John Boehner is a Hypocrite!

How can you tell if a politician is lying?  If his (or her) lips are moving.  So goes one of the oldest political jokes. It would not be funny if it were not true.

Barack Obama wants a socialist nanny state.  He believes that the government should take care of our every need.   Furthermore, he wants the government to define those needs.  In order to fund the nanny state, he must redistribute the wealth in the country.

For those who were not paying attention during the 2008 presidential election, Obama campaigned on what he termed “economic fairness” and “social justice.”  To the uninitiated, these words may sound benign, but those terms are right out of the play book of Karl Marx.

Republicans, on the other hand, are the party of self-reliance.  They believe that those who work harder and longer are entitled to the rewards of their labor.  They believe that government should provide only those things the individual cannot provide on his or her own.

In the last election, Americans threw out a rather sizeable share of their elected representatives in Congress and handed control of the House of Representatives to the GOP.  It was an attempt by voters to get control of our runaway government and a clarion call to balance the nation’s books.

Both parties maintain they want a balanced budget but the Democrats want to do it by taxing the evil rich, who are the job creators.  Republicans want to do it by shrinking our bloated government.

Republicans in the House elected John Boehner to be their leader.  As Speaker of the House his confrontations with the president have dominated the headlines.   So which of these men can be trusted?  Which one of these men backs up his lip movements with action?  Which one of these men is a “true believer”?

After a little over a year, the results are undeniable:  Barack Obama is a true believer;  John Boehner is the hypocrite.  I would use the phrase “cheap politician” but there is nothing cheap about the additional debt that has piled up on his watch.

Boehner is fond of saying, “Oh, but we (Republicans) control only one-half of one-third of the government.” That is true, but he uses that phrase like a “get out of jail free” card.  Don’t be fooled!

Each year, the president submits a budget.  It is essentially a “wish-list,” largely ceremonial.  It is the job of Congress to pass a budget.   Since Obama has been president, Congress — even under total Democratic control — has failed to pass a budget.

The House, to its credit, passed the Ryan budget, which was a good first-step toward getting our spending under control.  However, the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to vote on it or come up with one of its own.
As a result, the Boehner-led House passed a series (four to be exact) of continuing resolutions to keep the government running at the same alarming rate.  At any one point, the House could have simply said, “No!  Pass our budget.  Give us another one that is reasonable or shut down the government.  It’s your choice.”

Instead, the House caved, and caved, and caved and caved and – in return – got nothing, nothing, nothing, and nothing.

Boehner knows (and every voter should know) that the House of Representatives  is in charge of the nation’s pocketbook.   According to the Constitution, no money can be spent unless the House of Representatives says it can be spent.   The Senate must concur, but all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives.  Technically, the president writes the checks, but it is Congress that puts the money in the checking account.  If there is no money in the account, those checks are worthless.

Since Boehner has been at the controls, this nation has racked up another $10, 650 in debt for every American household.  Outrageous!

Boehner had numerous times when he could have put his foot down and stopped the hemorrhaging of red ink. His biggest opportunity came last August when the House had to give its approval to raise the debt ceiling. Boehner persuaded his colleagues to raise that ceiling by $2.4 trillion in return for the promise of a few spending cuts down the road.  Those cuts have not materialized.  Surprise, surprise!

To add insult to injury, the House just caved in to Obama, again, by agreeing to another unfunded  payroll-tax holiday.

Boehner’s blame-it-on-Obama rhetoric is getting old.

Obama believes in a big government nanny state and he doesn’t care if he has to bankrupt the country to achieve his goal.

Boehner, it appears, believes in nothing.

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