Dr. Carson to Emergency. Nation on Life Support!

“Is there a doctor in the house?”

Once upon a time, that phrase was a common occurrence when there was a medical emergency at a public venue.  Today, most doctors are afraid to treat medical emergencies outside of a hospital for fear of being sued.  Our healthcare system, which represents one-sixth of our economy, is upside down and Obamacare made the situation worse.

This inept president has put our country in the ER and it is doubtful that the USA, with its $18 trillion debt and future obligations that can’t possibly be met, can survive in its present form.  The current condition is not entirely Obama’s fault.  Career politicians from both political parties are to blame for this chronic condition.  However, it is Obama who has pushed us into the critical  care area.   

That is why millions of Americans are ready to put Dr. Ben Carson, a brilliant neurosurgeon, in charge.  The 2016 Republican field has a plethora of political talent, but political talent is not what is needed now.

The early presidential polls should be taken with a grain of salt.  However, it is interesting to note that Dr. Carson, not only came out ahead in the latest Fox News poll, but last weekend he won the Southern Repubican Leadership Conference straw poll, which is an early indicator of a candidate who is capable of igniting the GOP’s conservative grass roots.

Most political pundits are dismissive of Dr. Carson, since he has never held a political office.  Not so fast!

Do we really need someone who is already beholden to special interest groups?  Do we really need someone who is skilled in dispensing the kind of political favors that has turned our legislative process into so much sausage making?  Do we really need another career politician?

We do not.   That is what has put this country on life support.

We need a critical thinker, a proven leader with real-world experience who knows what it means to make life and death decisions.

There are those who point to his lack of foreign policy experience.  The truth is no governor has any foreign policy experience and very few senators have that kind of in-depth knowledge.  Certainly no freshmen senators.

You can bet all those governors and senators who are seeking this office are studying foreign policy like crazy in an effort to come accross as credible in the debates.  I suspect Dr. Carson is doing the same.  However, the ability to memorize a few facts doesn’t prove anything.

Let us not forget that it was a former actor/governor who ended the Cold War.Get real!  There is no single individual who is knowledgable on every issue he or she is likely to confront as president of the United States. We need someone who is smart enough to surround himself or herself with the best minds available so, when a situation arrises, he or she can have all the facts, weigh the evidence and make a good decision.

Why is this country in so much trouble right now?  Obama never had a real job outside of academia that wasn’t dependent on the government.  Therefore, he surrounded himself with policy wonks with little or no real-world experience.  If you exclude lawyers and consultants, only a third of his cabinet had any private sector experience.

Dr. Carson grew up in inner city Detroit, raised by a mother with only a third-grade education.  He knows what its like to be poor.  He also knowns what it’s like to work hard for a paycheck.  Prior to medical school he worked as X-ray technician, a bank teller, a school bus driver, a supervisor for highway cleanup crews, and a crane operator in a steel factory.

He was the youngest department head at Johns Hopkins.  He pioneered life-saving surgeries and has served on the boards of Costco and Kellogg.  In addition, he authored 8 books, two on America, outlining her strengths and analyzing her problems.

The biggest problems we face internally are a failed education system and crushing entitlements for healthcare and welfare.  Dr. Carson has much-needed experience in all three of these critical areas.

Does anyone seriously doubt that he would turn his back on the poor or infirm?

He is plain spoken and not given to political correctness.  Does anyone seriously think he would draw a red line somewhere in the world and then ignore it?

He is a long shot to be sure, but if enough ordinary Americans are willing to say goodbye to the current political class and support him, all bets are off.

Dr. Carson to emergency.  STAT!


7 thoughts on “Dr. Carson to Emergency. Nation on Life Support!

  1. There is NO ONE I would rather see as president than Dr Ben Carson!
    HOWEVER, he’s a 7th Day Adventist and they teach
    that I’m not a Christian and will be taking the Mark of the Beast because I go to church on the Lord’s day, the first day of the week when the disciples met. (Acts 20:7) I asked Dr Carson at a press
    conference here in Vegas if he followed the writings of Ellen G. White or the Bible? He replied, “the Bible.” However, I failed to ask him if he was referring to the Clear-Word Bible which mixes Mrs Whites writings with the Bible and doesn’t always tell you which is which. C’mon Dr Ben leave Ellen and embrace Jesus and I’ll follow you!


    1. So glad you asked that question and hope you get another chance to question him. However, we are electing a president, not a pastor. There is no doubt that this is a godly man although his theology might not be the same as mine. There are many in this race who will answer the theological questions you pose correctly but they support government redistribution and high taxes that are destroying this country.


  2. I thoroughly agree with Ms. Chastain that any honorable citizen familiar with our former Constitution, well educated, intelligent, and well informed would make a better President than most career politicians. However, Dr. Carson is not the right citizen
    He is certainly intelligent, well educated, and, seemingly, honorable. But he does not support the Second Amendment, and he does support forced inoculations. It is too late now for the least of several evils, for a President who is fairly good. Only a strong patriot, a committed constitutionalist, could save us now, and there is scant hope of such a person being elected.


    1. Two years ago he questioned whether semi-automatic weapons should be allowed in densely populated areas. He now says he would oppose any restrictions on the 2nd Amendent.


  3. Dr. Carson is an excellent potential candidate but a little too soft spoken and not the charging lion we need to counter the liberal agenda. Compare Dr. Carson’s camera presence and lack of dynamic vocal strength and body language with former President Reagan. I do not see Dr. Carson saying with commanding presence, when a similar opportunity arises, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”


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