My Favorite Obama Pick

I don’t have a lot in common with liberals.  They see government as the solution to every problem: I see government as the problem.   Therefore, I watched with some trepidation as the president-elect assembled a team of “experts,” who will be whispering in his ear, guiding his every move for the next few years.

It was tantamount to watching a two-year-old stack blocks.   You know that ragged tower is going to crumble, but how high will it go before it falls?   Which block will be the tipping point and how many will be left standing in the end?

To my amazement Obama’s tower of blocks didn’t tilt as far left as I had expected.  Some of his blocks sat straight on this otherwise wobbly tower.

In fact, the face one of those blocks, Larry Summers, the man he picked to head the White House’s National Economic Council, gave me a chuckle simply because it has caused the extreme left so such aguish.

On many levels, I love this guy!  His penchant for big government is disquieting but Summers also believes in the  free market.  He a pragmatist and won’t advocate for rasing taxes in a down economy so, if Obama takes Summer’s advice, there should be an opportunity for a recovery.

The thing I appreciate most about Summers is that he is a truth teller, even when the truth goes against the left’s credo.  That is why angry bra-burning feminists, those dowdy man haters in “sensible” shoes, ganged up on him a few years ago and had him axed as the president of Harvard.

What ticked them off?  Summers dared to state the obvious: Men and women are different.  Furthermore, he went on to suggest that this innate difference between the sexes might help to explain why relatively few women reach the top echelon in engineering and science in academia.

However, this was not the only reason Summers gave for the gender gap in these fields.  He offered three primary reasons with devotion to one’s career at the very top of his list.  Summers noted that one must put in 80 hours per week in order to climb this elite ladder and fewer mothers than fathers are willing to make this sacrifice.

To support his claim that the innate difference between the sexes does contribute to the disparity, he presented high school math test scores showing that, although boys and girls have similar average test scores, there is a disproportionate number of boys at each end of the spectrum.

There really were no surprises in the material he presented.   Boys tend to have more behavioral problems, and more problems focusing.  However, the boys who do focus tend to outscore girls in math and science tests, not only in this country but in every other country.

Does this mean that boys are smarter than girls?  No, but we are different physically and emotionally.  Girls traditionally outscore boys in reading and language tests.   Also, more girls than boys are going to college and earing advance degrees.  However, once a woman marries, she is more likely to sacrifice success at work for her family.   She is more likely to choose a job that offers an easy entrance and exit and work less hours.  She prefers a job with pleasant working conditions so that she isn’t used up at the end of the day.

Radial feminists may not like these facts, but they are real.  By the grace of God, women in American are still free to make these choices.

The politically correct term for this disparity in the workforce is “under-represented” but are we?   To say that women are under-represented in these jobs would imply that, though we may be equally qualified, there is some sinister force at work to keep us down.

The revelations offered by Summers should be good news for women.  If you have ability in math and science and are willing to put in the work and the time, you, too, can be a tenured professor in engineering and science at a prestigious university, run an aerospace company or go to the moon.

Summers did say that he believes that discrimination plays a role in the disparity in these fields, but he believes that discrimination is a less decisive factor than the others.  This is why he is hated by the feminists who promote the myth that men and women are interchangeable fungibles.  They through they had buried him, once and for all, but Barack Obama had other plans and it irks them.

Long live Larry Summers!  May his voice of reason be heard early and often in the Obama Administration.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Obama Pick

  1. Dear Jane,
    I was looking forward to your selection of the one reasonable pick made by our un-qualified president elect, but it was a real surprise who it was you showcase.
    I was outraged by the “outrage” shown when this man made some pretty logical remarks in a venue that could hardly be considered imposing or oppressive, and the women who made a big thing of it also made fools of themselves, and they probably realized it by the time they got home.
    All the things you say regarding this particular issue, are pertinent in so many other areas where “prejudice” is always the first accusation, and as one of those boys who fell actually on both ends of the math spectrum, I found what you pointed out to match exactly my own experience in so many different venues I’ve worked in over my life.
    I hope you’re right, and he is a good pick, we face a real challenge of a level I don’t think the world has ever faced before, and we shall see how it pans out. I’m still looking for a birth certificate, and evidence of his citizenship, as a former recruiter, I feel I have a vested interest in that aspect, and as a Marine still under my Constitutional oath, I still have a duty attendant to that issue.
    Thanks so much for the strength of the stance you took in this column, I think you’re the kind of person who could do a term in the U.S. house and do it Constitutionally, and then return home to the job you left, just as our form of government was intended to operate, by citizens serving, and not professionals ruling.
    As always,
    john mcclain


  2. Is he here , the man with no desire for the affection of a women ? The man with no respect of the religion of his father or any othere belief .The new medical transcripts that will classify us all by number , the time when no one can buy or sell unless they have a number . Have we now entered the time that we worship the earth and its creation more than the creator . Will it be illeagal to preach the gospel of Jesus christ because it may offend other beliefs ? It does .


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