It’s Official: Congress is a Joke

Last week, comedian Stephen Colbert’s testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration was roundly criticized by the media and politicians of all political stripes as a joke.  However, as it turned out, the joke was on Congress itself.

Colbert, a faux right-wing Republican commentator, was brought in by Chairman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) to ridicule her GOP colleagues and offer a little “star-power” to the Democrats’ effort to pass an amnesty bill and get more desperate, illiterate Mexican workers into the country, legally.   These workers, who cannot speak English, then would be dependent on the left-wing Spanish language media that, come election time, can be expected to herd them into voting booths to, surprise, surprise, elect more Democrats.

Democrats eventually will help these illiterate berry pickers graduate from picking fruit to becoming illiterate citizens.  Then, they can then retire on the government’s welfare plantation,   What a life!

However, it’s not quite the heaven they envisioned when they crossed the border into the land of the free and the home of the brave.   No, once they escape the hell of the fields, they will not land in heaven, but in dependent purgatory, where they will remain trapped forever somewhere between the poverty of Mexico and the affluence available to immigrants who come here through traditional channels.

While the GOP members of the committee were not amused with Colbert’s appearance, it was the Democrat majority, who were left speechless. Colbert, drawing on his vast (less than one-day) experience as a farm worker, said, “It (the work) is really, really hard (revelation) . . .  It turns out . . . most soil is at ground level.  If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we make the earth waist high?  Come on! Where is the funding?”

“I’m not a fan of Congress doing  anything (the view of the right) but I’ve got to ask why isn’t the government doing anything?”  (The left feels they must solve all problems great and small.)

With tongue firmly planted in cheek Colbert continued,  “Maybe this ag jobs bill would help, (another revelation) I don’t know?   Like most members of Congress, I haven’t read it.”   (This was an unwelcome reminder of Speaker Pelosi’s embarrassing remark on the health care overall: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”)

Colbert went on: “But, maybe we could offer more visas to the immigrants who, let’s face it, will probably be doing these jobs anyway.  (We aren’t enforcing the law and we are not about to enforce the law.)  And this improved legal status might allow immigrants recourse if they are abused.”

Colbert was as funny and he was brutally honest.  However, he has the mind set of any liberal whose head has turned so far to the left that the head and the mind become locked in place.  As a result, one can no longer think for himself.

The Democrats answer is simply to give all of these people visas to come into the country to do this work until they can be rewarded with citizenship and transfer to the government plantation (citizenship purgatory).

The real answer is to enforce the law, make it more expensive to import fruits and vegetables and let the free market work.

Think the welfare rolls are high now?  Just wait until the Democrats pass one of these amnesty measures.

However, Colbert sees another problem (tongue still in cheek), “I’m a free market guy.  Normally, I would leave this (labor problems) to the invisible hand of the market, but the invisible hand of the market has already moved more than 84,000 acres of production and more than 22,000 farm jobs to Mexico, and shut down more than a million acres of U.S. farm land due to lack of available labor.”

Of course Colbert envisions a liberal utopia where the government steps in to set wages and regulate working conditions and everyone is happy.

Under this scenario, Colbert expects all those farm producers that now are moving their operations to Mexico will remain locked in place.

Let’s get this straight:  We can’t keep Mexican workers from coming into this country illegally but we can keep agribusinesses from fleeing to Mexico.

That was the real “Ah, ha!” moment in this hearing.  Even a liberal like Colbert believes (deep down) that our government can control the border!  The truth is out!

3 thoughts on “It’s Official: Congress is a Joke

  1. The “problem” I see with Stephen Colbert’s “testimony” is that he remained closer to the truth than does typical left-Liberal rhetorical distortion. Further, he humorously contrasted left and right thinking without resorting to the trump-card of alleged racism. In doing these things, he may have unwittingly moved votes to the right because, indeed, the truth is out!


  2. This is picking at a minor point in Colbert’s commentary, but most agricultural interests are not in Mexico for the cheap labor; they’re there because of crushing state and federal governmental regulations in the U.S. Check with California vegetable farmers for a good example. By contrast, Mexican growers are very much encouraged by their government as they are a huge source of export income.

    Anecdotally, at least historically, productivity per labor dollar in Mexico is enough lower that lesser hourly labor costs are offset by lower production. All other production costs are typically higher than in the U.S. American agricultural interests go into and leave Mexico all the time.

    So, Colbert may have been presenting some correct effects, but with wildly incorrect causes.

    Vic Safranek
    Phoenix, AZ


  3. Congress became a joke at least from the point in time when Minnesota certified the Saturday Night Live comic, Al Franken, as Senator!

    May the good news be yours 🙂


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