Hey, Sarah: Time to go for the Kill!

The Defenders of Wildlife isn’t the only group gunning for Sarah Palin. The really big cannons will be fired following tonight’s vice-presidential debate and the media elite has its sights squarely on the head of the popular Alaska governor.

Any bobble, no matter how slight, will be in bold headlines tomorrow.

While the mainstream media is willing to overlook major gaffs from Joe Biden, the slightest hesitation from Palin is seen as proof positive that she is the empty-headed, backwoods bimbo from Wasilla it has tried to make her out to be.

Will Gwen Iffile of PBS (formally of NBC and the New York Times) and the author of an upcoming book on Obama play fair in the role as moderator? Unlikely!

Will she consult with her buds in the Obama/Biden campaign before composing her list of “secret” questions? Likely!

One would have to give the advantage in tonight’s debate to the career politician from Delaware, due to the sheer number of congressional hearings he has sleep through and the number of taxpayer-paid trips he’s taken.

Nevertheless, Palin can win tonight’s debate if she can break free from her handlers and follow a few simple rules: Here’s my advice:

• Be yourself. Don’t let McCain’s overly cautious “experts” cramp your style. You are the one on the line. Trust your instincts. They have taken you far.
• Shoot first. When someone is out to kill you, don’t wait for them to pull the trigger. Put them on the defensive.
• No more “Mr(s). Nice Guy!” You were much too polite in your interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. If Iffile displays the same condescending attitude toward you as these two, call her on it.
• Don’t let liberal lies go unanswered as McCain did in his debate. McCain allowed Obama to leave the impression that the bailout was a result of failed Republican policy, that his tax hikes won’t hurt the middle class and there was no credible reason for going into Iraq.
• Use humor whenever possible. McCain and Obama put us to sleep. As a result of simply “being there” Obama was the winner.
• Go out to win, not simply survive. Take no prisoners. Aim for the kill.

When challenged on your lack of congressional experience, turn the tables as Ronald Reagan did when his age became a factor. Say (with a smile) “I will not exploit my opponent’s lack of executive experience.” Then, talk about the fact that Biden spent less that two years working as a junior attorney before being elected to the Senate, where he has been a member of the coddled political elite for the last 35 years.

When faced with a question you cannot answer about some obscure bill or fact, deflect the issue to one the American people really care about as Bill Clinton often did during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Say, “I’m not acquainted with this issue but I can promise the American people that if it becomes relevant to this country again I will study it, as I have studied the issues relative to Alaska, and I will make the best decision possible on their behalf, without regard to party politics and without regard to which lobbyist is promising the biggest campaign contribution. That’s the way business has been conducted by career politicians for far too long and that is what John McCain and I are going to change. That is what the American people care about.”

When the pork barrel project dubbed the “bridge to nowhere” — which you at one time backed — is brought up, come out swinging. Our current system of sending tax dollars to Washington and then having to fight to get back 50 cents for a pork barrel project is crazy. Say, “I have seen the light but Biden is still groping (with his tin cup) in the dark having personally asked for $342 million in earmarks this year.”

In another example of the Washington old boy I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you’ll-scratch-mine network, Obama sought some $3.4 million in pork barrel projects for clients of Biden’s lobbyist son. Don’t be afraid to point this out.

For far too long, the boys inside the beltway have been infected with terminal niceness. Don’t be afraid of hurting Biden’s feelings. This country doesn’t need a polite schoolmarm who has to apologize for not having rich parents who can get her a passport and send her to Europe for a graduation present. We’ve had enough of that!

Why does a family buy a Doberman Pinscher? For protection. Taxpayers need protection. We don’t need a polished performer. We need an attack dog!

Sarah, you’ve got the ammunition. Don’t be afraid to use it!

4 thoughts on “Hey, Sarah: Time to go for the Kill!

  1. Jane,
    I find your points of view to be very refreshing, and widely divergent with the mainstream press.
    THANK YOU!!!


  2. Sound advice, especially the take no prisoners line. Palin has a wonderful ability to sweetly deliver a roundhouse. Let’s hope the McCain people don’t get in her way.


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