When the Going gets Tough (The Tough get out of Town)

To say that President Obama is unpopular these days is like saying the weather changes or garbage smells. It’s obvious.

Instead of garbage, it’s Obamacare that is stinking up the place and no amount of running away from the problem or burning 25,000 gallons of jet fuel can escape this disaster.  Nevertheless Obama put 3,000 miles between himself and Washington, D.C., over the long President’s Day weekend traveling to my state of  California on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his second biggest achievement, the Obama stimulus.

Did I mention that one smells too?   

On Friday, the President landed in Fresno, middle of the state, to hype California’s drought (never let a serious crisis go to waste).  Meanwhile, the stench from Solyndra, the government-backed solar company, still hangs heavy in the air from northern Fremont, CA.   The company ceased operations in September of 2011, costing taxpayers a cool $500 million.

However, there was a new stench to greet the president coming from the south where Republique, a popular LA restaurant, just added a three percent surcharge to every bill to pay for  — you guessed it — Obamacare.  While it’s too early to tell if other restaurants will follow suit, wise consumers know that it is “we the customers” who ultimately will pay the added cost from this disaster.

The only winners under Obamacare are those on the receiving end of the new subsidies.  After all, the point of this debacle was to create a new dependent class.

So Joe Biden, the hapless veep, was left to blow out the candles on the five-year anniversary cake for the stimulus all by himself.   This mini-celebration wasn’t without presents.  There was a fairytale book from the President’s Council of Economic Advisors that tells us that the stimulus provided a huge boost to the economy.  In words borrowed from a famous Marx Brothers movie, “Who are you goinna believe, me or your own eyes.”

Meanwhile, the president used his moment in California’s drought-stricken central valley, which provides nearly one-third of the nation’s fruits and vegetables and much of the dairy products, to rail against climate change (hard to use the term global warming with most of the nation stuck in a snow bank) and gin up his radical environmental base.

California, like many other parts of the world, goes through cycles of drought.  Though this year has been especially dry, this is not a big surprise.   Half the year, there is little or no rainfall in the state so, even in wet years, the ground is parched during the summer months.

California’s forefathers wisely built a system of aqueducts and storage facilities to take advantage of the rain and snowfall from the wet years, store it for up to five years and move it from the water-rich north to farmers in the central and southern part of the state.

Our problems are not a result of the current drought but pressure from radical environmentalists that caused us to waste over three million acre feet of water over the past five years by flushing it into the ocean for pet projects like the fairy shrimp (they magically appear in virtually any mud puddle) and the delta smelt (a bate fish) while our farms dry up.

Last month, the House of Representatives passed the San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act to resolve this long-standing problem of unwise environmental cutbacks, but it was blocked by Obama’s friends in the Senate.

To add to our problems, no large California damns have been constructed since the 1970s despite a doubling of the state’s population.

Instead of backing this much-needed construction and changes to environmental laws, which have left the state’s farmers without water and a way to make a living, the president proposed drowning them in tax dollars:

  • $100 million in livestock-disaster assistance
  • $60 million for food banks
  • $3 million in emergency grant for rural communities for water shortages, etc, etc.etc.

Then, our elitist, tin-eared president flew to Palm Springs to play golf, on two of the state’s biggest water-guzzling private courses.

It is little wonder that 71 percent of Obama supporters now regret voting for his reelection.

Obama’s continued missteps are like a bad movie, but unlike a bad movie, we can’t walk out.  There is no escape.  The door on this building has been locked.  Instead of being trapped for two and a half hours, it will be another two and a half years.

Meanwhile the popcorn is getting stale and the time we have to save the country from financial ruin is running out.

3 thoughts on “When the Going gets Tough (The Tough get out of Town)

  1. Great article Jane! I loved the humor in spite of the subject matter, which is far from humorous. As a former Fresnan, I’m glad I wasn’t there when he arrived, it would have ruined my whole day – week even!! Pray for the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley and for our nation. I’m not one to unequivocally link the lack of God’s blessings to a super-sinful area, but not knowing God’s limits (are there any??), maybe if CA and our nation returned to its Godly heritage we might clear up a lot of current problems. Praise God, for our own good, Amen


  2. I learnt about climate change when I was in school back in the ’50s an ongoing reaction of the earth to the SUN!! I have even walk across dead glacier fields ( in America) been dead for eons. Weather patterns will always be with us.
    Yes, we know what the EPA is up to fresh water to the ocean and dust to the farmer. Pray we do not choke on the exhaust of Presidential Jet.


  3. Hi Jane!

    What can I say? It’s bad enough, smelling the stench 0bama and his bobsy twin Goobernor Moonbeam leave behind as they clog up everything they get their paws on. Moonbeam and 0bama keep hatching up plans that become goose eggs in the name of global warming. Moonbeam’s goonsquad flushed away fresh water for some shrimp and a svelt, while leaving us hanging dry. Afterwards, along comes Choomly 0bama and his clueless pals, with their liberal doped up plans for some “green energy” scheme, choking us to near death. When will they get the message enough is enough?

    And to add insult to injury, the commies at UCI now want to tie up traffic in Anaheim by begging 0 to cackle at the 2014 Grad Ceremonies? I hope Anaheim’s City Council along with their PD, Arte Moreno and the Angels send 0 and the White House a message to Stay Out!

    For those who are regulars here, I’m usually more reserved, but this is more than enough nonsense from the left wing extremists.


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