Will Romney Cave on Illegal Immigration?

The U.S. Constitution and the rule of law usually suffer when committed left-leaning socialist Democrats partner with so-called “moderate” Republicans to promote something because it is deemed “politically expedient.”  In 2007, Karl Rove, George W. Bush and their allies in the Senate tried to shove a bill down our throats that would have granted amnesty to from 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in return for (trust us) tougher border enforcement.  Republicans wanted cheap labor and Democrats wanted the illegals’ votes.

Average Americans, on the right and on the left, were outraged and bombarded Washington. The effort stalled.

When politicians can’t get something passed straight up, they break it apart and try to build support by singling out the most appealing, time-tested argument.  “We must do it for the children.”   Thus the DREAM Act was born which would grant amnesty to the children of the people who have broken into this country illegally.  Presumably, those children could, in turn, sponsor their lawbreaking parents.  Thus far, this effort has been unsuccessful, but not for lack of trying by the GOP establishment.

Last weekend, President Obama suddenly announced it was within his power to ignore current immigration law and grant amnesty to some 1.4 million illegal aliens under the age of 30 who were brought here by their parents before their 16th birthday and who have (or will have) a high school education.

No sooner had he made that announcement than key members of the Republican establishment began a collective swoon. Though they deride the process, they applaud the end result.  Here are some examples from Sunday’s political broadcasts:

Karl Rove on Fox News Sunday:

I wish he had gone to the Congress. He would have had — my suspicion is –  a very strong positive vote by Congress on this, mostly Democrats but some Republicans . . .  This is a relatively narrow — as Bill (Kristol) said, a relatively narrow and compassionate policy . . .

Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday:

This was the anti-Marco Rubio initiative by the administration. They were scared Rubio — Senator Rubio was about to introduce his version of a DREAM Act that would have been close, actually, to what President Obama announced than the actual Democratic DREAM Act . . .  Not every Republican was on board. The Romney campaign’s been cautious about it . . . I think this was a big problem for Romney and he needs to take the lead on this, in my view, embrace Marco Rubio’s DREAM Act . . .

George Will on This Week:

I support the DREAM Act . . .   I think these things, aims, should be done legislatively . . .   He (Romney) knows Republicans have a problem.  They spent the primary season competing to see who could build the longest, thickest, tallest, most lethally electrified fence . . . So Romney has a big hold to dig out of because if he gets under say the 31 percent of Hispanics that McCain got, he’s going to lose.

John McCain on Meet the Press.

He (Mitt Romney) said again this morning . . . he was certainly willing to address that issue — and also immigration reform in a comprehensive fashion, as well . . . He understands the plight of these young people.

For the record, there were only two GOP presidential candidates who were committed to enforcing our immigration laws, Romney and Michele Bachmann.  Romney is still standing.  Whether the RINO Republicans will admit it or not, one of the reasons is his tough stand on illegal immigration.

Traditionally, we have been a compassionate country.  Marco Rubio’s parents were Cuban refugees, fleeing a repressive communist regime.  Until the 1990’s we took in all people fleeing oppression.  President Clinton turned that policy upside down by turning away Haitian and Cuban political refugees while ignoring those who broke into our country for purely economic reasons.  Where is the justice in that?

We have one of the most generous immigration policies of any country on earth, legally admitting over one million people a year.  Nevertheless, millions of people, simply seeking a better life, choose not to stand in line and come here illegally — because they can.

Keep this in mind:  Most illegal immigrants have ties to their country of origin.   The illegal family is free to go home with their children and begin the immigration process.  For most, it’s a short car or bus ride.  They are not going to outer Siberia! Also, many who entered our country illegally now have skills (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers) which gives them additional employment opportunities back home.

Our border enforcement is a joke.  We want it fixed.   Then and only then, should we even begin a discussion about another amnesty.

That message needs to be communicated to the Romney camp before he caves.

5 thoughts on “Will Romney Cave on Illegal Immigration?

  1. There is a difference between being compassionate and enabling someone to take advantage of someone else. I hope Gov. Romney thinks long and hard about this issue. What part of illegal is so difficult to understand? Why do we insist on rewarding those who take advantage of others who are law-abiding and pay their dues in this country? Why not streamline LEGAL immigration, give the “compassion cases” a deadline to file for citizenship with all its privileges and responsibilities, and make sure the process and criteria reflect the values of our founding fathers without further compromising my healthcare, economic obligations, and voting rights as a legal citizen?


  2. RINO Rummy has said all the right things about immigration, and the “Republican” platform, on one issue after another, is preferable to the platform of the Demoncraps. But let us not forget that, essentially, both of these supposedly separate parties are essentially one party, which I call the Republicraps. On issue after issue, Rummy has acted as a leftist…remember, he created a state “health care” program in Marxachusetts before Obaminable forced its Deathcare on the entire nation.
    When we vote for the perceived lesser of two evils we get evil. Each of us must decide in November what to do, and no matter what choice we make (Obaminable, Rummy, or none of the above) we will likely wind up regretting it.


  3. An excellent observation about breaking proposed repulsive legislation into acceptable bite-sized pieces and trying to get them endorsed by the subterfuge of dealing with the children. Sidestepping the law doing the politically correct two-step, is just as contrary as directly violating the laws on the books. Jane’s summary of the various political “leaders” statements was a very helpful step in seeing just how screwed-up our “leaders” are. Her final statement “That message needs to be communicated to the Romney camp before he caves” is critical, yet knowing how politicians react, I suspect he will be a “Me too” conspirator.


  4. What mystifies me is the latino community supporting the party that is most for amnesty.
    Wages for so called latino Americans are held down by the illegals. Deporting the illegals would tend to raise wages for all Latino Americans.

    My neighbor is from a Lation family that has been in Texas for 16 generations and she wants border security. (Her family snuck across the border from Mexico in 1807, before the border guards were looking.)


  5. Literally millions of Mexicans and others, including Muslim terrorists, are flooding across our open borders, committing crimes, driving drunk, taking jobs from Americans, waving Mexican flags, and refusing to learn English. They have no intention of assimilating; they despise us and our culture. If anyone asks the obvious question (If they hate us and love Mexico so much, why don’t they go back there?) he is accused of being a “racist, ” the fascist left’s all purpose label for anyone who disagrees with them on anything.
    Don’t expect the overly slick RINO Rummy to do his sworn duty and protect our borders. Expect no sanity from the “Republican” wing of our single Republicrap Party; they are the ones who raised the debt limit when they could have frozen it.
    All by themselves, open borders and the drug cartels can destroy what remains of our former Republic. Add to that our debt, our escalating homegrown race war (one sided so far), and that Kenyan fellow’s war on our domestic energy production. Truly, the end is near.
    Maybe the Mayans were on to something.


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