The GOP’s Uphill Battle

The Republican Party is ailing.  Sure, the 2012 presidential election was close but, reality is, the GOP hasn’t won an overwhelming presidential race in 24 long years.

Its illness doesn’t appear to be acute or life-threatening, particularly at the state level where Republicans hold 30 governorships.  It’s at the national level where the patient is getting weaker and a sense of hopelessness has set in.  This despair can cause a downward spiral which, if untreated, can lead to a slow, painful death.

The man who holds the GOP’s medical power of attorney is Rance Priebus,  the chairman of Republican National Committee.  He recently subjected this patient to exploratory surgery and the results were published for all to see.

The biggest problem with the Grand Old Party isn’t its strong stand on law and order or the moral issues, as some have suggested.   It’s the second word in its three-word handle.  It’s OLD! The brand has grown stale and out-of-touch.  Among the words most often used to describe the GOP is  that it’s a party of “stuffy old men.”

While Priebus will not dare bring this up, I will.  The  GOP’s image would improve overnight if members of the House and Senate would elect new leaders.  House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may be nice guys but they are B-O-R-I-NG!

They also meet the definition of old.   Age is not so much a matter of years but energy.   McConnell has none and Boehner has very little.  Maybe Boehner leaves it in the (golf course) locker room but it’s hard to stay awake during one of his speeches or TV appearances.

As for McConnell,  he is totally expressionless, giving one the impression that he is completely disinterested in what he has to say.  If he cares so little about what he is saying why should we care?

While the president has a bully pulpit, these party leaders have bully pulpits of their own, should they care to use them.  They are considered a big catch by producers and can appear on most any newscast or television program any time they want.   For the most part, they can’t be bothered.  If you can wake these two up long enough to do a speech or TV interview, you end up wishing you hadn’t.

Imagine how the GOP’s image would change if two of the GOP’s young guns were put in charge!

The second part of the problem is the message.  The average person isn’t getting it.

Dr. Ben Carson, the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins who burst into the nation’s consciousness after his rousing speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, hit the nail on the head last weekend at CPAC.   Carson said, “You talk to the average person and they may be able to tell you who won ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or who won the football game but they can’t tell you anything that’s important.”

Dr. Carson is no spring chicken but he has energy to spare and it’s contagious.  He is getting ready to retire from medicine, but one gets the feeling that he is about to perform major surgery on the Republican Party.  Some, like myself, would like to see him make a run for the White House, while others think he should pay some political dues by running for a lessor office.

Dr. Carson has something much more valuable that political experience.  He has “real world” experience.  Furthermore, he has spent a considerable amount of time studying this country’s problems and has laid out his prescription for solving them in the latest of his four books:  “America the Beautiful:  Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great.”  To quote Carson, “It’s not brain surgery!”

More importantly, Dr. Carson can explain these things to the average person in a few short sentences that both enlighten and inspire, something the current GOP leaders are unable to do.

Last week, while dinning at an upscale restaurant,  I met a thoughtful Hispanic waiter who told me that he became a citizen under Ronald Reagan.  My husband made the comment that Ronald Reagan was a Republican and asked him about his vote in the last election.  The waiter answered, “I voted for Barack Obama because he reduced my home mortgage.”

I didn’t lecture him about the problems with government handouts.  Instead, I reached him by talking about his goals for his children.

All parents want to give their children a better life and our young people want their shot at the “American Dream.” This is where the GOP must begin.


3 thoughts on “The GOP’s Uphill Battle

  1. Carson cannot be elected POTUS. He would not be willing to make the concessions and deals it takes to be elected POTUS in todays america. He would not be willing to play the parasite press game to get media face time.

    The best people to lead america have always stayed far away from politics and elective office because of the gutter state of politics.

    Carson has correctly accessed the problem with americans. They have become air heads and like being that way.
    Americans have become indoctrinated with the idea that the country’s government should take care of every problem for them and should not be asked to do anything for the country. Americans no longer believe they should ever have to be inconvenienced in life.
    Americans no longer have the guts to demand integrity from elected officials or themselves.
    Americans have become content to hear their news from Saturday Night Live, Letterman, comedians and sound bites from a biased media.

    The Republican party has not wanted to do the field work required to win elections for the past 100 years. They have taken the easy way out in regards to campaigning.

    Carson is also correct in saying americans need to be educated about political party platforms and about issues. But, it has to be done at the local level face to face out in the neighborhoods and done without the blaming, insults and constant running down of the democrats and side show trash talking speeches. Just talk about the positive side of Republicans and the effects of bad government decisions.

    Get rid of palin’s way of stirring the pot and dumbing down the issues to “sound bites”. It turns far to many people off and creates a negative childish environment while giving the parasite press fodder to fill air time and deadline articles.

    The republican party lost the election for Romney. He was a better candidate than he was allowed to be. And, obama knew it.

    Republican elected officials have got to come out of hiding from voters and do again the hard work of winning over voters and taking care of constituents. Stop relying on TV ads and office staff to do all the work.

    Republican supporters will also have to change their attitudes and put down the phones, get out of the air conditioning, and hold neighborhood meetings, on a regular bases, to educate people at the local levels. Make friends with people in the neighborhoods. All the people not just registered republicans.

    All the Republican “sects” will have to stop their in-fighting in public and in the media. USE the media instead of the media using the Republicans to make news stories.

    Republicans will have to do all the things they don’t like or want to do. They got themselves into this mess and it will take WORK to get out of it.


  2. It’s not just new or younger leaders that the “Republicans” need. Their party has become a pathetic joke, led by “moderates” who give the monster Obaminable anything it wants, and imagine that by supporting amnesty they will get Hispanic votes…never mind if immigration, added to our debt and other problems, destroys what little remains of our former Republic. The Rinos are trying to be Demoncraps, but if people want communist leaders they will simply vote for Demoncraps…not some pathetic imitation brand.
    The Rinos should stop pretending and join the Demoncrap Party; make it official. The rest of us can then get on with the violent revolution that is the only way now to restore our Republic, albeit at a terrible price.


  3. Stumbled into this internet site by chance but I’m certain glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all of the questions I’ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will truly come back for more of this. Thank you so much


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