The Abortion King (Just how smart can the smartest man in the world really be?)

Thanks to the staff at Media Research Center, we now know that Warren Buffett, the king of finance, is also the abortion king.

In 2006, the investment guru raised concerns in the pro-life community when he announced a plan to give away his fortune over a number of years with 83 percent of it going to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Buffett has stated that he intends to use most of his money, in his words,  “claim checks on society,”  to make the world a better place.  Then why would he entrust his vast wealth to a foundation that funnels a lot of its resources into abortion and population control?

It’s because abortion and population control are the central issues driving Buffett’s own philanthropic activities.  Yes, on the abortion front, it now appears that Mr. Buffett has left the Gates in his dust.

In 2004, after the death of his wife Susan Thompson Buffett, the foundation he started to manage his charitable giving was renamed for her.  Just how much of Buffett’s fortune has gone to promote these deadly endeavors?  By examining the foundation’s tax returns, Mike Ciandella and Katie Yoder reported that, between 2001-2012, Buffett gave over $1.2 billion to abortion groups worldwide, which is enough money to abort a population the size of the city of Chicago.

There is more:  Before 2001, through the foundation, Buffett funneled at least $21 million more to these groups which include Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the Population Council and the National Abortion Federation.  However, tax forms for some years were unavailable.

Before 2003, Buffett also made donations to these groups directly through Berkshire Hathaway.  After a dustup with the board over the issue, he pulled all charitable donations.  In other words, if he couldn’t make donations to his favorite cause through the company, he wasn’t interested.

Now you would think that Buffett, who is a publicity hound, would be proud of this momentous achievement, but this is one fact that he apparently is reluctant to disclose. With a little help from his friends in the media and those he controls, Mr. Buffett has managed to keep his public image squeaky clean.  MRC reports that in 545 stories that included Mr. Buffet on the big three television networks, only one mentioned abortion funding and that was in connection with his wife, Susan.

To say that his personal life was unconventional is an understatement.  Susan left him in 1977.  They never divorced but remained close.  His enormous love for her was apparent even though he and Susan’s friend, Astrid Menks, became a couple and married two years after her death.  The three were often together and even signed their Christmas cards, “Warren, Susie and Astrid.”

Everyone assumed it was Susan who championed abortion and population control.  Now we know that Mr Buffet also supported the same dirty business, even giving to groups such as EngenderHealth which has been linked to forced abortions and sterilizations in the third world.

Clearly he adopted her agenda hook, line and sinker.   In his 2008 biography by Alice Schroeder, The Snowball, Buffett said, “It’s very hard to argue that the earth would be better off in terms of average happiness or livelihood with twelve billion people instead of six.”   Buffett went on to opine, “There is a limit . . . It’s a margin of safety approach for the survival of the earth.”


The facts reveal that his concern about overpopulation is misplaced and his research on this subject sorely lacking. You can put every person in the world into the state of Alaska and every man, woman and child would have enough room for a four-bedroom house.  In fact, you can fit the entire world population into our smallest state of Rhode Island and each would have dancing room!

Pro-aborts like Susan Buffett like to link this barbaric practice to an “overpopulation crisis,” often to ease a guilty conscience.  However, there is no hard evidence to substantiate their claims that an increase in population causes poverty, food shortages and starvation.

In many cases some of the most densely populated areas are the most prosperous.  As the world’s population has increased, so has our ability to produce more food on less land.  In short, food shortages are a result of failed governments, not a lack of food.

So, just how smart can Buffett — considered one of the smartest men in the world — really be?

3 thoughts on “The Abortion King (Just how smart can the smartest man in the world really be?)

  1. I must confess that I, to some degree, almost agree with the proponents of zero population growth. Almost. If the human population of the planet slowly reduced to a billion or less, not only would the eco system fare better, but there would be, for us humans, less pollution, less traffic, and more resources. But there is no need for the sudden and drastic reduction of population that leftist environazis and their billionaire masters. Population growth is hardly a crisis, and, if anything, the problem for the Japanese, the Russians, the Germans, and others is population reduction and aging; they do not have enough children.
    For Buffett and the Gates, Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, and other ultra rich members of out self-appointed elite, and for their UI (useful idiot) leftist followers, a pretended concern for the environment is merely the excuse for their real agenda: abortion, infanticide, “euthanasia” of the elderly (save for themselves, of course), and democide in general. They and their ultimate master are motivated, not by a desire to “save the planet,” but by a hatred of Humanity.
    The left, like the Muslims, is a death cult.


  2. Interesting article pointing out that just because someone is considered brilliant in one endeavor he may be a blundering idiot and uninformed ignoramous or even plain stupid in other fields. Thanks Jane for revealing a side of Buffett that has been concealed. His agenda is pure leftist and that in itself proves his level of real “smarts.”


  3. Are you saying that you want to live in a world where everyone has “dancing room”, i.e. just enough room to spin in place? You can move into one room with five families in the Philippines now, or move to Bangladesh, if that is so desirable to you.

    Overpopulation harms the planet. Obviously. We have only one planet. Why politicize population control (or global warming, for that matter)? Working to reduce population growth IS smart. I’m grateful to Warren Buffett.


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