Why Women Are Easy Prey for Liberal Democrats

With President Obama as welcome on the campaign trail as brownies at a meeting of Weight Watchers, and his policies as popular as Bach at a bowling alley, Democrats can be forgiven for rolling out the old “war on women” thing.  After all, it’s their ace in the hole, a proven winner when it comes to stirring up the electorate and getting out the vote.

“Those mean old Republicans want to take away your birth control, keep your wages below that of your male counterparts,” and did I hear, “deny your right to vote”?  Surely that must be in there somewhere.

Can’t blame them because they have been sewing these bad seeds for so long, it’s little wonder they are hoping that some still will bear fruit.

You really can’t blame women for falling for this gambit.  It’s not that women are dumb or that few take the time to research these charges that are thrown about like so much confetti before every election.  It’s just that most women are simply doing their best to survive in what is fast becoming a socialist, feminist utopia.

We’ve reached the point where most women are in the workforce full-time, even during their critical childbearing years, not by choice but by necessity.   In this perfect world, 12 weeks — the prescribed amount of time spelled out in the Family and Medical Leave Act —  is all the time you need after the birth of a child.

“No woman should be allowed to stay at home to raise her children.  Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” (Simone De Beauvoir)

Said child (or children) are to be dropped off at the local school or day care center and retrieved at the end of an exhausting day after a stop at the laundry and another for take-out food.  There is no need to pour over homework.  That is accomplished (or not) in the after-school program.   There is no need to pack a nutritious lunch.  That, too, is provided by the state.

“Children must be seen as the responsibility of an entire society rather than individual parents.”  (Document:  Declaration of Feminism, P.14)

“NOW endorses the goal of child care available 24 hours per day.”  (Revolution:  Tomorrow is NOW, p. 14)

Sounds simple enough.  However, in the real world most mothers can’t afford the expense of a  laundry or daily take-out food.  They can barely afford gas for their cars.  The “nanny” socialist state is becoming more and more burdensome.

“We have to help make socialism respectable, because that’s where we’ve got to go now.  We’re seeing that capitalism hasn’t worked.” (Shirley MacLaine)

“Overthrowing capitalism is too small for us:  we must overthrow the whole patriarchy.”  (Gloria Steinem)

Also, mothers care about what their children are learning and the values they wish to impart.   They don’t want someone else’s values imposed by the state.

“By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in human potential, not God.”  (Gloria Steinem)

Most women still struggle to find some quality time with their husbands, although their feminist sisters tell them marriage is outdated and unnecessary.

“For the sake of those who wish to live in equal partnership, we have to abolish and reform the institution of legal marriage.”  (Gloria Steinem)

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” (a phrase popularized by Steinem)

In a last-ditch effort to sell women on the idea that Republicans have  — and are — waging a war against them, Democrats have called upon Steinem, the old feminist warhorse herself,  to try to push them over the finish line.

In an email from Steinem sent out by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, she charged, “They still refuse to pass Equal Pay laws.  And they’re still perfectly comfortable denying women their basic human right make decisions about their own bodies.”


The Equal Pay Act has been the law of the land since 1963.  The decoy bill that Democrats tried to pass this year would have been a bounty for trial lawyers, another bureaucratic snafu that would burden business owners, particularly women owners.

As for our health care decisions, Obamcare traded our ability to see the doctor we trust for a cheap pack of birth control pills readily available at any pharmacy.

Real women want and need better paying jobs that come, not from raising the minimum wage, but by creating an environment where businesses can flourish: reducing regulations and taxes.

Pass that along to your overtired, overworked, underpaid women friends.




One thought on “Why Women Are Easy Prey for Liberal Democrats

  1. Good article with truth abounding. As for the term “Horsefeathers” meaning nonsense, according to my new Webster’s College Dictionary, Fifth Edition (Issued August 2014), I have a couple of stronger words that I’ll loan you if you are interested. 🙂


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