Obama Disses the Boy Scouts

Have you ever been stood up?  Worse still, have you ever been stood up for a really important date, say the most important event of your life?  Now it’s one thing if your date is sick or is the victim of some unforeseen cataclysmic event.  It’s quite another to run into him at the local soda shop with another chick or . . . four other chicks.

That is, in effect, what happened to the Boy Scouts of America. This week, the nation’s most popular values-based youth organization was stood up by its honorary chairman, the president of the United States, for its most important event in 100 years –the Boy Scout Jamboree which commemorates its centennial anniversary.  It’s not like Barack Obama didn’t know this was coming.  Normally, the Jamboree is held every four years, but this one was delayed a year to mark this important occasion.  

To be sure, the president of the United States is a busy man.  There are many pressing issues that need his urgent attention, like the war in Afghanistan, the intelligence leaks and our economic meltdown.
One could forgive him for attending an urgent meeting with Hamid Karzai, his intelligence chiefs or even his pathetic economic team.   Better still, if he had scheduled a meeting with  a cadre of experienced economists who actually know the difference between a government giveaway and an economic stimulus, who are smart enough – and honest enough – to have paid their taxes.  Wow!  That would be a momentous event worthy of his undivided attention, but no!

The Boy Scouts were dissed just so he could appear on “The View” with a group of vacuous air heads.  Instead of encouraging a group of young, highly motivated achievers, Obama chose to discuss political issues on a program that is designed to appeal to welfare queens and other mentally-challenged ne’er-do-wells, who park themselves on couches to watch the drivel on daytime television.

Obama’s three predecessors, each found the time to address at least one Boy Scout Jamboree and President Ronald Reagan sent the first lady to the 1985 event.
At a time when the majority of our young people would rather play video games than take part in outdoor activities, wouldn’t this have been a perfect venue for Michelle Obama, who has launched a campaign to end childhood obesity?

Guess the serial vacationing first lady was too busy planning next week’s trip to Spain with daughter Sasha and friends at the Ritz-Carlton, Villa Padierna, in fashionable Marbella, to break a sweat with the 45,000 Boy Scouts who are camping out in the heat and humidity at Fort A.P. Hood near Fredericksburg, Va.
To be fair, the president never confirmed that he would be there for the address to the Scouts which was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. yesterday (they had to settle for a short recorded message).

Bob Dries, chairman of national news and media at the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree, told at least one news source, that the organization learned on Monday that the president had scheduling conflicts.  Another news source reported that the  Boy Scouts knew two months in advance that Obama would not be able to attend.  Nevertheless, the news media did not confirm that the president would bypass this historic celebration until his schedule was released on Monday afternoon.

By Tuesday afternoon, the White House was in full damage control mode announcing it was the fund raisers, not the TV appearance, that prevented the president from attending. Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told FoxNews.com. “We were always going to be out of town that day.”
So let’s get this straight: After speaking in New Jersey, the president decided to travel the short distance to New York to tape “The View” instead of traveling the short distance to Virginia to address the Boy Scouts.

Oh!  That makes everything perfectly clear.  We get it!  The Boy Scouts is not a priority.  Raising money and addressing the enamored ladies of the “The View” is a priority.

Was Obama really too busy or was he more concerned about offending his radical left base by addressing a group of youth who are committed to honoring God and keeping themselves “morally straight”?

I hope the president scored a lot of points with “The View’s” mush-brained audience.  He’s going to need it to make up for the families of the current 4 million Boy Scouts and the more than 50 million living alumni that he offended.

I can tell you that this wife of an “Order of the Arrow” Eagle Scout was personally insulted.

11 thoughts on “Obama Disses the Boy Scouts

  1. Another one out of the park, Jane. I just have a couple of points to add.
    1) Mr. Obama must reason that the “welfare queens and other mentally-challenged ne’er-do-wells” can vote whereas the average current Boy Scout can’t.
    2) If I were a Boy Scout attending the Jamboree, I wouldn’t want Mr. Obama attending it since his values are so diametrically opposed to mine.
    Love your work,
    George Snider
    Wichita, Kansas


  2. As a former Boy Scout, while normally I would be upset with the President of the United States ignoring the Scouts on their Anniversary celebration, the President is Barack Obama. I certainly do not believe he is someone these young men should look up to. His rise to the Presidency and his beliefs do not mirror the ideals of Scouting. It is probably best that President Obama stay away! I hope and pray that among those Scouts in Virginia are leaders who will grow up to be Presidents and legislators of honor.


  3. It is really shocking that Obama would do this. It is also the 100th anniversary of the Scouting movement, with 246,146 scouts, in his native country of Kenya.


  4. Our son became an Eagle Scout in November 2009. He was very diligent and worked hard to achieve this rank. On January 23, 2011 he will leave for Marine boot camp, followed by training as an MP. We are extremely proud of him and the love and respect he has for our great country. His older brother is a Marine. My dad was a Marine who served in the Pacific in WWII and was on Iwo Jima when they raised the American flag. Frankly, not having Mr. Obama at the Jamboree is fine with us. Having Mr. Obama’s signature on official Eagle Scout paperwork is an insult to the hard working young men who love their country, learn about it’s great history, apply themselves to it’s creed, and achieve this honor. Mr. Obama has repeatedly shown that he has no respect for any of those things, and embodies exactly the opposite of all the beliefs the Boy Scouts of America hold dear. He has shown a repeated disrespect for the things that the Boy Scouts believe and teach. He is much more suited to be on The View with its liberal/progressive hosts. Thank you Mr. Obama for NOT bringing your anti-American self to this wonderful Boy Scout activity. I would like to say that, from this family at least, you will not be missed.


  5. Jane,
    As a scout, it is appropriate for you to be outraged at the insult against the organization. However, it was good for the scouts to learn what kind of president they have. They will remember all their lives. “Rewritten history” won’t alter their opinion.
    If you do not get a copy of “Man Without A County”, by Pat Boone, which is circulating the internet, let me know. I will send. The scouts were likely blessed not to have had to endure the message this” man without a country” would bring.
    Keep writing and God Bless your work. Christians will turn this country around.
    Elsie Stevenson
    Houston, Texas


  6. Jane;
    Good article and as a fellow scout with your husband, whom I credit my Order of The Arrow to, though I only attained Life scout, that experience remains in my heart. I only hope the scouts at the jamboree learned a lesson about the man in our white house. I contend he is communist atheist tutored by fellow atheist George Soros. I have no respect for this president at all. Keep up the good work.


  7. I agree with the comments above, and assure you…that as the mother whose son is currently a Life scout working toward his Eagle and who is attending the Jamboree….most of the scouts I know don’t WANT Obama there. He has shown NO leadership in his role as Commander in Chief of our military either and he has VERY little support in that arena…so it stands to reason that scouts would feel the same way. The Presidency has just been a big vacation for him and his family and made the U.S. a laughing stock around the world. His actions speak louder than words, so I rest my case. “Wake up, America!”


  8. Jane, I have heard so many wonderful things about you from Glenda Brunson Young, and everything she said is true. Thank you for being bold enough to stand up for what the majority of our American people are thinking.
    Perhaps it was by divine order the President did not speak to these cream of the crop young men. As another reader noted, his behavior made an impression these future leaders of America will never forget. The keynote speaker on such a monumental occasion as the 100th birthday should really be a person who lives and values the ideals being taught by the Boy Scouts of America. Sadly, that is obviously not the case with our current President. May the Boy Scouts across the nation truly learn from this and determine in their own minds they themselves will grow up and be better and more responsible leaders than the example set for them this week.


  9. Once upon a rather long time ago, I put my time in as a boy scout. Having been to many boy scout camps and other events, I can *FULLY* understand why the President would want to be pretty much anywhere else. I was a boy scout and I wouldn’t go there if you paid me double overtime.

    I don’t know if you, Ms. Chastain, have ever been to a boy scout camp. If you have not, let me explain. (I also preface this by saying that things may have improved since I was in the scouts, so some of this could be outdated.)

    Boy scouts camp is a generally unpleasant place. As you pointed out, it’s miserably hot and humid. The food is terrible, and the bathroom facilities are usually some form of dirty outhouse. Why anyone besides current boy scout members (or maybe child molesters) would want to go there is entirely beyond me.

    Boy scouts camp or a talk show and a nice hotel. This ex boy scout knows which one he’d choose and certainly isn’t bothered that Obama chose the same.


  10. Jane: Real the “Boy scouts Jamboree”, real? Are you saying he disrespect our boys in uniform?, please. Or is he more focused on speaking to adults (The View) about what he is doing to repair our nation (those boys can’t vote, you know). And so you know (or take a look yourself) Twelve other presidents have skipped the Jamboree, including Ronald Reagan (he missed all of them), Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and yes even Dwight D. Eisenhower, among others, so, honestly, who cares, I don’t.


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