“Dumb and Dumber” on Arizona Immigration Law

There have been a lot of ridiculous comments on Arizona’s new immigration law but California’s governor Arnold Schwarznegger and Latina pop star Shakira get my vote in the category of “Dumb and Dumber.”
On the Tonight Show last week, Schwarznegger called the law a grand “mess.”  Then, he went on to criticize the federal government for not passing immigration reform.  The Schwarznegger prescription: “Let people come in legally and work here because we need the workers.”

Wow!  What an interesting comment from the governor of a state with one of the highest rates of unemployment in the nation! 

Of course Schwarznegger is simply parroting the liberal line that people who come here illegally “do the work Americans won’t do.”   What he and others like him fail to add is “for slave wages.”

If we begin deporting those who have come here illegally and crack down on the employers who hire them, those jobs will still be available, but employers will have to pay more in order to attract the workers they need.

Aren’t liberals always complaining about the minimum wage?  They are the ones telling us, “Every wage should be a “living wage”?   These same people want to give all those who are here illegally, amnesty.  Then, open the floodgates to temporary workers.  When that happens, these limousine liberals will have an endless supply of workers who will accept “slave wages” to clean houses, mind the kids, work in the yard and do all the jobs most people would rather not do.

Recently, I was discussing immigration with a friend who thought it cruel to deny “poor Latinos,” who just want to work here, jobs.  When I told him I pay a house cleaner $18 an hour, he looked at me with astonishment and said, “You are paying too much!”

Nope!  That’s the going wage in my area for a legal, experienced house cleaner.  (And, I might add, she is worth every penny.)  Granted, if I hired an illegal, I could afford a full-time maid, not temporary help,  but it is wrong!

The other half of California’s unemployment issue, which Schwarznegger doesn’t have the stomach to address, is that this state has one of the most generous packages of welfare benefits in the nation.    Many honest California freeloaders will tell you they simply can’t afford the “cut in pay” to go to work.

Immigration and welfare reform: It’s impossible to do one without the other.  If we do them together, we’ll be paying more for fruits and vegetables, but think about how much the states and the nation could save in welfare benefits!  If those savings were passed along to taxpayers, it would be a win-win situation.

Now, let’s get to Shakira, the pop star from Columbia who blew into Phoenix and held a news conference last week.   Clad in expensive clothes, stiletto boots and diamond earrings, the singer crooned, “I don’t want to see this law tarnish what this country stands for . . .  I’m worried about the impact that implementation of this law will have on hard working Latinos.”

Let’s get this straight: Shakira wants the U.S. to  keep its doors wide open to legalized slavery.  This is how this rich, pampered recording artist wants to help hard-working Latinos.

What about all the hard-working Latinos and the other legal immigrants who played by the rules, filled out all the forms and waited in line?   Is she helping them by flooding the market, driving down wages, overcrowding the schools and burdening our health care system?   These legal immigrants deserve a real shot at the American dream but, thanks to people like Schwarznegger and Shakira, it’s a lot harder to achieve now than it used to be.

Honorable mention for the Dumb and Dummer award goes to Mexican President Felipe Calderone who said, “Criminalizing immigration . . . opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.”

Unlike Shakira and Schwarznegger,  Calderone is no lightweight.  He deserves credit for attempting to rid his country of drug lords, but he in no position to lecture us on immigration.  This is nothing more than a cheap political stunt!

Illegal immigration is a felony in Mexico.  Nonlegal aliens are put in prison, fined and deported.  Aliens must be prepared to show their papers to law enforcement officers and can work only in limited circumstances.  They cannot buy property, outright, in desirable areas and must pay a yearly fee to live there.  Aliens are not allowed to protest and they pay for medical care unless they also pay income tax to Mexico

As for Schwarznegger and Shakira, dumb and dumber, one is in politics.   Can the other be too far behind?

13 thoughts on ““Dumb and Dumber” on Arizona Immigration Law

  1. Jane,
    Your article ‘Dumb and Dumber’ was an excellent piece but I have one complaint with it. Like many commentators you have seem to have bought into the faulty PC word game. They are not immigrants, legal or otherwise. The people of concern in this issue are illegal aliens. Violators of the law of the land and now of some states as well. We owe them nothing but a speedy trial and swift justice. I will be pleased to discuss immigration reform when the clowns in DC enforce current law and close the boarders to illegal aliens during a time of war.

    Just for the record, my first request of the “reformers” (AKA Amnesty advocates) is to please explain to me how granting special benefits to a criminal element is fair or just to the non-criminal element who are trying to work their way through our immigration laws. I am appalled at those who want to feel all warm and fuzzy because they “CARE” about the disadvantaged when it is their actions that strengthen the chains that hold our brothers and sisters down.

    I am particularly disgusted by the actions of senior Church leaders of all faiths who pervert the Gospel into their pet social agenda. Not only are they not tending the flock God has placed in their care, they are teaching a moral relativism to their people that leads directly to eternal damnation. God forgive them.

    N.B. In a private email Jane pointed out to me that she did not refer to illegals in this country as immigrants. I agree that she did not. I still would object to the term “illegal immigration” even applied to Mexico, as it is in this article. Keeping the language “Politically CORRECTED”(caps for emphasis,not shouting) as opposed to just non-PC is crucial to winning the cultural wars, in my not so humble opinion.


  2. I agree with one thing: “This is nothing more than a cheap political stunt!” Government on both sides of this issue in AZ are trying to get votes…its obvious! The question is this…How do we get our politicians to quit being political and take care of issues that affect US!

    I am tired of hearing those that support the bill “the law is the law”…this bill violates our Civil Rights!! Yes we have a HUGE immigration problem…something must be done….this bill is NOT the way to go!!

    I hope God gives us the insight to stop blaming eachother for WHY its broken and DO something positive about it…

    I am a Mexican US Citizen…born and raised in AZ. I don’t mind showing my drivers license if I get pulled over…my concern is what happens when a racist pig (many out there) decides that he doesn’t believe my ID is valid and arrests me? Now I have to PROVE that I am a citizen….I live alone, my “documents” i.e. birth certificate, etc are at HOME! How am I going to prove that I am a citizen? I will have to ask someone to come get my key, go dig in my personal files to get said documents! Do I not have rights? I beleive this would be a violation of my civil rights – 14th amendment….Or am I being like my dumb and dumber amigos? I work in a law firm and have heard from MANY legal clients that the police have harrased them and violated their rights and this bill isnt’ law yet! What is going to happen when a Latino (US Citizen) is targeted because the cops and Sherrif have a new “tool” to use to “get them illegals”…

    I’m all for laws and putting into place a good foundation for immigration reform, but SB1070 is WRONG for ALL citizens!!

    God Bless America and God Bless YOU all!


  3. We need to import more (allegedly illegal) politicians like those in Arizona. They seem to have done a job most American politicians won’t do!


  4. There are three groups that seem to be missing in this debate about “latinos”.

    1. Illegal immigrants also include Moslem Extremists, Asians and other nationalities.

    2. Drug smugglers also have free access to our borders.

    3. The group almost never mentioned are the “latinos” who are resident Americans who have a difficult time finding a good paying job because of the influx of illegal “latinos”.

    A neighbor on my block has traced her family as living in what is now Texas for 16 generations. They were here long before Texas became a state, but suffer from the “latino” low wage illusion.


  5. Jane,

    It is an apparent inherit weakness of many whites that they won’t do hard manual labor or low, menial type jobs. The solution in regard to this hundreds of years ago was to bring blacks over to the United States from Africa, and now the solution is to have illegal workers from Mexico to do these kinds of jobs. I have a friend who lives in California that knows people that pay illegals from Mexico less than minimum wage for housekeeping, etc, and sometimes they forget to pay them at all. A lot of the problem is greed by whites, but they are overlooking something vital. As Ronald Reagan once said, ‘The simple truth is that we’ve lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive. We ignore America’s lost sovereignty at our own peril.”


  6. This is to Me Myself and I: Arizona was RIGHT in passing that law and IF our government had been doing their JOB that we pay THEM to do, that law would not have been necessary for we would NOT have allowed our country to take in about 30 MILLION illegal aliens. They said in their marches that they were here to take back all the States we won in the Mexican/American war and if you look at the signs they carry, you can SEE that they are here to occupy, not to assimilate and become and American. They are INVADERS and we have been IDIOTS in this country. The Democrats want to give them amnesty for they want their SOCIALIST votes.


  7. Good Job, Jane, on covreing the issues. The problem is simple, the solution complex. Until a state experiences the fiscal disaster of a couple hundred thousand illegals using the state’s resources and not contributing to its income they really have no right to criticize! My feeling is to load these people on busses and distribute them to the states that are screaming the loudest about racial profiling. Let them understand the issue. My granddaughter’s school dropped all it’s extra curricula subjects for next year – no money. Granted the illegals buy product in America but that can’t compare to the drain on Arizona’s budget. The state is suffering. People are dying at the border, drugs in huge quantities are passing into Arizona and we can’t stop it. Obama is laughing at our problems and refuses to acknowlege that this country is at risk. We can do nothing about those who are here until we stop the flow. I won’t accept ever calling these people citizens. They have no right to that status since they are here illegally. But how to you send 30 million people “home” to Mexico when many have been here long enough to settle and to have children who, for some insane reason, get automatic citizenship. So how about we compromise. We make them legal residents, never citizens, never to vote, exportable for crimes committed. They earn this status by accepting service in the US Military, Americorp or Peace Corp for 4 years minimum. They pay taxes, they pay a severe fine (over the 7 years they wait for legal residency status) and they attend English classes in order to pass a residency test in English! Those who commit felons should be incarcerated or exported for a violent crime. I shudder in fear that this congress will approve citizenship for those who entered illegally and have displaced those who wait patiently, for years, for legal entry. One last comment – there may be a risk for those who are citizens or here with legal status but if they can’t understand the problem then are they true Americans? Since when is a driver’s license an indication of legal status in America? It is not. So if Mexican Americans are concerned about a harassing police stop then they can protect themselves with a passport. Every country in the world requires papers on immigrants, visitors, tourists, etc. and you are expected to carry those papers with you at all times. It is also required by the US Government of anyone legally entering this country. Why the double standard? So what is all this yelling about racial profiling. It is simply the old addage that a strong offense is a good defense. But the problem is … this president is buying into it instead of protecting the interests and rights of Americans.


  8. Ellen, “this president” isn’t “buying into” anything – he’s upholding citizens’ constitutional rights. Police can’t randomly punch your license plate number into their database to see if you’re wanted for anything. They can’t pull you over simply to search your trunk. They can’t even search your car for drugs simply because your were speeding, or even if you were drunk. It’s unconstitutional. They need to establish cause.

    Likewise, police officers need reasonable cause before asking someone to prove they’re an American citizen. It’s a fine point, I concede, but constitutional protections are in place for good reasons, and I don’t see why anyone should blame Obama for them.

    Also, American citizens aren’t required to own a passport, so what will they do when they’re questioned about being a citizen? I agree the illegal alien issue in the states is a big problem but AZ’s new proposal is not a good solution.


  9. Mike Wil: If you are worried about being challenged for your citizenship – get a passport. The only place your citizenship might be challenged is in the cities that sanctuary illegals. If you want to be in that city and you approve the sanctuary then get a passport if you’re worried. In fact, in AZ the license is a proof of citizenship because Arizona requires citizenship papers to get a license. I wasn’t aware of that when I wrote my first response. And, finally, SB1070 does not authorize Arizona police for illegal searches. The law follows the federal law. If the federal law is legal then SB1070 is legal. The law allows for the query of citizenship if the individual is in the process of commiting a misdemeanor or felon. Seems fair to me. If you are walking down the street minding your own business you will not be asked for proof of citizenship. OK so you have stated what’s wrong with my response and you acknowledge that Arizona has a problem but you have not suggested a good solution, only that mine is not. I’m listening!


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