The White House and the Democrat Congress are preparing to ram Obama’s massive budget blueprint down our throats as early as next week.

What are you going to do about it?

Are you simply going to sit idly by, brace yourself, open wide and swallow hard, like you did with the $787 billion (so-called) stimulus package and the $499 billion omnibus bill that contained some 9,000 pork barrel projects that round out the 2009 budget?

Christina Romer, the Berkeley professor who is chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers,  set the stage for what is about to happen, telling us that this thing is “too big to wait.”

Haven’t we heard this twice before?  Same song, third verse:   It ought to get better but it’s getting worse!

Bear in mind, in a few short weeks, if all goes according to the Pelosi/Reid plan, Obama will be allowed to run up more debt that all previous presidents from Washington to Bush combined.

All this from a man who promised that he was going to change the way we do business in Washington.   If this plan is enacted, change is about all you will have left in your pocket.

The original Obama budget is up on the White House web site  http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/assets/fy2010_new_era/A_New_Era_of_Responsibility2.pdf.  An excellent analysis by Brian Riedl is available from the Heritage Foundation. http://www.heritage.org/Research/Budget/bg2249.cfm

The Democrats are rewriting that budget blueprint.  Yesterday, the White House declared victory saying the House and Senate budget proposals are “98 percent the same” as President Obama requested.  In other words, the changes are, for the most part, inconsequential!

Remember what happened with the first two spending bills that were rushed through at light speed?   If all goes according to the Pelosi/Reid plan, the staffs of our representatives in Washington — working as a team around the clock — will not have an opportunity to read it in its entirety before a vote is called.

Haven’t we learned anything from these last two debacles?  Time to put the brakes on!

Here’s what we do know about that budget blueprint:
•    It contains the largest tax increase and represents the largest budget Congress has ever been asked to approve.
•    It will raise taxes on all Americans – not just the “rich” –  by $1.4 trillion over the next decade.
•    Even with these steep tax increases, after the recession is over and our troops have returned from Iraq, if all goes according to the Obama plan, we will have budget deficits of from $500 billion to $700 billion as far as the eye can see.

Obama is trying to mislead us by crowing about the fact that his budget will halve the deficit by 2013.  Bear in mind, that’s after it quadruples this year.  This means that Obama will leave us with a deficit twice what it was under President Bush.

While the Bush deficits were unacceptable, this is an outrage!

It appears that the president cares less – much less – about ending the recession than he does about callously using the recession to move us from the free market into a socialist utopia.  Obama blames our present woes on three things, none of which led to this recession:
•    Inadequate education
•    Rising health care costs
•    Energy dependence

Unfortunately, the policies he is racing to enact do little to solve even these problems.

Competition is the key to keeping cost down and quality up in everything from health care to education.  Obama is determined to lock us into a one-size-fits-all plan controlled by the federal government for all but the very rich and politically connected.

Obama’s  plan to promote wind and solar power as an alternative for the long term would be laudable if we were not in the middle of an economic crisis.  However, his refusal to allow us to tap into our vast oil reserves — on and offshore — in the near term is reckless.  It will wreck havoc on our ailing economy and will drive up the cost of everything for years to come. Also, his refusal to promote nuclear power, which is both clean and cost effective, will put us at a tremendous disadvantage as we compete with other industrialized nations.

According to figures from the Heritage Foundation, before the recession, federal spending totaled $24,000 per household.  Under President Obama’s plan federal spending will rise to $32,000 per household over the next ten years.   Obama will be long gone but we will be saddled with this permanent increase.   Just how much can you, your children and your grandchildren bear?

Are you going to remain silent and allow this to happen?

It is time to rise up and say, “Enough!”

8 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. While the gist of this column is dead on target, Ms. Chastain suggests that the goals of wind power and solar power might be laudable, were it not pushed forward, while in a crisis. The truth is, were they actually laudable, they would need no special dispensation. Sufficient wind farms to power the Nation would occupy most of the agricultural land currently in use. Sufficient solar power would equally blanket the land, and prevent it from being used as it currently is.
    What must be addressed before any of these “alternative energy solutions” are even seriously considered, is the fact that every bit of energy we have ever used is in fact “solar energy”, and always will be. Whether it is stored in the form of carbon, carbohydrates, hydro-carbons, or rainfall on the mountains, it is all energy from the sun.
    The only reason it is carbon that is being touted as needing control, is the simple fact that of all the factors that contribute to the “greenhouse effect”, regardless of whether it is good or bad as an effect, carbon dioxide is the least factor, and thus the only one we could possibly gain control over.
    The single most important factor in this issue is water vapor, which accounts for some eighty percent of the effect, vice the less than one percent that CO2 accounts for. It will not be singled out because all the solutions produce water vapor, whether wind, solar, hydrogen, hybrid or even electric.
    When a viable alternative to hydrocarbon fuels arrives or is discovered, it will be notable by two distinct factors: first, it will need no subsidy, and second, it will obsolete hydrocarbon fuels, exactly the way nuclear power did before the big panic that stopped our advances in that field.
    If one looks throughout history and observes every new device that has replaced and made obsolete an old one, it will be noted that it never was subsidized by anyone. This holds true all the way back to the beginning of written history.
    If we allow the continued policies of this ignorant man to hold sway, we will be reduced to the level of a third world Nation, however we will still be holding a first world level of debt. Does anyone think the world will not enjoy dealing with that dichotomy?
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.


  2. Dear Ms. Chastain –

    I agree that it is time to “rise up.” Unfortunately, I no longer believe that petitions, phone calls, entreaties, and demonstrations will prevent our “rulers” from passing the current spending bill, or authorizing even more spending in the near future. Nor will petitions, phone calls, entreaties, and demonstrations cause enough of our rulers to take stock and begin to honor, rather than destroy, the Constitution. Not enough of them really listen any more. They have forgotten that they were elected to serve the people and not vice versa.

    The federal government has long since exceeded the enumerated powers granted to it by the Constitution. This latest string of thefts from the taxpayers is but part and parcel of “. . . a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object [which is] a design to reduce [us] under absolute despotism . . . .” (To quote and paraphrase the Declaration of Independence).

    I find myself thinking a lot about the Founding Fathers and the colonists alive in the 1770s. Each of them, who fought on the side of the Revolution had to reach, at some point, a personal decision and conviction that “blows not words” must decide the issue. How did they know when they had reached that point? And, more importantly, have we reached that point again?

    I know that I have reached that point, personally. And so, like you, I too say “Enough!” Unfortunately, I think we will have to say it with arms and not with words. I do not know if I am alone in this conviction, but I suspect not.

    Angelo J. Artuso


  3. Angelo,

    I completely understand your frustration. However, I have been covering Washington long enough to appreciate how they see the light when they feel enough heat. Unfortunately, few are willing to apply it properly.

    Please review two of my columns on this blog. There are some others under the category “Political Activism.”

    My “Sure-Fire, Can’t Miss ways to get your elected representatives attention”


    and “All is NOT lost!”



  4. The House passed the 2010 budget but it’s not too late to innundate your senators with your demand to say “NO” to this outrage. I think we may have enough votes to philabuster the bill! Don’t wait. Call and call again! Find your Senator at US Senators (at the URL) and choose U.S. Senate in the google list. Find your state, open the Webpage and respond under “contact.” Most answer your letters if you ask for a reply. Go for it! Last chance! Attend your local Tea Party!


  5. On the bright side, or maybe less dark, Obama is digging a hole that the Democrat party will have a hard time getting out of. Each naive and expensive decision from him will bring out votes for real fiscal conservatives in 2010 and 2012.


  6. I agree with Mr. Artuso. Although there are many ways to get the attention of the powers-that-be, I have doubt that this will be enough to stop the madness that has taken over our “rulers,” as was so aptly stated. We are at the mercy of the government now, I fear, and nothing will change the aggression that is our fate. Many of us, I believe, are just having to accept what is happening as yet another bad choice for the country. I, personally, have entertained thoughts of moving out of this country, but why? I am a United States citizen and I feel that I am being driven out with the way the current legislation is handling our lives. And yes, they are literally controlling our lives and they alone hold the key to our well-being. Never have I been so down-hearted and sickened as I have been since November 4, 2008.


  7. Jane;

    I have been reading your column for many years and have enjoyed hearing you on radio and watching on TV. I have been trying to tell my liberal friends that Obama and Congress are going to be “….allowed to run up more debt than all previous presidents from Washington to Bush combined…”

    When I say this it is simply dismissed as impossible. I need the specifics.

    I have read the Heritage report and it doesn’t have what I need, though it is a good overview of what to expect from this budget.

    If you know the specifics or can point me in the direction I need to go that would be GREAT!

    Thank you;


  8. Dear Andy

    The current national debt represents the cumulative deficit spending of all administrations to the present time. If you look on Page 4 of Riedl report you will see that it was $5.8 trillion at the end of 2008. However, Bush and Obama share responsibility for an additional $2.6 trillion in public debt making the cumulative deficit spending from the time of Washington to Bush, $7.1 trillion. Now add the amount of spending passed under President Obama and, assuming things go just the way he projects, the national debt will double over the next decade to $15.4 trillion ($12.5 trillion in inflation adjusted dollars). However, CBO says he is off by $2.3 trillion.


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