Obama’s latest racist Clergyman

If you were not enraged and insulted at the benediction delivered by the Rev. Joseph Lowery, a United Methodist minister, at the inauguration of President Barack Obama, you are either (1)ignorant (2)were smoking something you shouldn’t or (3) simply were not paying attention.

This is the bombshell that Lowery dropped in the last lines of his closing prayer which ended the ceremony:

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around –when yellow will be mellow –when the red man can get ahead, man – and when white will embrace what is right.

That last line all but destroyed any hope I have that Obama will be a healer and not a divider, a man not simply given to lofty rhetoric, but one who has turned a page from his racist past.

While Lowery’s little ditty was a cleaver play on words, when he prayed that “white will embrace what is right,” he implied that the white citizens of this country have and are embracing that which is wrong.

It was a deliberate insult. Furthermore, it denigrated the sacrifices made by our ancestors to rid this country of slavery. Many gave their blood and their very lives in this effort.

Slavery has been around since the beginning of recorded history. It was imported here from the mother country but it was our “white” founding fathers who began the fight to end this evil practice.

The United States of America not only ended slavery, but we encouraged other countries to do the same. Throughout out history this country has been a force for good. We have fought oppression around the world, not for our own gain, but to give others the opportunity to share the freedom that we have enjoyed for more than 200 years.

Have we made mistakes? Of course. No country is perfect, but when we recognized our mistakes, we bent over backward to correct them.

Where has this man Lowery been? “Black” are not “asked to get back.” Affirmative Action has been in place for 40 years. Since Barack Obama is the first biracial president, even a dunce like Lowery must recognize that it was a lily-white president and a lily-white Congress that, in 1963, passed the Civil Rights Act which allowed black citizens and other racial minorities to step in front, not in back, of the line.

Lowery spit in the faces and on the graves of all the white Americans who paved the way for Barack Obama to achieve the highest office in the land. Unfortunately, his diatribe was predictable.

Lowery is the man who linked arms with PLO terrorist Yasser Arafat and sang “We Shall Overcome.” Lowery is the man who said that Iraqi mothers consider U.S. troops to be “terrorists.” Lowery believes that the U.S. government was behind the assassination of Martin Luther King and the CIA imported drugs from Central America.

To be charitable, I could say that Lowery is ignorant. However, I believe he is an opportunist who has made a living preaching that the U.S. is evil and that our government, in general, and white men, in particular, exploits racial minorities and the poor.

This is the same man who hosted a reception for Nicaragua’s Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega. I slipped into that country during the Sandinista’s reign of terror and talked with pastors who lived in the shadows, in constant fear that one of Ortega’s men would catch them and slice their skin below the nose in order to peal their lips right off their faces for preaching that Jesus Christ is Lord. Under Ortega, many Nicaraguan pastors died in that manner. That is evil!

Ironically, the press presented the Rev. Rick Warren, who was invited to give the opening prayer at the inauguration, as the “controversial” pastor.

Warren’s theology is as traditional as Lowery’s is extreme. Both of these men claim to be Christian but only one, Warren, prayed in the name of Jesus. Which one of these men is the phoney?

I have no way of knowing if Barack Obama asked to review the prayers that would be offered on his behalf at his inauguration. If not, given Lowery’s past, he should have. This says a lot about our new president’s judgement. God help us through these next four years!

24 thoughts on “Obama’s latest racist Clergyman

  1. You’re right, Jane. This is not good for “bringing us together”.

    It seems we are no longer a nation of people, we are a nation of communities.

    Larry Dorazio
    Pembroke Pines, FL


  2. But it should be no surprise. obama himself thinks the constitution is deficient and that we need another Declaration of Independence. He surrounds himself with race baiters and socialists. The country itself seems to have a desire to destroy itself through politically correct action and thought.


  3. What about the Yellow-mellow part? At best,its vapid or nonsensical. But it also has racist overtones–sort of suggesting that Asians need to mellow out or something (like their too intense).


  4. As a man, raised by two Americans who did their level best to end racism through their active participation in many different works, from marches, to breakfast programs, petitioning government, and even supporting civil rights legislation when it was not popular to do so. I was not even aware there was such a thing as “racism” until I returned to this Nation from overseas.
    The truth of the matter is, we make far too much of racism, of slavery, and of the general hardships of our ancestors while focusing on only those with direct moral tones. Before America, there were two classes of people, aristocrats, who happened to be of every race, creed and color, around the world, and there were “the rest of the people who serve”, with them being called “serfs” in Europe, and “belonging to the land”, and called “slaves” elsewhere, when they were personal property.
    Sailors went to sea with the clothes they wore as all their gear. They climbed the rigging in the North seas, bare-foot, shirt and pants and nothing else, and they traveled around the globe for centuries enduring this. Serfs were ridden down by dukes and princes for fun, and heads were lopped off for amusement.
    The only reason that slavery is so important in this Nation is because of our relative new relationship with the institution, being among the last Nations on earth to experience it, and because we fought a war at a terrible cost, with the costs extending seventy years later still, in order to rid ourselves of it.
    It is by no means unique to Blacks, nor has it been done away with. The descendents of those slave traders who sold slaves to American and European “slavers”, still sell slaves all across the Middle East. While it is politically incorrect to say so, only about half this world has ended slavery, with the other half finding new words and excuses for continuing it. Ask the Somali pirates about slaves, and see what they think about the issue.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC


  5. Dear Jane, nice article. There were many shocking things I saw, not least of which was when Obama was walking the streets, most seats were empty. Then, when the parade was marching by, most seats in the booth were empty. Those Democrats must really care about those people in the parade, what? Then, the close up on our local news of the parade-the only close up-showing the gay and lesbian band. Perhaps even more disturbing was the proliferation of air headed music and media stars who seemed to feel as they are now part of running our country. Tom Brokaw saying, “Michelle looks so good, I can see this will be a great presidency.” Pause for the vomit bucket. Well, we shall see what happens….with fear and trembling.


  6. Thank you for writing this! I listen to talk radio and I’m simply amazed that this is not getting more press, even from the “right.” I didn’t watch the inauguration because a) I was at work and b) I couldn’t stomach the Obama worshiping, but I heard that Obama simply smiled and nodded Lowery’s comments off when they were made. That makes me worry about our next 4 years even more than before.


  7. You are absolutely right and I was offended immediately upon hearing this uttered from his mouth. Had that been a white preacher saying that of the black populace, we would hear outcries in every media market and on the front page of paper across the country, and rightly so!

    As for “slavery”, I would argue that the welfare system we’ve created in this country has kept people “enslaved” by their utter dependence on government (the new plantation owner!) and prevented them from realizing their own dreams for success in their life. While many use it as a leg up to get on their feet and stand on their own, many do not.

    So, I question, what exactly is “slavery”?


  8. Excellent article, Jane. You did a great job of putting into words what I felt when I heard that awful prayer. In my opinion, Obama’s presidency started off on the wrong foot….the racist foot. Should any of us be surprised, though? Even though I did not vote for the man, I tried to remain optimistic. That all fell apart as soon as the final words of this prayer were spoken. After huge numbers of whites voted Obama in, how can anyone say such a thing?


  9. I thought the benediction was wonderful! I am a 66-yr white woman, retired minister, who stood and cheered alone in my own living room when he finished. How anyone could find anything offensive in his words is beyond me.
    Give up your hate-mongering, folks! The theme of this entire event was LOVE, and rightfully so. God is LOVE! Love one another! Look at your fellowman as your brothers and sisters not as ‘others’. Let the love of God and Love for all heal the world. Your hatemongering is so, so wrong. Hatefulness is evil working in you and through you. Turn it around! Nurture LOVE in the world, ban hatred! Who did Jesus hate?


  10. Nice and right on article Jane. I often wonder if the American people will ever get credit for ending the horrors of slavery and the injustice of discrimination prevepent in the “back of the bus” days. I would suggest to the right rev. Lowery that perhaps he would rather that he and his flock had been born to parents free from the stigma of slavery 150 years ago. Just think they could be enjoying the pure joy and benefits of living like Barak Obama’s brother in Kenya…in a cardboard shack. Or better still they might rather be in Zimbawbe, or Congo, or Rawanda. Life for them would ovbiously be so much better if their distant ancestors had not had to live under the horror of slavery. Additionally, think how great the past 40 years would have been to them if their parents had not had to suffer the indignity of discrimination. Even though we ugly “white” Americans (without strong Republican support would never have happened) in 1964 recognized a problem and undertook to fix it over 40 years ago, I am sure their life would have been much better in those other countries. Bottm line, I am sick of the racism emaninating from the liberal elite and Democrat party. And now it appears it will only become worse.


  11. Susan:
    I’m wondering if you were like millions of other hopeful nationals in our great country. I’m thinking the populace was caught up in the pageantry and the need and “hope” for change that Mr. Obama kept referring to in the past year in his campaign? Change that is obvious and needed, but “what” change?
    When emotions consume us, sometimes it’s difficult cognitively process reality from our hopes and dreams, in this case for a better America. I wonder if Susan and others have done their homework, as Jane has, understanding who and what Lowery represents? I know that Jane isn’t “hate- monger” as Susan stated. Actually, she is a patriot who has fought for right and justice in this country for many, many years. Beyond this, Jane does do her homework reflected in each and every statement she makes. Her words are backed by fact and reason, not emotional premises! Jane knows Lowery’s agenda, his background and what he continues to represent and unfortunately, it’s not founded on “love.”
    I too hope for the carrot of “change” that Obama preached as his campaign platform, the hope in rebuilding this country to the greatness it once attained. However, in the process, I would be irresponsible if I left my mind in the closet, and didn’t temper my emotions to recognize reality. This nation needs to open its eyes and its MIND, to preserve the good and eliminate the waste and graft whether for power or goods by this country’s leadership.
    Lowery’s stated: “help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around –when yellow will be mellow –when the red man can get ahead, man – and WHEN WHITE MEN WILL EMBRACE WHAT IS RIGHT.”
    The insult – “white will embrace right” [his perceptions here is that ALL white people are wrong.] That’s a defamatory [slanderous], and a broad stroke aimed at the heart of the entire white populace [including Susan;] I’m perplexed, what was unifying or loving about this prayer, Susan?
    Loving is defined as caring devotion, loyalty which is extended to another. I’m “white, ” but more importantly, I’m an American that don’t feel “loved,” [as Susan suggested], known or respected by this indictment!” Certainly, Lowery mentioned the great melting pot that exists in America-but blacklisted the white man. Lowery’s rhetoric was pointed and insulting, unlike mention of the other “colors” which were labeled, “down trodden” – presumably by the white race.
    Change – how about tossing out the race card – is not a black man currently president of the United States. Its past time to move into the future, and quit lamenting the past mistakes. Let’s focus on America’s accomplishments – achieved by people standing shoulder to shoulder, people- not colors!

    In an effort to support our country and our new president and administration, I won’t act irresponsible by allowing my emotions to short circuit my mind, which makes cognitive judgments as to who people are, by their demonstrated actions – not what I wistfully “hope” they are. We need to hope, but we also need to hold our president and leaders accountable for their choices and actions in the direction they lead this great nation – demanding our cognitive minds separate truth from lies, not allowing our emotions to make up our minds for us.
    Lee Chandler


  12. Racist Whites are feeling the hurt, and it shows. OMG,..God forbid anyone tell Whites in general about their struggles with racism. Oh on, because then the Whites will label that person racist, give me a break. When Blacks enslave Whites, create Jim crow laws, and put up Black only signs then all of these cry babies will have a point. Lowery called out Whites in general to bridge their racial hatred, and here we see a bunch of whining and crying. Cry me a river!! The United Nations is even upset with America for it racism, particularly in the justice system. Racsim is still here in full force, and some Whites are soooooooo touchy because they are the ones racist as heck.

    Let’s talk about Robert Reich, he says he thinks that the new stimulus package should create contracts that shouldn’t just go to White construction workers. Racist and slow Whites are upset with that. Well Hello, that’s is exactly what’s been happening. All contracts were going to White construction workers.

    Clueless Whites are so wild, when they speak they make a even bigger fool of themselves. God forbid more then just Whites get the jobs, then of course all hell will break loose. Wow. and the lame comeback, well ONLY Whites can be qualifed for a job is absolutely stupid and racist. Construction is not a very hard field of study, people can be trained and do a great job. So bottom line, if you are one to cry about this. Just look back 40 years and start there.

    Life is cause and effect, you can’t enjoy putting your foot on someone for decades without them eventually wanting to speak about it and change it. Live with it!

    What is happening TODAY, is a direct result of what Whites did for years!!


  13. I’ve basically had it with biggoted morons like Peanuts Lowery and the legitmization of the warped point of view that he represents. That such vile garbage is tolerated anywhere in our nation let alone a Presidential Inauguration disgusts me. Then again it exemplifies the low class intellect and morality that permeats the new administration and their toadies. So Joe buddy, if you’re reading this, (I know you’re not) just let me say that I’m longing for the day when
    Brown won’t clown around
    and Black won’t act so smacked
    where yellow won’t rhyme with jello
    and where white will stop being whipping boys for every maladjusted P C moron who comes down the pike and stand up and fight !


  14. You’re right on, Jane. However, this incident has much more behind it than this evil man’s vile rhetoric.

    It reinforces my opinion that blacks, generally, will never quit whining about imagined injustices, because it’s been so profitable for them. The people saying that racism can now be put to rest and that blacks will no longer have a leg to stand on in claiming inequalities, because whites elected a black president, are either living in a fantasy world or are ignorant about the immense amount of anti-white resentment within the black community.

    Blacks will continue to fail in school in spite of receiving preferential treatment and grading via affirmative action, and they will continue to score less than other groups on tests. They will continue to have the highest crime rate of any other group in the country, and they will continue to fail to produce any scientists or top level professionals, and these deficiencies will be blamed on white racism and oppression just as they were before Obama was elected.

    Blacks need a scape goat to criticize for their failures in order to have some kind of cover to excuse their inability to progress as other groups have in this nation, so they will fall back on unjustly beating up on whites as always.

    Nothing is going to change.


  15. Jane,
    Dr. Rev Lowery prayed a beautiful/meaning prayer.
    I am a 55 yr old black female.
    The reference to black move back, brown stick around is a code that is well known with Africian Americans.
    The light skined blacks were the favorited during slavery; they got the so called better/or easier chores. The brown complexed blacks were next and than the blacker complexed slaves were treated the worst. The color separation still holds true today. Barack Obama would not have been accepted as President if he was a dark skined African American. Who was picked for first black America, Vanessa williams; what complexion is she?
    There is a slang that started during the Jim crow era”If you are light you are right, brown stick around and black get back. Some of the blogs are referring to yellow as Asian,wrong. the colors are shades of blackness; well understood amongst african A

    Rev. Lowery’s prayer was asking God to bring this damaging system to and end. the color code is still alive; most white still prefer to give the job to the lighter black than the darker.


  16. Peace be upon you all……maybe some have been asleep while time and its events have transpired. The poetic ditty you speak of is ages old and not penned by Rev. Lowery….it seems to offend those to whom it HISTORICALLY applies…..if the SHOE FITS …TAKE IT OFF…some have been OFFENDED since their feet touched the shores of this country but had no forum to SPEAK OUT ON …some of you had better take a deeper look at what is happening in this country and the world, you will soon find yourselves in a position of having experienced what others have already ……


  17. Warren’s theology is as traditional as Lowery’s is extreme. Both of these men claim to be Christian, but only one, Warren, prayed in the name of Jesus. Which one of these men is the phony? ?????

    Phony is not the issue. Invoking Jesus during the opening prayer of the Inauguration is what you should be discussing. You know — the church and state thing as clearly noted in the Constitution and First Amendment. Warren should not have taken the cheap shot.

    And Warren is not really a “traditional” Christian. He belongs to the extreme right end of the Jesus people like most folks posting here: anti-science (believes we walked hand-in-tail with dinosaurs); anti-democracy (wants rule by JC, following Rushdooney and company); believes in witches and demons; all the wackadoodle stuff. What makes him traditional is his belief that homosexuals are gay by choice (couldn’t be born that way).

    As to “Lowery’s little ditty was a cleaver play on words . . .” Yup. Clever, amusing, and a bit of a nudge to the history you’d like to forget (Christianity promoted and enabled slavery, and slaves were taught spoken Christianity to keep them happy and unable to read, and we White folk took full advantage of them, and still do to some degree. Would you be able to get over all that if you were Lowery?

    And why do you attribute the same level of anguish to Obama? He’s from a completely different generation, and pretty damn smart. My guess is he’ll be a good influence on many different groups of people. Whites included. I suggest you give it up and focus on something important. Like why you believe all this wackadoodle bible stuff when the evidence is so stacked against you?


  18. How unfortunate that President Obama permitted such a speaker with racist comments to deliver them at his inauguration. I really do believe that the President (and his cabinet) did know about the contents of this speech before it was delivered. My one strong feeling about our President allowing this speech is that he is trying to be all things to all people. This will not work well for him. He will see this eventually. I hope it will be soon. Biden is another headache. His comments and behavior on inauguration day are already a deficit to the President that can also be seen by the President’s responses. Regretful.


  19. Susan, have you not read Psalm 5:5 The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.

    Workers means the PEOPLE who work iniquity.

    OOOPS, my mistake, you seem to think you were a minister of the Gospel.

    1Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    Obviously you have no reading comprehension skills

    Those words in 1st Timothy are GOD’S WORDS, not Paul’s opinion


  20. To All:
    Jane’s column was published on another website. Her response to my response there invited me to read and share thoughts here.

    It would be interesting to know what God thought of Lowery’s prayer. Maybe He wasn’t impressed, either, by it’s “clever” content. Or maybe he noticed it didn’t follow the pattern outlined by His son in the prayer He taught His disciples.

    Lowery’s prayer/speech can certainly be taken as a slam on whites. Someone in this forum noted that Lowery’s words were borrowed and are code words. Did Obama know in advance what Lowery was going to say? Would it have mattered if he did? Like his former Chicago pastor, Jeremiah Wright, does Obama hold the same view as Lowery? If so, “Dr.” Obama won’t be “healing” anything or anyone while he occupies the Oval Office.

    Oh, and on the subject of slavery, why is it we only ever hear about American Blacks? What about the descendants of the Israelites, or the Chinese who laid the rails linking the American East with the American West? I’d like to hear Drs. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams weigh in on this matter.

    Those who have referred to Warren as a “controversial” choice, are the same ones who are “selective” about when we need “separation of Church and State” – when Warren-types speak/pray vs. when any Black civil rights activist invokes the name of God/Jesus.

    As for this matter of “racism,” I wondered to Jane in the other forum when and at what point will the Left and “Black leaders” in America decide we are no longer a “racist society.” How will they know when America has “arrived” and they will no longer need to “play” the “race card” because “racism” will have been eliminated? I suspect the answer is: Never.

    Today’s Black leaders don’t have the same “Dream” Dr. King had.

    “Racism” is a power issue for them. It’s not about skin color, drinking fountains, lunch counters, housing, employment, or education. For those who cry “racism” about every injustice – real or perceived – it is about politics, money, the spotlight, status – and in some cases, women.

    Jesus came to “seek and to save” the lost. Thousands of the lost were in DC on Inauguration Day. However, Jesus can only save on His terms. God can use Obama to bless America. Will President Barack Hussein Obama allow God to use him as He sees fit, or does he have his own agenda? Things are not looking good right now.


  21. Lowery is a old man , and I believe a good man , Iam a white southerner from the deep south I grewup in a 90% black oppressed neihborhood . There were reasons for evreything . not always good reason but none the less reasons . The black africans that were brought here maybe the fasted advancing race on the face of the earth . My ancestors were slave too . Slavery is not so bad if your held by the right owners . I was happy to see Oboma win the election , mostly because of the older negroes that didnt belkieve it would happend . It truley seems to be a great day for american negroes . I must also pt out that a lot of american negroes are carrying american indian blood , along with considerable no of white people that have been here for more than 300 yrs . So we are really relatives . If we went to africia right now and captured or purchased slaves
    i dont think we could integrate them easily . Real africians have a little differant out look on what they want ,talk about prejudice , go to africia , You will find real meaningfull prejudice . Black against Black , some of them still want to collect heads, One africia told me ! 1957 the sadest yr of my life . WHY? because thats the yr they outlawed head hunting in my country . when did they outlaw head hunting in america ? I dont know if they ever had head hunting here . Only when the slaves got out of hand . We are mixing many classes of people in these stories , evreyone maybe telling the truth but all looking from differant directions . God bless youall .


  22. Per Steven of Orlando: Those who have referred to Warren as a “controversial” choice, are the same ones who are “selective” about when we need “separation of Church and State” – when Warren-types speak/pray vs. when any Black civil rights activist invokes the name of God/Jesus.

    Nope. It’s wrong, constitutionally, anytime the pulpit is used to further insinuate religion into government. Obama was wrong to continue the (historically recent) pandering to the religious right by engaging both Warren and Lowery. And churches that use the bully pulpit should be relieved of their non-profit tax status. Maybe we should have followed Madison’s proposal not to allow churches to become corporations in the first place. You know, separation of church and state. Pray at home. Please.


  23. I am not Christian but would like to add, as an African American person, that what the good reverend said was right on point. This is a phrase that African Americans have used between each other for decades. It is used in a joking way between each other, esepcially when we know that one of us is dealing with a racist situation. It is used to ease the pain of dealing with discrimination on the basis of your race. African Americans have used humor to overcome a great deal of the pain that we have and still suffer and the hands of a Eurocentric nation and world. When I heard the reverend say this I laughed out loud. It is an affectionate phrase that we use with one another to overcome and even laugh at the toxic racist acts that we experience and still do experience. Obama being president is in no way evidence that RACISM IS DEAD. Thanks for letting me have my say.
    Dr. Kimberly
    Cultural Studies Specialist


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