Barack Obama: The First “Feminist” President

If you think Barack Obama is the first black president, you have a short memory.

In 1993, Bill Clinton was enshrined by the “left” as the first black president and the left never makes a mistake, at least one it will admit.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama has made his mark on history. He’s the first “feminist” president.

If you don’t believe me, just pick up the winter issue of Ms. Magazine which has Obama on its cover ripping off his dress shirt and tie, Superman (make that Superwoman) style, to reveal a T-shirt reading “This is what a feminist looks like.” I rest my case!

Eleanor Smeal, the former president of the National Organization of (some) Women and the publisher of Ms., broke with tradition by placing Obama – a man – on the cover. She says that “it reflects Obama’s commitment to feminist issues.”

Where does that leave a real feminist like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, should she become president?

Palin will be more than happy to let Obama keep that title if being a feminist means the wholesale killing of the unborn, the right to step in front of every man in line or the right to a promotion you didn’t earn.

Obama feminists do all of the above. That’s why feminism leaves a bad taste in the mouths of so many real women in this country. Let Obama have that title. It’s no good to us anymore!

While Palin is a true feminist who didn’t make her mark by clinging to a philandering husband’s coattails, the women who buy Ms. Magazine, the Obama feminists, are counterfeit.

Please note Ms. Magazine comes out quarterly. There simply aren’t enough of the NOW crowd to support a “monthly” magazine. Real women are reading magazines like Allure and Vogue because they aren’t afraid to be feminine. They also read Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies Home Journal because they are proud to be homemakers, wives and mothers. That doesn’t mean they don’t or can’t have a career, run a company or become president of the United States.

However, a real woman is willing to make sacrifices for herself and others and when those sacrifices are necessary she doesn’t whine about them. She is smart enough to know that rearing a future president can be just as important as being president because there is as much power in influence as authority.

Obama has carried so much water for the angry feminist in the NOW crowd in the first week’s of his presidency he more than earned that magazine cover!

One of his very first act as president was to overturn by executive order the Mexico City Policy enacted by Ronald Reagan that kept our tax dollars from going to groups that promote and preform abortions overseas. Obama cynically presented this move as something he did to promote women’s health and family planning. There is no shortage of legitimate organizations that do this kind of work. What Obama did was take money away from these groups in order to give it to population control groups like International Planned Parenthood which has been linked to China’s brutal one-child policy.

In another big sop to the radical feminists, the first bills he signed into law involved something Obama and the liberals in Congress named the Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act. For the record, there is a big difference between equal pay, which has been the law of the land for more than 30 years, and “fair” pay which depends on someone’s definition of fairness.

These bills, effectively overturned a Supreme Court decision involving feminist heroin Lilly Ledbetter who filed a workplace discrimination case against Goodyear Tire & Rubber 19 years after the fact. While in retirement, Ms. Ledbetter suddenly discovered that this company paid her less than some of her male co-workers. One reason for her lower pay was poor job evaluations from serval supervisors so she waited until they were dead and the records had been destroyed to file her claim. These bills eliminate the statute of limitations on discrimination claims so no employer will ever be safe.

Forget “Joe the Plumber,” the feminists have “Lilly the Plunderer!” The bills signed by Obama will be hammers over the heads of small business owners for the rest of their natural lives and, for the record, females now head about a third of these firms.

It’s time for the real women of America to unite. Place one hand on your pocketbook and the other hand on your nose. We must hold both tightly for the next four years in order to survive the first feminist president!

9 thoughts on “Barack Obama: The First “Feminist” President

  1. B.O. feminist president? What next? Thanks Jane for another scintillating comun for WND. We here in VT love you even tho’ you are “out there” on the Left coast. I know so many ex-Cals (me included) that would not go back there if everything was free for the taking. Not a chance! God bless you, and keep those columns coming, thanx, Rich Hunter


  2. Your facts are wrong regarding Lilly Ledbetter, according to recent Time article. She was notified prior to her retirement about pay discrimination. There’s more, but you can see in the article for yourself.


  3. Marie,

    I assume that you were referring to the New York Times and the bias in that newspaper is well known. There are two sides to every story and the Supreme Court heard BOTH sides.

    FYI: There is a provision in the law that gives the person filing a claim additional time if there were extenuating circumstances.

    You must remember, there are many reasons that one employee may not be paid the same as another employee doing the same job: productivity, time with the company, an unbroken employment record….and POOR JOB REVIEWS!


  4. Jane,
    It is interesting that the Fair Play Act should come at this time. I recently read of a law firm that had to lay off some of its lawyers. Now there is more work for them, further tying up our courts with more law suits.


  5. Wow Jane, you sound so angry and bitter. Amazing from a woman who stepped in front of many men in line at CBS Sports back in the day.


  6. Not at all. I just call it like I see it.

    By the way, I didn’t step in front of anyone to get my job at CBS. It took 11 years. I worked my way up in sports in Raleigh, Atlanta and Miami. I worked long days and nights and I never asked for special favors. The barriers fell naturally. When the Braves and Falcons arrived in Atlanta and there was a question about whether I should be in the press box, the other sportscasters said, “of course. If she doesn’t get in, we’ll all leave.”

    When I was passed over for the more glamorous anchor positions I didn’t whine about it. I began writing columns and doing a radio show after hours, creating more opportunities for myself.

    Before I was hired by the network, I had a syndicated TV sports show that was in every major market in the country but one. It was called “Everything You always Wanted to Know about Sports but were Afraid to Ask.” The biggest problem I had was the feminists. They hated me because I was having fun with it. They claimed that I was talking down to women and started burning me in effigy and calling TV stations to demand my show be removed from the lineup. However, the show was not designed for women. It was designed for men. If a woman doesn’t understand something about sports she will ask. A man won’t.

    No, it’s the radical feminists who don’t have a sense of humor. Also, they get angry when they don’t get their way.

    I do worry about laws that manipulate the system to give women special rights. It makes all the women who earn their way suspect.

    The Ledbetter Act hurts business. Therefore, it hurts all of us.


  7. Jane,
    I will attest to the fact that you worked very hard to attain your success. I was there and observed all. You were remarkably stoic and persistent in a time when sports was a mans world only. I admire your guts. I am delighted that you have achieved success. We can all benifit from your thinking. You are right on the mark.
    Earl Ashe


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