Real Immigration Reform: What’s Missing

We have a crisis on our souther border.  President Obama’s solution is to ask Congress for $3.8 billion dollars to process and care for these children who are illegally crossing into our country at an unprecedented rate.  This, of course, would only be a down payment because, if these children aren’t immediately returned to their home country, thousands more will be on their way.

Meanwhile, Obama is flying the children, many of whom are sick and diseased, around the country and dumping them in selected communities without so much as a warning to local officials.

This must stop, not only for the good of the country, but for the welfare of these children!  Obama’s policy and lack of enforcement are causing poor Central American parents to put their children into the care of smugglers in hopes of using them as anchors into the United States.  Sadly, many of these young people are mistreated and raped along the way!  

All of this could be stopped in a nanosecond.  If we can fly or bus these children around the U.S. we can just as easily return them to their countries of origin, primarily Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

We have a working relationship will all of these countries.  Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) has a sensible proposal.  Set up shelters in Guatemala City, San Salvador and Tegucigalpa, Honduras and immediately take those kids back to their country of origin where they can be reunited with their families.  For the few that have legitimate reasons to fear returning to their families, they can be cared for in shelters in their home country without sacrificing the health and safety of our citizens.

If their country of origin  cannot be determined, set up a fourth shelter in Mexico City.  I’ll give you millions of reasons why that will work:  El Salvador $281 million, Guatemala $392 million, Honduras $624 million and Mexico $958 million.  That’s the amount of money these countries are receiving from us in the current fiscal year.  Money talks.  If it doesn’t, stop sending it!  It’s  just that simple.

Some have suggested that many of these children are fleeing from gangs and organized crime.  Ah, but what about the kids in the U.S. who are victims of gangs and organized crime?  Four billion dollars would go along way toward eliminating gang activity here before taking on these problems in Central America?

Obama is blaming the current situation on a 2008 human-trafficking law that requires U.S. Border Patrol agents to turn children over to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services until they can have hearings, which could take years.  Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.)is introducing a bill to fix that.

Such an emergency measure could be passed by Congress, rushed to the president’s desk and signed into law within hours or days — if there was a will, but of course there isn’t.

This is an outrage!  Furthermore, it is inhumane to allow this crisis to continue.

More that is needed.  We need to address chain migration, birthright citizenship and the absurdities of the H-1B visa which allows American companies to import cheap foreign workers (and fire their U.S. counterparts) because they falsely claim that they cannot fine qualified workers here at home.  That would be real immigration reform!

As a companion measure, we need to get all able-bodied Americans off the public dole.  Then there will be plenty of workers in the U.S. who will clean toilets and pick vegetables until better jobs become available — and they will be available when we send the majority of those H-1B workers home.

Let’s be clear:  The United States of American has the power to enforce our immigration laws and defend its borders.  We all know that.  What is missing is the will to do it.

Democrat leaders are pushing amnesty, better known as “comprehensive immigration reform.” They view these newest arrivals as a source of future votes.  Democrats have the Spanish language media in their pocket and they know that uneducated poor people who cannot speak English can be easily led.

On the other hand, Republican leaders support amnesty and lax immigration laws to ensure that their big business pals have a steady stream of cheap labor.

For all this talk about helping the working poor, the unemployed or the overtaxed middle class, it is just that, talk!  The president and the leaders of both political parties don’t give a hoot about you!

So what’s missing that could make all of this happen?  An informed citizenry with the will to demand it.



5 thoughts on “Real Immigration Reform: What’s Missing

  1. Wise thoughts, excellent analysis, well stated. As for an informed citizenry, that solution is debatable. I wish it were true but I know voters who don’t believe the truth when it is spelled out to them. A new foundation of common sense is necessary to dispel the distorted worldview of the liberal/left. How that is achieved is beyond my paygrade. 🙂 Thanks, Jane


  2. Unchecked immigration alone, even without our increasing debt, offshoring of industry, and all the other problems deliberately created by our elites, will destroy America. The immigrants will collapse the economy, drown us in crime, drugs, and violence, and spread truly horrific diseases, like drug-resistant TB, just as the Obaminable Hussein is destroying our health care system.
    It is clear that neither party will address the problem that, after all, they created. The one ray of hope in all this is that anger and desperation are causing more and more citizens (including many of Hispanic descent) to defy the fascists in D.C. The Connecticut gun owners defied the order to register their weapons; the people at the Bundy ranch were armed and ready to fight; the people of Murrieta are engaging in civil disobedience.
    We are very, very close to a new “shot heard round the world” that will begin the third American Revolution (the Civil War was the second).


  3. I admire that he’s taking the welfare of these foreign children seriously, but the cost! Billions! I don’t get it.


  4. We send guns to Mexico in a US Government Sponsored “FAST AND FURIOUS” Why we may ask?
    A couple of years later we have an INVASION of children, youth, women with babies coming from/through Mexico , Why we ask?
    Are we the Americans to question our moral decision to allow or not allow this invasion.
    Are we the benefactors of the world?
    Our cities and towns are in danger from this invasion. The health issues diseases we have not had to deal with in years, a Trojan Horse that will sweep across our land.
    Obama is drumming up more angst and problems with Americans, I believe this is his goal.
    We have ways of helping countries where sickness and poverty exists: The PEACE COPS, UNICEF, HANDS ACROSS The WORLD, MISSIONARIES, just o name a few.
    It is not our job to take illegals who trespasses across our borders breaking our laws; 1 million immigrates come to America through the legal system each year, enough already.


  5. As usual, Ms. Chastain is right on the money. In addition to what she pointed out, I would add, if the parents of these children are as poor as most Central Americans (except for people in Costa Rica)are, how can they afford to pay coyotes thousands of dollars to smuggle their children all the way from, say, Honduras to Texas? And what kind of parent would be willing to send his child to ride atop a box car for over a thousand miles with MS-13 punks?
    The monster in the White House almost certainly orchestrated this tragedy to bring abut the final destruction of what remains of our former Republic. The entire project was certainly paid for with our money and/or that of globalist fascists like George Sauron.
    The only good news is that Americans, many of them armed, are finally beginning to stand up to the NWO fascists. Like the militia captain at Lexington Green in Massachusetts said on 4/19/1776: “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”


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