Senate put on Tea Bag Alert

A warning went out earlier this month from the Sergeant at Arms to Chiefs of Staff, Staff Directors, Administrative Managers and Chief Clerks in the United States Senate. It was short and to the point.

Suspicious Characteristics Mailing (Tea Bags)

The Senate Post Office has recently seen an influx of envelopes containing tea bags addressed to Senate offices. The envelopes have been irradiated, X-rayed, opened and tested by the Senate Post Office and have been cleared and deemed safe for delivery. However, it is possible some of the envelopes may have loose tea inside.

If you have any questions or concerns about this mailing
you may contact the United States Capitol Police Threats Assessment Section at 4-1495.

Yes, thanks to your efforts the Senate has been put on a tea bag alert!

In my column “After the Tea Party” I reminded readers that the follow through is more important that the actual event and I offered suggestions to put your elected representatives on notice that big-spenders no longer will be tolerated.

I urged folks to invest in a large box of tea bags and send one to your congressman and senators each day.

I received a number of e-mails from well-meaning readers who advised me that, due to the extra precautions put in place after 9-11, those tea bags would not be delivered. Wrong!

I placed a call to several folks who run House and Senate offices and the memo above was forwarded to me as proof positive that Congress is getting your message. House offices report the tea bags are getting through, but some have reported that the tea has been removed.

The important thing is to keep it up! Voters have short attention spans. In fact, your elected representatives count on it. That is why they keep spreading our money around like fairy dust.

Americans are worried about swine flu. The swine in Congress at the feeding trough that holds our tax dollars are equally dangerous. They come to Washington with such high ideals but it isn’t long before they are infected with the virus called spendingitis. The infected easily can be identified by the rash of pork barrel projects (called earmarks) they slip into bills in the dead of night.

This condition is accompanied by rapid speech and a raised, often high-pitched, voice as the infected try to convince us that these pork barrel projects are urgently needed and couldn’t be obtained in a more legitimate way.

The “earmark” is the boil that rises to the surface. It is but a symptom of this dreaded disease that quickly gets in the bloodstream and is all but incurable.

Look beyond the party label. Find out if your congressman and senators are infected by checking to see which ones have signed the “No Earmark Pledge” ( Then, check out the report card issued by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation. It’s the only one that is based on every roll call vote that affects taxes, spending and regulation.

Put your representatives on notice by sending those tea bags. Each bag is a reminder that we are mad and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

You can send other “gifts” that will underscore your message. Piggy banks, toy cash registers and dust pans work quite well.

Remember, you have a right to send anything permitted by law that you wish to your representatives in Congress. Furthermore, if your letter or package has the proper postage and your name and return address is clearly visible on the label, your package will be delivered. It could be delayed a few days, if the House or Senate post office feels it warrants further scrutiny, but, eventually, it will be delivered!

The chief of staff to one senator asked me to remind you to send some to the local offices as well. He tells a story about the first time he payed a visit to a local office. He was driven around by a staffer who was a former Maytag repairman.  Yes, this man actually managed to find a job with less to do!

According to Maytag, their products are built to last and their repairmen are the loneliest guys on the planet. Point being that most people are conditioned to contact Washington. If a local office gets 10 calls on an issue, someone calls Washington in a panic and says, “We are being bombarded here!”

Actually, local staffers stay busy dealing with individual constituents but just imagine how those local offices would react to several hundred tea bags.

There are few “keepers” in Congress and the good ones are praying that you will follow through.

10 thoughts on “Senate put on Tea Bag Alert

  1. “Each bag is a reminder that we are mad and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”

    No it’s not! We are going to continue to take it like we always have. It is foolish to believe that our “representatives” in congress are going to pay any attention to our sending teabags. If by not taking it any more you mean that we are threatening to toss them out of office, good luck with that one. We will still be given no choice in the elections of those we would like to throw out of office. The national committees and local party people will put their money behind the incumbent, thereby leaving him or her to be the only one in that party eligible for re-election. Third parties are usually peopled by candidates we know litle or nothing about, and who get minimal if any publicity, so we are stuck with candidate D or candidate R, both of whom are equally bad choices.

    I personally favor secession and a rebuilding of a real America. Whether he really meant it or not, I think Rick Perry’s comment about Texas leaving the union is a good idea, and if done, the4y would be followed by other states as well.

    The current system is too broken to fix.


  2. Jane

    I participated in sending the mail-in of Tea Bags; however, I didn’t want to waste the tea that I paid for, so, I took the covers off the Tea Bags and sent them in. I’ve been saving additional covers to send in during the 4th of July holiday.


  3. Unfortunately it is the special interest groups who are contaminating our legislative process. They need to be outlawed so both parties are not financially “influenced” to vote with the money. Technically, the two party system has been given over to special interests and there is little separation between the parties. It has to stop! It’s only a matter of time before newly elected Republicans fall prey! They need money to stay in office (elections) and this is a primary source!


  4. I like the idea of just mailing the tags. They can be harder to deal with than a tea bag. As well, you don’t run the risk of being refferred to the “risk assesment team” and possibly being investigated or placed on a banned or ‘crackpot list’.


  5. Dear Ms. Chastain,

    Tea bags are a far cry from anthrax. As you alluded – we never found out where the rest of the stockpile of anthrax was of the Ames strain (which supposedly can only be created by our military?) – nor what would be done about finding and eliminating it. As far as we know – it is still in the USA. Between you and I , I would like to know if diseases are being labeled correctly. We know high powered antibiotics were effective in helping destroy effects of anthrax – but when health and human services tells us we have stockpiles of an antibiotic to fight the swine flu – it is laughable. The flu – if it is a real flu- is impervious to antibiotics because it is a virus! Also, is it being geneticually mutated naturally because pig farms have given overdoses of antibiotics to the pigs making them carry diseases that are naturally antibiotic RESISTANT.

    I haven’t yet heard from HHS if she believes this is an act of terror. And, yet – people are dying. Hmmm. I just wonder exactly what is going on and who is hiding what. I mean, tea bags aren’t going to kill you. How many other diseases are resurfacing – and why should they when all our children are immunized – unless they are a different strain. A drug and antibiotic resistant one. I just wonder what is really going on. Susan


  6. We can’t forget what went on April 15, 2009. I have put together a site attached to my work website to archive all Tea Party videos, via YouTube links, across the United States. I have over 150 videos, one from each of the 50 states. Some people have sent them to me and some I have searched out. We need more. If you have a video that is not on:
    please write me at:

    We can’t forget and we need to know that this was nationwide and done by normal people, not by any network or political party. Please send me your YouTube URLs and lets make sure the politicians and our friends know this was a huge hit.

    PS Instead of sending tea bags to our representatives we are e-mailing this link to all of them and telling them we as there constituents do not like what they are up to in Washington. This will show them how effective we are.


  7. Yeah, you 21% of GOP mouth-breathers are really on to something with your teabagging: fantastic, unintentional humor and the shrinking of your Confederate party.

    Please–keep it up. We love the comedy!


  8. Post Tea Party Actions:

    There is too much negative, slanted press coming from the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS) as well as GE’s MSNBC, so lets do something about it. Consumers have the power to sway the news organizations by threatening to boycott the products of the companies that sponsor these networks. If the sponsors fear a decrease in sales (especially now), they will put pressure on the networks. The networks are in very poor financial shape, so this economic weapon is a viable and strong one. The tea parties garnered attention, now our actions are required to get results. Spread this concept around, and lets see what it produces.


  9. Do you thing certain television networks need to receive some tea bags as well? Maybe NPR should receive some cloves of garlic in the mail (now that they have officially removed religious programming from their programming).


  10. Martin Luther King peacefully protested and was arrested and jailed several times. In hindsight and in many history books he was praised for speaking up. Should we now accept a totalitarian state and ‘shut up.’ Is that American? I say ‘give me liberty or give me death.’ And, if you want to take away religion, bibles, faith, morality – just go ahead – but don’t expect that you’ll end up with a good result. After all, G-d is in charge. Not the dictator who believes he is.

    You know Nehemiah, the biblical prophet, even had something to say about credit card companies wayy before his time. We’re all Americans – we all supposedly are wanting ‘transparency,’ ‘stimulus,’ and all that jazz. How about stopping printing money and just becoming honest again and not having exhorbitant usery. Oh. I suppose that’s ‘too religious’ of a concept. After all, the bible isn’t supposed to have anything remotely concerned with human nature. It’s all antiquated supposedly.

    Here’s what Nehemiah said heard from one group of people oppressing another (who were brothers and from the same nation): ‘We are mortgaging our fields, our vineyards, and our houses that we might get grain because of the famine’ (ie depression, whatever you call it today)…and I consulted…’you are exacting usery, each from his brother!…please give back to them this very day their fields, their vineyards, their olive groves, and their houses, also the hundredth part of the money (how about billions?) and of the grain, the new wine, and the oil that you are exacting from them.’

    Now, if President Obama did just one thing before Memorial Day to impress the American People – it would be transparent Credit Card Reform Act. Perhaps even a good talking to the mortgage companies for exacting PMI payments wayy after the 80% home value is reached, also. This is also robbery/usery, you know. Countrywide Home Loans now has a class action lawsuit arising from the fact that they used an in house appraisal firm (Landsafe Appraisal) which consistently lowballed peoples homes so that they were not able to obtain the equity that they had paid into their homes.


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