. . . for the Children

The most deceitful, sappiest excuse Democrats offered for forcing the hugely unpopular, socialist medical bill down our throats is . . . they did it for the children!

Since the beginning of organized government, kings, dictators, presidents, legislators and politicians of all stripes have used children as an excuse for advancing any number of their favorite big-ticket items that, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t pass the smell test.

But, have you taken a closer look at whom this latest batch of unaccountable, weak-willed, Pelosi-whipped politicians are calling “children”?   They are twenty-five-year-olds!

Since when is a twenty-five-year-old a child?

At 18, you can legally buy a gun, go to war, get married, vote,  tell your parents to “go to hell” or,  gasp, get a job.

At 16, you can work and drive a car.

Let’s face it, at puberty, you can sneak around behind your parents backs and have an abortion.

Isn’t it interesting that liberals commonly refer to young pregnant teens as “women” when they are fighting for their right to have access to birth control or  kill their babies, but now these same liberals, who want to lower the voting age to 12,  want us to treat 25-year-olds as children for the purpose of protecting them against evil insurance companies?

Have you googled the phrase “16-year-old woman” lately?   Can we all now agree that this 16-year-old is still a young girl and in need of her parents’ protection?   I didn’t think so.

The use of the world “children” in the debate to control heath care is disingenuous and outright nauseating.

We are being told that ObamaCare will allow children with pre-existing conditions to be covered.  If parents were responsible and had health care when they gave birth to these children, they are already covered.  If the kids are poor, they are already covered under Medicaid.  If the kids aren’t poor but their uninsured parents make less than $62,000 a year, they are already covered thanks to SCHIP.

Yes, most people have forgotten that, in 1997,  after beating back HillaryCare, Republicans Orrin Hatch in the Senate and John Kasich in the House advanced a portion of it by introducing SCHIP in the name of “protecting the children.”

Now, whole families, making up to $88,200 a year, are going to get a tax credit to help pay their insurance bills.  It should be noted that in many states (and in most of the world), families pulling down $88 K are considered well to do.

Now, the guy making $88,200 a year is going to get money from the poor sap, working in the next cubicle making $88,201 a year.  Employers may hear,  “Please don’t raise my salary,” from employees caught between a raise and remaining on the public dole.    Who can blame these middle-class workers as entitlements are as addictive as cocaine?

Meanwhile, the poor kid, who becomes an adult in the insurance world at age 26 and has to get his own insurance plan, is going to find his premium is a lot more expensive under ObamaCare than it ought to be.    That’s because in Obamatopia everyone is treated equally.   Insurance companies will no longer be allowed to rate people based on the amount of health care they use, which for young adults is practically nil.

Now this 26-year-old will pay a lot more, when he can least afford it,  so that the 55-year-old, who has advanced up the food chain, can pay less.   Even with a government subsidy, which covers about a third of the cost, he is going to wind up the big looser.

That is why most 26-year-olds with half a brain will choose to pay a small penalty and remain uninsured until they actually need health care.   At that time, no matter what their condition, under ObamaCare, the insurance company has to take them.    That is why you can throw all the rhetoric about the larger insurance pool out the window.  That is why you can throw all the numbers that were given to the Congressional Budget Office, out the window.  This is where ObamaCare breaks down.

By the time these young adults are old enough to need health care, their premiums will be through the roof, their benefits reduced and their taxes out of sight.

By the time today’s “children” are old enough for Medicare, they will be deemed expendable as health care costs spiral out of control.

So, let’s be clear about one thing: Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their accomplices are not doing it “for the children,” they are doing it “to the children.”

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