Bundy, Sterling and Kerry: A Trio of Fools

Over this past week, the news has been dominated by a series of inappropriate, racist remarks.

First, there was Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who had achieved near rock star status by standing up to the feds over burdensome grazing fees.  After drawing support from militia groups to the halls of Congress, the rancher was overcome with his new-found popularity and sense of self-importance.  When he held a press conference and suggested that black Americans were better off as slaves than under our present welfare system, his supporters fled like cockroaches exposed to the light.

Then, along came Donald Sterling, the cavorting owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who was caught on tape, allegedly asking a girlfriend not to bring blacks to the games or post pictures with them on Facebook.  Sterling was quickly condemned by President Barack Obama and Clipper sponsors begin pulling their ads.

Bundy (once) was enjoying his five minutes of fame and in the process showed his prejudice.  He rightfully suffered public scorn and his cause (too much federal control over too much public land) regrettably is lost.

Sterling, who is no angel, may or may not be guilty of his alleged crime but he has been banished from the NBA and has been ordered to sell his team.

Put it in perspective:  These are simply two old codgers caught in a time warp.  No matter how hard we try, we never will eliminate the last racist or sexist thought.  It is impossible.  

However, the latest series of derogatory, outrageous remarks to come to light is quite another matter.  They were uttered by none other than Secretary of State John Kerry about our strongest ally in the middle east, the nation of Israel.  Friday, in a closed-door meeting of the Trilateral Commission before some of the world’s most influential leaders, Kerry charged that Israel could become “an apartheid state” if it doesn’t make peace with the Palestinians soon.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Contrary to the myth perpetrated by those bent on Israel’s destruction, Muslim Arab citizens living in Israel  are not second class citizens.  They vote.  They have their own newspapers and their own political parties.  Why they even benefit from some affirmation action program!  In short, Muslims in Israel have more freedom than in any other Arab country.

This remark by Kerry was bad enough but, according to the Daily Beast which obtained the recording, he didn’t stop there.  Displaying a Bundy-size inflated ego Kerry lashed out at the settlements Israel is building to house its growing population.  And with Bundy-bravado he boasted that at some point, he just might unveil his own peace deal and tell both sides to “take it or leave it.”

While Bundy and Sterling are doofuses,  Kerry is our top diplomat.  He should know better.  He has been a United States senator and a presidential candidate.  He is accustomed to choosing his words carefully.  Apartheid is a loaded racially-charged term meant to shame and demean Israel.  We punished South Africa for such a system.  In fact, the tactics used against South Africa weakened that country in such a way that it may never fully recover.

Does this administration intend to do the same to Israel if it does not adopt its “two-state” solution?  While Obama was quick to criticize Sterling’s alleged remarks, he has been mum on Kerry’s.

What can Obama really say?  While he has never used the term “apartheid” against Israel, some of his remarks have been almost that bad.  When Israel walked away from talks with the P.L.O. after it teamed up with the terrorist organization Hamas, did Obama  criticize the P.L.O.?  No.  He used the occasion to chastise Israel saying,  “What we haven’t seen is, frankly, the kind of political will to actually make tough decisions and that’s been true on both sides.

Both sides?  What was Obama thinking?

Do Obama and Kerry really believe that if they can bully Israel into surrendering Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea to the terrorists that these people suddenly will put down their weapons and be Israel’s friend?   Do they even care?   Are they simply looking to put a notch, any notch, in their diplomacy belt?

If Obama had any guts (which he doesn’t) he would immediately remove Kerry and issue a formal apology to Israel.  Of course Obama has shown that he is reluctant to fire anyone.  He doesn’t have it in him.  This is what we get for electing a man to run our country who had never run so much as a lemonade stand:  It’s Bundy-lite.




3 thoughts on “Bundy, Sterling and Kerry: A Trio of Fools

  1. Johnny Swiftboat is a fairly typical member of our self-appointed ruling elite. Bonesman Johnny both inherited and married into money; his wife is a repulsive witch, a creepy scion of the Heinz family. Like virtually all of our masters, he is anti-Semitic (as are such self-hating leftist Jews as Diane Slimestein and Barbara Booger), and, like all of them, he hates Christianity, Judeo_christian morality, America, and Israel. Like all such tax-dodging multi millionaires, he oozes compassion for the “poor” and for the Third World.
    And Mr. Big Hair is doing everything the Obaminable Hussein wants: destroying America and Israel.


  2. I’ll have to disagree with Jane this time. If one would analyze the current Black community with broken families, high crime rates, teen delinquency, gang related deaths, drugs, and single parent welfare existence, I think the Blacks had things better under slavery. All the aforementioned tragedies were not a part of their lives then. Slavery is wrong, but are they not now in a worse form of slavery to the governments that support those on welfare and has killed the will to better themselves? As for Sterling, he has the right to say what he believes; I don’t agree with his statements but so many people have gone out of their way to demonize the man and his statement and deprive him of his property that I’m appalled at the lose of freedom to speak as one pleases. He has every right to his bigoted mindset and remarks because we have (or better said “had”) the right of free speech. Once that is denied one person soon it will be denied to all, as is happening right now.


  3. Actually, Warren, Sterling has the right to free speech: no one has arrested him. What Sterling said was perfectly legal and police are not at his door. If he is reviled by the public after saying something stupid, that is another matter. You don’t understand the legal concept of “free speech.”

    Your thoughts on slavery are ignorant and mean. Not all blacks are “slaves of the government”, and it’s racist of you to base your thinking on that untruth. The challenges faced by the black community can be frustrating — I find them frustrating — but to say that if any random white person could OWN a black person would be better for blacks is terrible. You should know better.


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