Hillary Clinton: Worst Government Employee in U.S. History

The U.S. government has far too many overpaid employees who do little or nothing.  Once hired they are virtually impossible to fire.  They can come in, or not.   They can sleep on their desks for the better part of the day and they are protected by a system that, more often than not, rewards failure and punishes accomplishment.

That said, I must offer my apologies to the thousands of sincere, selfless government employees who come in and do their very best for God and country every day in spite of the mess we’ve created for them.

Far worse than the career government employees are some of the 7,000 or so political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the president.  They are completely untouchable.  Many are unqualified for the jobs they now hold and may have little or no knowledge of the agencies that they now control.  Some say that these political appointees lord it over the rank and file who are simply attempting to do their jobs.

Now, let me nominate a woman who should go down as the very worst government employee in U.S. history.    Her name is Hilary Clinton.  Her claim to fame is that she married a charismatic politician and rode his coattails to the White House, to a seat in the U.S. Senate and to the job of Secretary of State.

It is this last stop that should earn her this dubious honor  For a moment, let’s just assume that she wasn’t trying to hide her emails by using a private server, not the State Department’s secure server.  Let’s take her at her word.  It was a simple mistake for the sake of convenience.  Sure, sure.

Nevertheless, you have the former Secretary of State, by her own admission, deleting half of the 66,000 emails she sent during her time in office because they were personal:  wedding plans, love notes to Bill, etc.  That means that half the time she was on the government payroll she was using our dime to do her own thing.

That is tantamount to having an employee come to work and spend half that time playing games on the web or doing her nails.

Now, consider the fact that she said that none of those 66,000 emails she sent out contained classified information because, after all, classified information must be sent out over the State Department’s secure server.  What was she doing all that time?

How could she serve as Secretary of State for four years and never send out an email that contained classified information?  Staggers the imagination!

Also, Ms. Clinton claims that she had every reason to expect her correspondence as Secretary of State was being preserved, as required by law, because she was sending correspondence to other officials at their State Department Accounts.  Oh!

Then can we assume that in those four years she never emailed officials at other government agencies, the private sector or any foreign leaders.

How could she do her job without consulting anyone at the White House, the CIA, the U.N., the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies?   How could she do her job without conversing with other foreign leaders?  No wonder our foreign policy is such a mess!

Now we learn that her four top aides corresponded with her using their private email addresses, not the State Department’s secure server.   Why did none of those aides take action to have her emails preserved as required by law?

How can it be that it wasn’t until last summer that State Department lawyers, attempting to respond to a House committee investigating Benghazi, discovered this breach?  How can it be that the State Department was able to conduct its own investigation on the Benghazi attack and clear Clinton and her senior staff of any wrongdoing without access to all of  her emails?

Lastly,  how can it be that a woman who is supposed to be smart enough to be president of the United States can claim that she used only one email account because she didn’t want to carry around two devices?  Does she not know that you can put multiple email accounts on one phone?   Does she think the majority of us are so stupid that we don’t know that?

Finally, does she not remember that just a few weeks ago she did an interview where she bragged about carrying around an iPhone AND a Blackberry?

Maybe she has amnesia?

Clearly, she is not well enough, not smart enough or not honest enough to be president of the United States.  Pick one.


One thought on “Hillary Clinton: Worst Government Employee in U.S. History

  1. Sorry I missed this article last week. The content is like reading a book where the plot and character are so unbelievable that you toss it aside because it is beyond the realm of reality. Yet, as the article shows us, it is reality. As for nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton as the worst government employee, I second the nomination. In the last line, given three choices, my personal selection was not offered as a choice. If a) is not well enough, b) is not smart enough, c) is not honest enough, then the absent d) must be all of the above – which is my choice to that multiple-choice question. And I have several friends who will respond, “I’ll drink to that!”


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