Obama’s Christmas Stocking

Every Christmas, stockings are hung by the chimney with care, with the anticipation that each stocking owner will be properly rewarded for his or her behavior over the past year.    What will President Barack Obama get this Christmas?  If this citizen were Santa he would receive:

  • A lump of coal for using our economy, which had begun to stabilize when he took office,  as an excuse to pass a so-called $787 billion stimulus bill, which funded every big government program on the liberals’ wish list.

  • A lump of coal for declaring the bill was “free of earmarks,” when, in fact, it contained many of them.
  • A lump of coal for promising earmark reform and then signing the $410 billion omnibus bill for 2009 which contained a whopping 9,000 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion.
  • A lump of coal for giving us a budget that will create $9 trillion in deficits over the next decade–more debt than America accumulated from 1789 through 2008 combined.
  • A lump of coal for trying to fool us on job creation.
  • A lump of coal for putting our economy in free fall by pushing the cap and trade bill that would drive up the cost of doing business and, in turn,  the cost of everything we consume.
  • A lump of coal for signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act which has nothing to do with fair pay, much less equal pay.  It effectively put a hammer over the heads of small business owners for the rest of their natural lives, allowing former employees to file discrimination claims long after the alleged offender is gone, when it is impossible for the business owner to put forth a proper defense.
  • A lump of coal for attempting to pass a bill that will give government total control of our health care and one-sixth of our economy
  • A lump of coal for adding  another  $293 billion to the deficit in the first two months of the 2010 fiscal year.
  • A lump of coal for giving us a treasury secretary who owned the government $26,000 in back taxes and interest.
  • A lump of coal for ditching Yucca Mountain as our nuclear waste depository (it is safe, more than adequate and the only one we have) thereby wasting 10 years,  $9 billion and sacrificing  800 jobs while opening the government up to tens of billions more in law suits from nuclear power companies.
  • A lump of coal for closing our detention facility on Guantanamo, bringing the captured terrorists to our shores and trying them in civilian courts where they can possibly be freed here in the United States.
  • A lump of coal for allowing his EPA to rule that global warming  (the human component     still an unproven theory) and climate change (the climate is constantly changing) produce “a serious threat to public health,” thus allowing him to regulate anything that emits carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses under the Clean Air Act.
  • A lump of coal for overturning the Mexico City Policy enacted by Ronald Reagan that kept our tax dollars from going to groups that promote and preform abortions overseas.
  • A lump of coal for allowing federal dollars to experiment on more embryonic human     beings.
  • A lump of coal for giving us Kevin Jennings,  gay activist, as a “Safe Schools Czar” who, as founder and head of the radical GLSEN has exposed young teenagers to “fisting” and other unbelievable dangerous sexual practices.
  • A lump of coal for making John P. Holdren, a man who believes that human fetuses do not become “human beings” until sometime after they are born, as director of the White House office of Science and Technology Policy.
  • A lump of coal for making Janet Napolitano director of Homeland Security, a woman who supports amnesty  for 12 million illegal aliens, in-state tuition for illegal alien students and opposes a border fence.
  • A lump of coal for making Carol Browner, a former leader of a commission for Socialist International, his climate czar.
  • A lump of coal for reneging on his promise to  ban lobbyists from serving in his administration.
  • A lump of coal for reneging on his promise not to sign any non-emergency bill before first allowing the public to view it on the White House for five days.

To be sure, this is only a partial list of Obama’s misdeeds during his first year in office.  Feel free to add some of your own.  Needless to say, he’s going to need a mighty big stocking to receive all our carbon accolades.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Christmas Stocking

  1. A lump of coal for being an egotistical, narcissistic, self-promoting “tool” who graded himself a B+ for his performance in 2009 while the poll numbers continue to plummet.


  2. For shame. Where is your Christmas spirit.
    He has worked hard to earn so many lumps of coal in such a short time.

    Lets at least give him one nice gift. Maybe an all expense paid tour of his native homeland of Kenya, complete with stays at the finest hotels, meals at the finest restaurants and even a one way plane fare.


  3. He may need that coal to warm his hearth when he is booted out into the cold by the voters.

    I think you are too kind Jane the list is SOOOOO long the paper to write it all down would block the sun, which could reverse the global warming!!???


  4. More than coals to Obama, how about a GREAT BIG lump of coal to the American voters for falling for his campaign promises in the first place.


  5. A generous lump of coal for saying that we are “not a
    a Christian nation”, when even a blind or mute
    person would easily discern the influence of
    the the King of Kings in the formation and
    the good that flows from this nation even until now.


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