Why Americans have no confidence in Republicans

Conversation overheard on a street near the nation’s Capitol building.

Person 1:  (In a panic) What was that loud boom?  Was it an earthquake?  A sonic boom?  Are we under attack?  Where is the nearest fallout shelter?

Person 2:  Don’t worry.  It’s just the sound of Republicans caving.  You’ll get used to it after a while.  It occurs quite often, especially around this time of year.  Relax.

Yes, it’s an all too familiar sound in Washington, D.C.  No one is surprised by it. 

You may not be able to hear the boom or feel the tremors emanating from Washington, D.C. from your spot hinter  lands, but the results are felt by every American: a sluggish economy,  joblessness, higher prices, stagnant wages, vacant buildings and ailing businesses.

Democrats believe in big government.  They never see a government program or a spending bill that they can’t support unless, of course, it doesn’t spend enough.  They believe the masses need a Big Brother government to meet all of their needs.

Republicans, on the other hand, believe in personal responsibility and a limited government.  They trust the free market to provide the wide variety of goods and services that we have come to expect.  They know that competition and innovation drives down prices and creates jobs.  They believe that most essential government services should be left to cities and states where the people’s representatives are more accountable.

But, let’s be clear.  We didn’t get a federal government with its tentacles in virtually every aspect of our lives, a $17 trillion national debt and more than 80,000 pages of onerous federal regulations without a lot of cooperation from Republicans.

Now, the party is in a dither because some Republicans want to tie raising the debt ceiling to the repeal of Obamacare, a wildly unpopular measure that was ramrodded through Congress, misrepresented to the American people and threatens to bankrupt the county.    

Wow!  Who could be against that except hard-line Democrats who can’t admit (in the words of one of its principal architects) that this bill is a “train wreck” and, of course, Mr. Obama himself.

So who else is against that?  

Republican representatives in Congress, including most of the leadership who have grown so comfortable in office that they are unwilling to stand on principle and risk everything in order to do what is right for the country.   They are afraid they can’t defend their position when Obama takes a hard line and shuts down the government.  Why they could lose their seats in Congress have to get real jobs! 

They argue that this approach is doomed to fail and that history agrees with them.   They point to a similar scenario that occurred in 1996, when the Republican-led  Congress stood up to Bill Clinton and he shut down the government.  Under Speaker Newt Gingrich they didn’t have a plan for that.  Unfortunately, 17 years later under John Boehner, they still don’t. 

All Mr. Boohoo wants to do is coast.  He wants to put everything on hold until 2014, when he hopes that we will elect enough Republicans to give them veto-proof majorities in the House and the Senate, and then, he will do something.  

Oh, yeah!  

Why should we believe him when he has done nothing but complain since he took the Speaker’s gavel?  

Mr. Boehner, “We control only one half (boohoo) of one-third of the government!  (Boohoo)”

Yes, Mr. Boehner, but, when it comes to spending, it is the most important piece of this puzzle we call our government.

By law, all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives.  Not a dime gets spent unless you allow it.  So stop Obamacare and the thousands of non-essential government programs dead in their tracks until we get this budget balanced and get our economy back on track.  

Sure, there is going to be a lot of groaning and whining but right now most of it is coming from you.

You can begin by taking care of business.  Congress should be in session, not going on a month-long recess with only four of the twelve spending bills that make up the federal budget passed.   This is shameful! 

Don’t worry about what the Senate may or may not pass or Obama may or may not sign.  Just do your job and let the chips fall where they may.  

Presently, our citizens know that if they vote for Democrats, the economy may continue to sputter, but they’ll get free stuff.   If they vote for Republicans, they’ll get nothing but empty promises.

4 thoughts on “Why Americans have no confidence in Republicans

  1. We often forget today, but the Republican Party was founded by “progressives,” the people who are trying to lead us into a “future” that resembles nothing so much as the feudal, non-industrialized, and largely unpopulated world of the past.Lincoln waged a bloody and unconstitutional war and made numerous other assaults on our Constitution; his successors carried on in his tradition. But by the time of Woody Wilson the progressives had taken over the Democrat Party, and it is now their main power base.
    Yet, although the Republicans have always attracted a few true patriot conservatives to their ranks, the progressives are still there, insuring that their party will never offer a true and much-needed alternative to the Demoncraps (I have renamed them). Now, under the leadership of Weeping John and Hanoi John and the like, the Republicans have become a pathetic joke.
    A few days ago, and not for the first time, I met a group of patriots on the steps of the California State Capitol and we lobbied the senators and asemblypersons, this time in opposition to the sinister SB-1, a part of the larger Agenda Twenty One. Afterward, we met Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, as true a patriot as ever served in the statehouse. In fact, I nearly had a heart attack from the shock of hearing blunt, plain truth from a politician. He said something I have long suspected: the Republican Party seems to be deliberately committing suicide.


  2. You ask who is against tying raising the debt limit to the repeal of Obamacare. You mention 2 groups, hard-line Democrats and Republicans unwilling to stand on principle. But you left out one important group: Republicans who ARE willing to stand on principle. It’s not that thousands of us don’t want to repeal Obamacare, but we are opposed to raising the debt limit. In reality, it is those who want to tie the two together who are not standing on a key Republican principle: Fiscal Responsibility!

    I would like to see writers asking Congressmen if they are consistently spending 20-25% more each month (or whatever the perecentage the federal government spends above its income) than their monthly income, and how often they go to their banks and demand their debt/credit limit be raised so they can continue spending more than they earn. I suspect that very few of those who vote for the government to do that do it themselves. Then they ought to be publically called what they are: Hypocrites.


  3. “The sound of Republicans caving.” Good line and unfortunately the truth, time after time. Where are the current Statesmen and patriots similar to those of yesteryear? We do have a sprinkling of them here and there but insufficient to make an impact. I’m proud to declare that Rep. Jason Chaffetz represents me in Utah, Utah County ZIP Code 84062-3322. Also Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Both are showing the backbone of true Statesmen. We need them cloned! Thanks for the insightful article, Jane, and keep up the good writing, Blessings, Warren


  4. I gave up on the Marxist Repugnants decades ago. Sure their rhetoric is all Constitution, freedom and limited government but their ACTIONS are all the opposite. I see the two parties now as just mechanisms of mind/herd control. The good thing is that the worse it gets, the more people such as yourself finally start noticing, start working their way through the media fog, and start asking the right questions. Here is what I sent to the RNC when they first helped catapult Marxist Obama into office:



    Bush epitomizes the phony conservatism the Republicans have been dishing out for decades – $10T in debt, two inane wars, open borders, Wall Street bailout, the decidedly UNpatriot Act, ETC.! Their radical, extremist, war-mongering, budget-busting, anti-Constitution agenda has been the antithesis of anything conservative. Instead of repudiating this radical, wildly unconservative agenda, GOP leaders and their talking excusers/apologizers – Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly – defend and portray this extremism as rational, prudent, and of course “conservative.” It is a sign of deep internal rot when GOP Big Government/Corporatism/Militarism/Fascism makes Obama’s Socialism/Communism appear more moderate and preferable. The GOP’s failure to follow genuine conservative principles has secured their well-earned defeat at the polls but worst of all, has put our economy, our Constitution, and our country in mortal danger! GOP – either follow the Constitution or get the hell out of the way!”


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