A few held their ground and looked upon the MCP label as a badge of honor. There were MCP coffee mugs and various other trinkets one could purchase for these men of character.

Someone gave my husband an MCP towel and he used it proudly. No one could accuse my husband of being against the progress of women. At the time, I was blazing a trail for women sportscasters and he was my strongest supporter. No one could accuse my husband – a small business owner – of being unfair to his women employees. He wasn’t about to let the a few angry feminists tell him who he could hire or promote. He simply chose the best person for each and every job.

It has long been a source of curiosity as to how a few demanding, finger-wagging, radical feminists have managed to strike terror into the hearts of so many of our elected representatives and cause them to vote for things they know seve no useful purpose, waste taxpayer funds and may actually be bad for the country.

Many of these radical feminists have been promoted to icon status by males in the media who worship at their feet. The condescending attitude shown by of some of these same broadcasters and reporters toward Governor Palin – a true feminist – is appalling! Their feeble attempts to gloss over the accomplishments of the chief executive of our largest state would make any impartial observer snicker. Yes, the real MCPs are alive and well, they’ve just been hiding!

Palin has the kind of experience that is missing in Obama, Biden and McCain. The choice of Palin gives McCain the balance that was needed on the GOP ticket. With McCain’s miliary background and Palin’s executive experience, they make a powerful combination.

On the Democrat side, you have two career politicians who do not have enough experience between them to run a company or a state, much less a country. For all their talk about national defense, there is not one ounce of military experience between them! Yes, Biden is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, but don’t let that fool you. It is not a position one attains on merit but seniority.

Once elected to Congress, our lawmakers are in a little bubble where they are protected and coddled. Yes, they travel on the public dime and they are wined and dinned by heads of state but that doesn’t mean a thing!

Palin selection was not based on her years on the job, but what she has accomplished during those years she ran a city and a state. I do not worry about whether Governor Palin knows the exact location of every country in the world or its head of state, any more than I worry about whether John McCain’s strong suit is reading spread sheets or profit and loss statements.

McCain and Palin (like all chief executives) will have advisors on each and every issue and I am confident that they will choose advisors who will serve our national interest and no other interest. If they discover that one of them is slacking off or serving a self interest, they will fire them!

Once elected to public office, most politicians are infected with “terminal niceness.” They cover for each other. They won’t eliminate useless, ineffective programs or people. In short, they won’t fire anybody. They keep a lot of deadwood on the job and a lot of that deadwood is corrupt.

John McCain has a proven record as a reformer and so does his running mate. McCain often jokes that he would never be voted “Miss Congeniality” by his colleagues. Sarah Palin won that title as a young woman in a beauty contest. However, she was known as “Sarah the barracuda” on the basketball court and that handle has stayed with her because of her willingness to take on the establishment and clean up corruption.

Governor Palin, is not a good choice. She is a great choice!

And, to all the men in the media who won’t give this woman her due, don’t look now boys but your MCP snouts are showing!

11 thoughts on “The return of the “Male Chauvinist Pig”

  1. Go, Sarah, and you as well, Ms. Chastain. Regarding the experience of the Senator from Delaware, I am reminded of the adage that doing the wrong thing for twenty years is not twenty years of experience.


  2. Hopefully, McCain will use her proven talents for rooting out and eliminating corruption and government waste. She could be the best thing for the public she vowed to serve, as well as succeeding McCain as president.

    She is the most exciting person to appear on the national scene in many years.


  3. Hello Jane,

    Feminists have never figured out that behind every effective female leader is a secure, masculine, supportive man. I can attest to this–and to the type of abuse that Michelle Malkin wrote about yesterday.

    The appearance of Sarah Palin on the national scene gives encouragement and a strong gust of fresh wind beneath the wings of every conservative woman leader I know. I am sure you feel the same way.

    All the best,

    Elaine Donnelly
    President, Center for Military Readiness


  4. Elaine Donnelly would make a great Secretary of Defense. She knows more about the military and has done more to keep it strong that anyone I know. Check out Center for Military Readiness.

    Kudos to Michelle Malkin, a REAL feminist if ever there was one! Unfortunately most true feminist won’t use that word anymore because of the association with the radical left.


  5. Yes, Jane there is a great deal of deadwood in Washington and deadwood also has maggots in it.

    I loved Sarah’s speech,what a great example to us all.
    She is my kind of woman fun,strong a great mixer, comforttable in male and female company; not afraid to do the job a real pioneer. This is the stuff our forefathers/mothers were made of and the strength of AMERICA


  6. Wonderful point, Jane. An aspect that you haven’t addressed is that the biggest MCPs right now are the leftist women! They are the ones being sent out to do the dirty work by the Democratic Party. My jaw fell open when I started to hear some of these women pundits and supposed journalists say things like men she couldn’t do a good job raising her kids if she was VP, and that men are different than women, therefore her husband was not qualified to fill in with the children. Huh?!?!? These same women that have told us women can do anything and everything, and shouldn’t be saddled with staying at home?


  7. Jane,

    I agree with what you had to say about Sarah Palin. I do feel a fresh breeze blowing my way and heading on up to Washington. I agree with her ideas on Pro Life and, what a great example of what the majority of the “Christian and Toward the Right” are all about: encouraging, forgiving, loving our young people thru their challenges, and trying to raise responsible, God fearing American citizens.


  8. Hi Jane,
    Loved this article……Randy gets after me for not reading enough so will try to continue to read your articles. Needless to say I am very impressed. Love the way you think. Hope all is well with you and Roger and we wish you continued success.


  9. One of my students in my tech.arts classes was a young gal..first she took my Creative drafting class..only girl and she had it rough.boys would make dirty little comments to upset her..then the following year in my architect class they got worse..sometimes I would send her to the office for some paper clips for me ..then blast the wiseguys etc..then to college she went for 5 years..again the same..only gal in architecture class..she would drive over and see me after school and feel discouraged..I would say..hey you wanna be one or not…dont give up or in….well at my retirement party she came ,gave a nice talk and handed me her business card..she became an on it goes..time to grow up guys…


  10. When Palin came on the scene…..I didnt know what to think…..

    but after reading, hearing, watching………Boortz, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck….she has ignited the feets of Strong governmental Conservative, Strong personal-life Libertarian in women….

    my wife is a Strong Conservative woman that thought all was lost in this nation concerning women of her stature….

    THEN…..Governor Palin hit the ‘streets’…….

    I am so pleased to see the “Right kind” of women are rearing their heads…..

    Men……Stand beside your companion….

    THIS is the election when America will Rise or fall…..

    Its OUR choice……


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